Best Standing Desk Converters

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Standing desk converters are highly practical alternatives to full-size standing desks. They come with the benefit of turning an existing desk into a standing desk, offering working while standing. Australia’s best standing desk converters are practical, ergonomic, and easy to use.

Top Standing Desk Converters in Australia

Each type of standing desk converter has a different ideal user. Here are the best standing desk converters (both electric and manual) in Australia.

  1. Movi ProBest standing desk converter in Australia
  2. Standesk Pro MemoryBest desk converter with a monitor arm
  3. UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL – Best desk converter for a dual monitor setup
  4. UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation – Best converter for corner desks
  5. UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation Best converter for value for money
  6. Varidesk Pro Plus – Best for keyboard space
  7. Ovation Sit Stand Unit – Most compact desk converter

Top Desk Converters In Australia Compared

The top height adjustable desk converters in Australia elevate to different heights and prices. Here is how the top desk converters in Australia compare.

Desk ConverterMax. Height DimensionsLoad CapacityLift ControlsPriceOur Rating
Movi Pro44 cm70 x 115 cm15 kgElectric$5995.0/5.0
Standesk Pro Memory54 cm90 x 52 cm50 kgElectric$7994.5/5.0
Ergotron WorkFit TL38 cm69 x 95 cm18 kgManual$8404.5/5.0
Ergotron Workfit Corner Workstation39.6 cm62 x 91 cm12.7 kgManual$9304.5/5.0
Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation59 cm53 x 90 cm45 kgElectric$5754.5/5.0
Varidesk Pro Plus44.5 cm75 x 91 cm15.8 kgManual$4754.5/5.0
Ovation Sit Stand Unit50 cm59 X 89 cm18 kgManual$4954.0/5.0

Top Standing Desk Converters For Australians: 2024 Reviews

Each standing desk converter in Australia has its strengths and weaknesses. When choosing the right standing desk converter, you need to look at characteristics such as size, ergonomics, maximum load capacity, and even pricing.

1. Movi Pro – Best standing desk converter in Australia

Why We Picked It

While not the most expensive stand converter, Movi Pro is the top choice for desktop size, durability, and adaptability to any existing desk or table. 4 stable legs and a desktop size of 115cm fit the needs of most users.

Movi Pro Overview

A long desktop surface is the first characteristic to separate the Movi Pro from all other standing desk converters. It’s ideal even for a wide monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and small items such as a cup of coffee. The sit-stand workstation Movi is the closest type of adjustable standing desk to an actual electric standing desk.

movi pro desk converter feature
The Movi Pro desk converter is minimalist and visually appealing to fit into any workspace (image by Movi).

Electronic height adjustment means that the standing workstation is also easy to move up and down, both for standing and sitting, unlike any other standing desk converter of this size. It essentially saves time so you can find the ideal working height. Many standing desk converters are complicated to use as they only come with manual height adjustments. Movi’s standing desk converter uses an electronic motor and easy-access buttons to easily switch between sitting and standing.

Movi also goes an extra step in ensuring its sit-stand desk converters fit your style or office space. It comes in a choice of 3 colour combinations, in a world where different standing desk converters only come in one colour, mainly black.

As a larger adjustable standing desk converter, Movi Pro also includes extra such as built-in USB charging ports. Ideal for smartphones and other devices, these charging points can also be used for small speakers or tablets used at work. While it comes without a keyboard tray, the integrated USB charging ports put the electric standing desk converter on top of the list in Australia for the needs of most users who also need their smartphones at work.

movi pro desk converter with buttons
Easily control the height using the buttons provided (image by Movi)..

While not a full-standing desk, the sit-stand desk converter has a smart design for its legs. Pointing outwards, its angled legs serve as an ideal design for extra stability. This is why Movi Pro also feels more stable, similar to full-standing desks despite its size and converter design. Even with a 70cm desk depth, this converter offers a wide desktop space that’s also stable even when fully elevated beyond 40cm.

Read our full Movi desk converter review.

Movi Pro Pros & Cons


  • Elegant desk surface for any desk or table.
  • Included height adjustment buttons on the desk riser.
  • It makes standing easier as it adjusts electronically not manually.
  • No assembly, the new standing desk converter is ready to use out of the box.
  • Built-in sleep mode which saves power when not in use.


