Best Accessories For Standing Desks

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Buying the right accessories for your electric or manual standing desk can make a world of difference in your work or gaming experience. But there is a lot more to it than the standard monitor arm and ergonomic chair. From innovative cable management solutions to extra power point connections, explore the best accessories to enhance your productivity, comfort, and quality of life.

The Best Standing Desk Accessories To Buy In 2024

Of all the numerous accessories you can buy for your electric standing desk, these are the best ones money can buy for each category.

  1. Herman Miller Aeron – Best ergonomic chair
  2. Omnidesk Lumence light bar – Best monitor bar
  3. Desky Anti-Fatigue Mat – Best anti-fatigue mat
  4. RUMIA balance board – Best balance board
  5. Desky Elsafe Pace Desktop Power Rail – Best power rail
  6. Desky’s Cork/Felt Desk Pad – Best desk mat

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Standing Desk Accessories To Promote Productivity

Desk drawers

Most of the best standing desks won’t come with storage solutions when you buy them initially so you need to obtain these yourself. Some desks such as UpDown and Omnidesk allow you to buy single drawers that can be screwed underneath the tabletop and provide a streamlined finish that matches the frame and legs. Some come with a lock to give you extra security and privacy and fit the UpDown PRO standing desk perfectly.

updown standing desk drawers
The metal drawer from UpDown is sturdy, well designed and is one of the few that can be locked (image by UpDown).

Desk drawers are one of the best standing desk accessories people buy with their standing desks. They provide more organisation and storage which allows you to tuck away items, especially if you prefer a minimalist look and no clutter to increase the standing desk zen and introduce a relaxing working environment. This can go a long to make your desk more appealing and less stressful. By having unnecessary items stored in desk drawers, efficiency, and productivity can be improved.

Some of the downsides to buying drawers from standing desk manufacturers include their high price and relatively small size. UpDown’s desk drawer starts at the competitive price of $149 but other brands will be north of this. On top of their relatively expensive price point, almost all sets come with a single drawer. If you want more drawers then you are probably better off getting a separate cabinet that sits on the floor.

Desk lamps

Apart from increasing visibility and reducing eye strain, they also add to the overall ambiance of your standing desk. By illuminating specific areas, they enhance visibility and clarity, especially in dimly lit environments or when working during evening hours. Having an adequately lit sit-stand desk will contribute to improved focus and concentration. Check out our picks for the best desk lamps in Australia to get your ideas flowing.

One of the key advantages of desk lamps is their adjustable brightness and colour temperature. Depending on the environment and how well-lit your room is, you can change the bulb to suit the lighting you want to achieve. Otherwise, look for a lamp that has a dimmer. This will give you the flexibility of softening the lighting during times of low light to aid in looking at the monitor screen or creating a more relaxed atmosphere. A well-chosen desk lamp can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall ambiance, enhancing the visual appeal of the workspace.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a desk lamp from a standing desk company. If you choose a lamp on a stand then you want to make sure the light remains at an appropriate height when your desk is fully elevated.

Desk mats

Desk mats are an underestimated accessory that will really improve your quality of life. Similar to how a standard mouse mat works, desk mats cover a larger surface area underneath your keyboard and mouse. Most have a soft surface such as felt to allow you to smoothly move your mouse as well as provide a comfortable surface for your wrists whilst typing.

The cheaper desk mats typically comprise a rectangular piece of felt. However, the better ones I’ve reviewed such as the Desky desk pad have a cork base with felt on top. I use the extra large (90cm x 30cm) in light grey and haven’t looked back.

desky desk mat
Desky’s Cork/Felt Desk Pad feels and looks great.

Monitor light bars

Monitor light bars attach to the back of your monitor and provide ambient lighting that helps to reduce glare. Since the light bar sits on top of your monitor and isn’t a point source compared to a lamp, the lighting produced is distributed more evenly to create a well-lit workspace.

Power and USB grommets

Although not considered necessary items to have installed on your standing desk, power, and USB grommets give you more flexibility in cable management, as well as allow you to connect or charge more devices. Fixed to the surface of your sit-stand desk, they provide convenient access to electrical outlets and USB ports at arm’s reach.