  • No separate keyboard tray.
  • Only covered by warranty for 2 years.
  • Not the fastest height adjustment.
  • While large, it’s not suitable for dual monitor setups.
Movi Pro Key Specifications
  • Name – Movi Pro Standing Desk
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 44cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 15kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 70 x 115cm
  • Lift control – electric
  • Price – $599
  • Colours – black/wood, white/wood, white
  • Warranty – 2 years

2. Standesk Pro Memory – Best desk converter with a monitor arm

Why We Picked It

A monitor arm may be the most important feature most standing desk converters lack. This converter features both a monitor arm and a dedicated keyboard tray.

Standesk Pro Overview

Unlike a typical laptop stand which may sometimes be used as a standing desk converter, The Standedsk Pro Memory Desk Converter comes with an included monitor arm. This allows you to install a monitor at eye level and ensures proper sitting and standing posture when working at the desk.

The Standesk Pro Desk Converter also comes with electronic height adjustment, a feature not offered on many standing desk converter options in Australia. The work surface is adjusted by pressing a few buttons which makes it an ideal setup for multiple height adjustments throughout the day.

standesk converter with two monitors
If you need multiple monitors then the Standesk Pro is your best option (image by Standesk).

The added benefit of a keyboard tray also means the wrists can sit comfortably at a 90-degree angle when typing. The added benefit of the built-in monitor mount means your standing position is ergonomic, unlike other sit-stand converters without a keyboard tray and where the monitor and keyboard both sit on the desktop surface.

The ideal user of this standing desk converter is someone who spends a lot of time at the desk. A perfect standing desk converter for those into coding or any other line of work with a typical 8-hour work day where the tendency is to hunch over the keyboard in an unergonomic working position.

The health benefits of its ergonomic design are also backed by its practicality. Some lines of work benefit from a dual monitor setup. This is why Standesk’s converter is viable as it takes dual monitors on its monitor mount. Multiple monitors can be ideal for editing work, coding, architecture, engineering, or any other line of work that requires multitasking, a capability of simple monitor height adjustment is not sufficient.

A final good reason to favour this desk converter is represented by its included memory presets. Elevating up to 54cm, this converter comes with 3 standing height presets. You can save your ideal desktop converter height to save time adjusting it up and down. Many standing desk converters tend to skip this feature that’s mostly specific to a full-size standing desk.

Standesk Pro Memory Pros & Cons


  • Made with an ergonomic design with a dedicated keyboard tray.
  • It works both as a laptop riser or as a monitor rise for 1-3 displays.
  • Included monitor arms for ergonomic standing posture.
  • High 543 height range adjustments with 3 memory presets.
  • Very high 50kg load capacity for a desk riser.


  • The upper work surface mostly sits empty as it just holds 1 – 3 monitors.
  • Not a removable keyboard tray design.
  • Only available in black and white.
Standesk Pro Key Specifications
  • Name – Standesk Pro Memory Desk Converter
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 54cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 50kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 90 x 52cm
  • Lift control – electric
  • Price – $799
  • Colours – black, white
  • Warranty – 5 years

3. UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL – Best desk converter for a dual monitor setup

Why We Picked It

Designed for easy manual height adjustment, the UpDown Ergotrol WorkFit TL is ideal for dual monitor setups or for a wider desktop surface. A 2-tier design also means this converter features a dedicated keyboard tray for an ergonomic sitting posture.

UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL Overview

UpDown’s sit-stand desk converter comes with an impressive desktop length of 95cm. An ample workstation, it offers sufficient space for all types of computer accessories such as laptops and multiple monitors. With sufficient space even for 2 large computer displays, it represents the top choice if you need extra screens. In this case, trying to overload a smaller sit-stand desk converter might come with stability or wobbliness issues on other types of sit-stand desk converters. A larger design such as the one of The UpDown Eegotron WorkFit TL is stable at all heights.

The keyboard trays below the main desktop are ideal for the keyboard and mouse setups. A lower keyboard shelf represents a key element in proper work posture in an ergonomic position. The keyboard platform comes pre-assembled with the converter.

updown Ergotron WorkFit TL
Despite its small size, UpDown’s Ergotron WorkFit TL will easily cater for dual monitors (image by UpDown).

While UpDown made this a manual desk converter, it still offers easy adjustments. You need to press and hold a clamp to the side to lift it up and down. The smooth adjustments are only specific to the best standing desk converters.

Some of the possible drawbacks of this standing desk converter include limited colour options. At the moment, the UpDown Ergotron Workfit TL only comes in black, unlike some of its competitors where white is also an option. At the same time, black is the practical choice for many desk converters as it doesn’t show as many fingerprints. Black also doesn’t fade in time, unlike some white sit-stand desk converters which may become yellow in time.

Pre-drilled holes are added to the top desktop of the standing desk. These holes are ideal for a multi-monitor arm, a solution that elevates your displays as well as which may come with built-in cable management for a clear desk setup.

Some of the accessories this standing desk converter comes with include a dual monitor arm, a single monitor arm or a kit for one monitor and a laptop, as separate purchases.

UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL Pros & Cons


  • One of the largest desktop surfaces on the market.
  • Easy manual adjustments that don’t require electricity.
  • Smooth and stable hinges and keyboard tray for typing.
  • Pre-drilled holes for monitor arms.


  • Only available in black.
  • The keyboard tray isn’t easy to remove.
  • A bit too large for 1-monitor setups.
UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL Key Specifications
  • Name – UpDown Ergotron WorkFit TL
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 51cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 18kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 69 x 95cm
  • Lift control – manual
  • Price – $840
  • Colours – black
  • Warranty – 5 years

4. UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation – Best converter for corner desks

Why We Picked It

Ideal for corner or L-shaped standing desks, this standing desk converter fits tight spaces and makes the most of a desk’s corner, all while allowing you to stand while working.

UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation Overview

Corner desks can be turned into standing desks with the UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation. These standing desk converters can ensure even tight spaces are viable for standing and working.

You need either an L-shaped desk or a corner existing desk for this converter laptop stand to show its true potential. Desk risers for corner desks are rare in Australia. UpDown solves this by making sit-stand raisers for elevating existing desk height that goes on top of directorial desks or any type of corner desk. These types of desks are often found in cubicles, small spaces where you cannot afford to waste the desk space in the corner.

UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation
There is ample space to place small items and accessories (image by UpDown).

Apart from its typical design, this standing converter works similarly to all other sit-stand converters. It can be used with 1-2 monitors and it may be adapted to all types of desks and tables, as long as there’s a flat base for it. How much space do you need on this desk riser? The answer to this question is given in your line of work. Most corner sit-stand converters are used with 1 monitor, but this setup accepts up to 2 regular-sized monitors.

An integrated keyboard platform makes the workstation easy to use. It supports an ergonomic typing position at a classic display or when working on a laptop. There’s also sufficient space on the lower platform for a keyboard and mouse setup.

Elevating to almost 40cm, the desk riser ensures it meets the needs of average-height users and of tall users. As one of the best standing desks with an L-shape, it may even be considered for those who prefer to exclusively work while standing due to its good stability. Its built-in levellers help even out slightly uneven table or desk surfaces for a stable desktop converter surface.

Height adjustments are manual. You need to press and hold a lateral lever to elevate or lower the desktop converter. While not an atomized process, this can mean you aren’t dependent on wall plugs and extra power cables, ensuring a more clutter-free working area.

UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation Pros & Cons


  • Large desktop to fit up to 2 monitors.
  • It fits all desks and tables with a minimum depth of 61cm.
  • It can save space on corner tables and L-shaped desks.
  • Pre-assembled shipping despite its large size.


  • More expensive than standard standing desk converters.
  • Only available on black.
  • Monitor stands are sold separately.
UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation Key Specifications
  • Name – UpDown Ergotron WorkFit Corner Workstation
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 39.6cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 12.7kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 62 x 91cm
  • Lift control – manual
  • Price – $930
  • Colours – black
  • Warranty – 5 years

5. UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation – Best converter for value for money

Why We Picked It

Affordable and versatile, the UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation offers the best report of value for money. It offers ergonomics at a fair price.

UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation Overview

A fair price is a rare sight in Australia’s desk converter market. The Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation has a fair price and an ergonomic 2-tier design. Its high value for money also comes from its durable materials which surpass its compact size. The standing desk converter has a maximum load of 45kgs, almost twice the load capacity of other small standing desk converters. The high load capacity ensures the standing desk converter can also be adjusted by height when the monitors are installed.

Its small desktop also elevates further than the desktop of its alternatives. It may even elevate to a height of almost 60cm, being an ideal choice for tall users or on short desks. A small keyboard tray is also included with the converter. With a length of 68cm, the keyboard tray offers sufficient space for the largest keyboards and most combinations, as on a fixed-height desk.

updown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation
Image by UpDown.

The best part is that you don’t need to mount it as the keyboard tray remains attached to the desk converter. While the adjustment range is superior to other sit-stand converters, the lower built-in desk keyboard level supports a comfortable and ergonomic 90-degree angle for the wrists while typing.

These compact desk converters are available with a few practical extras such as monitor mounts. UpDown offers the standing desk converter with a choice of a single or a dual monitor stand. Compatible with VESA-mount monitors, these monitor arms can be used for working comfortably while multitasking.

Drawbacks include a limited choice of colours. As with most standing desk converters on the Australian market, there’s only a base black colour to choose from. On the other hand, this allows UpDown to always have it in stock as many other standing desk converters that come in multiple colours are rarely in stock for all colours.

UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation Pros & Cons


  • Compact design with a high maximum load.
  • It supports 1-2 monitor setups.
  • 85mm offset for the keyboard tray to be perfectly adjusted for ergonomics.
  • It ships pre-assembled.


  • Only available on black.
  • The monitor mounts are sold separately.
UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation Key Specifications
  • Name – UpDown Elevar Maxishift-E Electric Workstation
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 59cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 45kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 53 x 90cm
  • Lift control – manual
  • Price – $575
  • Colours – black
  • Warranty – 5 years

6. Varidesk Pro Plus – Best for keyboard space

Why We Picked It

With extra keyboard tray space, The Varidesk Pro Plus offers an ideal workstation for large keyboards. This desk converter has a small footprint, as it fits tables or desks with a depth of at least 65cm.

Varidesk Pro Plus Overview

Most users mention the keyboard tray as the biggest advantage of the Varidesk Standing Desk Converter. With a depth of 36 inches, it fits all types of small and large keyboards. The ergonomic design of the keyboard tray also means its central cutouts help supports both writings when typing. Some left-handed users also note the keyboard tray cutout helps support the left hand when using the mouse.

A stable workstation, the Varidesk Pro Plus has weighed construction with a low centre of gravity. Most of its weight is concentrated on its lower legs which means the standing desk converter offers a stable typing platform.

varidesk pro plus desk converter
With its ample space, the Varidesk Pro Plus is also a viable option for left-handed people (image by Vari).

The possibility of adding 1-2 monitors is also specific to this converter desk. Just as on a full-standing desk, there’s an option for adding up to 2 mid-size monitors on the adjustable standing desk converter.

While this isn’t an electric standing desk converter, the added springs help elevate and lower it without much muscle power. These springs also benefit from having a dual clap system for releasing the adjustments. This means it cannot be accidentally lowered.

As the premium desk converter from Varidesk, the Pro Plus comes in black and white colours. This makes it a rare white standing desk converter and can be matched with a white desk.

The standing desk converter also comes with a comprehensive warranty. All of its parts, including the moving parts, are covered by warranty. This makes the standing desk converter an ideal choice for any user looking for a long-term workstation, not just for a temporary electric standing desk converter until purchasing a full standing desk.

Varidesk Pro Plus Pros & Cons


  • Designed with a deep keyboard tray for comfortable typing.
  • Weighed design for extra stability.
  • Gauged steel frame construction for extra durability.
  • It ships pre-assembled.


  • Not the highest load capacity on the market.
  • High costs of accessories such as dual monitor arms.
  • Too heavy to be easy to carry around.
Varidesk Pro Plus Key Specifications
  • Name – Varidesk Pro Plus
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 44.5cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 15.8kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 75 x 91cm
  • Lift control – manual
  • Price – $475
  • Colours – black, white
  • Warranty – 5 years

7. Ovation Sit Stand Unit – Most compact desk converter

Why We Picked It

A reduced sized recommends the Ovation Sit Stand Unit for almost any type of small table or desk. Its practical design even recommends it as a standing desk converter that can be easily moved around.

Ovation Sit Stand Unit Overview

Shorter and narrower than any other type of standing desk converter, the Ovation Sit Stand Unit is among the ideal choice for tight spaces. Office space is a premium at times, and this recommends the standing desk converter for busy offices with many desks and office supplies, limiting the use of a larger standing desk converter.

A compact desktop size might also mean there’s only room for one large monitor and a laptop. Still, most users only use one monitor setup or focus on a primary monitor only occasionally using a second one. Ideal for users who use a laptop as a second monitor, this type of small standing desk converter is a top space-saving design made to last.

ergolink ovation sit stand unit
Image by Ergolink.

Ovation uses some of the best materials on this standing desk converter, allowing the company to offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty. As the best standing desk converter in Australia for warranty policies, this sit-stand converter is recommended for those who plan to use it for a very long time.

Typical accessories such as a monitor mount and adjustable height range make this an option that doesn’t need to be upgraded in the following years. The best standing desk converter can sit on your current desk that doesn’t go up and down. As a sit-to-stand converter that lasts, it might be among the top options for home use as well, as it may be the primary workstation in a home office.

Extra adjustability is also specific to this variable height range sit stand desk converter. You can enjoy the health benefits of working while standing with its 15 height adjustment levels as opposed to the 11 height adjustment levels on most of its alternatives. Adjusting the keyboard tray and monitor mount to your exact height can help you work with a better standing posture.

Ovation Sit Stand Unit Pros & Cons


  • Compact size ideal for tight spaces.
  • Designed with dual control levers for extra safety.
  • Available both in black and white.
  • Backed by the longest warranty in the industry.


  • A bit small for 2-monitor setups.
  • Not designed with the highest load capacity.
  • Manual adjustments may not suit fans of electric converters.
Ovation Sit Stand Unit Key Specifications
  • Name – Ovation Sit Stand Unit
  • Maximum Height (cm) – 50cm
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 18kg
  • Dimensions (cm) – 59 X 89cm
  • Lift control – manual
  • Price – $495
  • Colours – black, white
  • Warranty – 5 years

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is an elevating workstation that adjusts up and down. Used on tables and desks, it mimics the benefits of a standing desk and turns and table or desk into a sit-and-stand desk. A standing desk converter can be made from various materials and come with either manual or electric adjustment. Compatible with one or multiple monitors, the converter supports different standing and sitting height settings.

How Do Desk Converters Work?

A standing desk converter uses springs, pneumatics, or an electric motor to adjust up or down. It typically comes with an upper tier for the monitor and a lower tier for the keyboard and mouse. While small, a standing desk converter also works with a monitor mount to elevate the display to eye level. Monitor height adjustment is typically limited by the adjustment range of the monitor arm than to the maximum elevation of electric converters.

The Benefits Of Using A Desk Converter

A desk converter comes at an affordable price compared to a full-size standing desk. But the standing desk converter option also comes with different other benefits.

Improved posture

A desk riser comes with the main benefit of improved posture. By standing at the computer, you put less pressure on your back, allowing your spine to sit in a straight position. Standing while working is one of the best approaches to improved posture. While a full-size standing desk can be larger and more expensive, a desk riser offers the same benefits at a lower cost.

Increased productivity

Working at the desk while standing helps boost energy levels, focus, and productivity. A standing position while working helps you feel more engaged and determined. While you may not stand all day an alternative standing with sitting, the sit stand desk converter helps you stand more and focus more.

Improved focus and concentration

The capacity to concentrate is often tied to being more active and avoiding sitting for long hours. The capacity to focus is also enhanced through an ergonomic posture at the desk. A stand-sit converter helps you sit straight with a straight back and shoulders back at a correct distance from the monitor height without the risk of hunting over the keyboard. It practically forces users to stand correctly. To learn how to get the ideal monitor height on a standing desk, read this article next.

Promotes engagement in an office setting

Another key and documented benefit include being more active around the office. This helps office engagement and it also helps you establish clearer communication with co-workers. Communication may suffer when sitting all day and not engaging co-workers.

Portable and mobile

A sit-stand converter is easy to carry around. Unlike a full-size sit-stand desk, a converter helps you move your location either around the house if you work from home or around the office. This may help you move next to a window or away from a window in case you get too much direct sunlight.

Generally cheaper than a standing desk

Pricing is one of the main issues that stop more office workers from choosing a full-size standing desk. You can get a cheaper sit-stand converter and still enjoy better posture, improved focus, and engages co-workers even with sit-stand converter.

Desk Converter Drawbacks

As with all pieces of office furniture, a sit stand desk converter may also come with its drawbacks.

Limited range of adjustments

The height adjustments of the converter are generally limited. Most come with 8 to 15 height adjustment levels and these are dependent on the height of the desk or table on which you place the sit-stand converter. Unlike a standing desk that moves up and down, the converter only moves up from the fixed height of the table or desk it sits on.

Generally expensive for what they are

While cheaper than a full-size standing desk, these sit-stand desk converters aren’t a few times cheaper than a standing desk. Only marginally cheaper, they are an option for tight spaces as a slightly higher budget allows you to buy a full-size standing desk.

May not be suitable for multiple monitor setups

Depending on size, the sit-stand desk converter may be used for 1-2 monitor setups. Most are only suitable for one monitor but some may support monitor mounts that take up to 2 monitors. Sometimes, a sit-stand converter supports one monitor and the laptop as a second monitor.

Limited customization options compared to standing desks

There’s almost no space for customization of your sit stand converter when compared to a full-size standing desk. Limited accessories and no choice of desktop materials mean you cannot customize a sit-stand desk converter that ships pre-assembled.

Limited space for accessories and storage

Various types of accessories are seen on full-size standing desks. From cable management solutions to 3-display monitor mounts, these types of accessories aren’t available for a standard sit-stand desk converter. Some of the few accessories that can be purchased for desk converters include 1-2 monitor arms but there are no proper cable management accessories to enjoy a clean multi-display setup.

May not be as stable as electric sit-stand desks

While there are top-rated standing desks in Australia to choose from, most are manual. Their reduced size and weight load means they don’t necessarily need electric motors. This puts the adjustments into the hands of the user. Most users need to go through a learning curve to know how to handle lowering and elevating a workstation with 2 monitors.

Should You Buy A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is only right for you if you find all or most of these characteristics fit your needs as a person that works at a desk.

Weight and portability

A small and portable sit stand desk may suit the needs of a person with more mobility. You might be interested in a portable workstation if your office allows you to work at a different desk every day,

How many monitors do you need?

You may find a full-size standing desk too large for your needs if you only use one monitor or even a laptop for your line of work. A full-size standing desk is too large for a single laptop setup.

Load capacity

Some people need the extra load required to work on a large display or multiple displays. Some people even use 4K TVs as monitors. In this case, the higher load capacity of a full-size standing desk is better suited than the low weight capacity of a sit stand converter which varies between 14 and 45kg.

Amount of desk space

A sit-stand desk converter may be right for you if you like small desktops. You may not need to include USB charging docks and the extra spaces for notebooks or printers a full-size standing desk may offer.

Warranty policies

Unlike an electric standing desk, a sit stand converter typically comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers the entire workstation. These smaller converters might offer a safety blanket if you feel your standing desk may fail as you prefer to adjust the height many times during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are desk converters expensive?

A combination of gauged steel, durable wood or plastic, and springs or electric motors make desk converters expensive. A 2-tier design means a sit-stand desk converter actually has two desktops, which add to their final price.

Is a standing desk converter worth it?

A desk converter is worth it if you value mobility as much as an ergonomic standing posture while working. The main benefit of a sit-stand desk converter is you can turn any table or desk into an adjustable-height workstation.

Should I get a sit-stand desk or a converter?

You should get a sit-stand desk converter if you want to stand, improve posture and focus, and spend less than a full-size standing desk. Small and often portable, a sit-stand desk converter is also the best choice to change your working location.

Can you use two monitors on desk converters?

A standard 90-cm length sit stand converter can hold 2 monitors. A dual monitor arm can be attached to the upper tier of the converter for dual display setups. In most cases, the dual monitor arm is sold separately.

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