Power grommets eliminate the need for reaching under the desk or searching for outlets since you can easily plug in your devices on top of your standing desk. Whether it be a laptop, mobile phone, or other electronics, cable management is easier without the hassle of tangled cords.

desky power point and USB port
The Elsafe Pixel power grommet from Desky comes with handy charging ports (image by Desky).

USB grommets offer additional connectivity options, enabling the seamless connection of smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices. These accessories promote a clutter-free workspace and improve efficiency by providing readily accessible power and connectivity right at your fingertips. They enhance the functionality and convenience of standing desks, making it easier to stay powered up and connected throughout the workday.

Standing Desk Accessories To Boost Functionality

Cable management trays

Cable management trays are an essential piece of kit to buy with your electric standing desk or desk converter. Attached to the rear of the tabletop, these trays provide a designated space for managing and concealing standing desk cables, preventing them from tangling or becoming a tripping hazard. By keeping cables neatly organized and out of sight, cable management trays create a clean and visually appealing workspace.

They also contribute to a safer environment by reducing the risk of accidents or damage caused by loose cables. Additionally, cable management trays simplify the process of adding or removing cables, making it easier to maintain a well-organized and functional workspace. Overall, cable management trays improve the functionality, safety, and appearance of standing desks by effectively managing and organizing cables.

desky cable management tray
The best cable management tray and options on the market (image by Desky).

Cable grommets

Typically located at the rear of a standing desk, cable grommets are discreet openings on the desktop surface, allowing cables to pass through neatly and efficiently. By keeping cables organized and contained, cable management grommets prevent tangling and create a clutter-free workspace.

They also contribute to safety by minimising the risk of tripping hazards or accidental cable damage. Moreover, cable management grommets improve the overall aesthetics of the standing desk by keeping cables out of sight and creating a clean and professional appearance.

Power rails

Power rails are external fixtures that sit on top of your desk. Depending on the brand, they can either be flush mounted with the ability to rise or sit on top. In my opinion, power rails should be filling a need since they are bulky items that can’t be hidden.

desky external power rail
Power Rail is available in black and white (image by UpDown).

However, if you can tolerate their constant presence on your standing desk then you have access to more power and device options. If you don’t need the extra power points then it won’t be worth their price tag which generally starts from a hefty $159 (Desky Elsafe Pace Desktop Power Rail). Alternatively, you can get UpDown’s power rail for $199.

Castor wheels

Castor wheels allow you to move your standing desk around without the need of disassembling it. These can be useful since electric standing desks are notoriously heavy with their steel frame and hardwood desktops. Of course, castor wheels would be useful on a hard surface floor such as tiles or wood.

With their smooth and swivel capabilities, castor wheels allow for convenient repositioning or rearrangement of the desk according to changing needs or preferences. This allows you to create new work configurations or collaborate with others in an office setting. However, if you are working at home in a dedicated room then these accessories will be a waste of your money.

Cable spines

As their name suggests, cable spines take the appearance of vertebrae. Their purpose is to provide a dedicated pathway for routing and guiding cables from the desk to the floor where a power point is located. Cable spines are designed to be flexible at each joint which allows them to retract when the desk is lowered and extend when the desk is elevated to a standing position.

ergox cable spine
The simple but effective cable spine from Ergox (image by Ergox).

Although cable spines are relatively cheap, they are not considered a necessary accessory to have. You could easily use a few cable ties to bundle loose cords with the same effect.

Standing Desk Accessories To Increase Comfort & Ergonomics

Ergonomic chairs

It goes without saying but ergonomic chairs are an essential piece of furniture to complete the standing desk setup, or even for a desk converter. They offer numerous benefits that enhance comfort, support, and overall well-being. These chairs are specifically designed to promote proper posture and provide optimal support for the body. By offering adjustable features such as height, seat depth, and lumbar support, ergonomic chairs can be customised to fit your individual needs.

herman miller aeron ergonomic chair
The Aeron is the best ergonomic chair money can buy and is a worthy investment (image by Herman Miller).

Additionally, ergonomic chairs promote better circulation and reduce fatigue, allowing users to maintain focus and productivity throughout the workday. With their emphasis on comfort and support, ergonomic chairs are one of the essential standing desk accessories money can buy.

Monitor arms

Simply put, single and dual monitor arms are some of the best standing desk accessories you can obtain to get the ideal monitor height for your desk. Rather than have your monitor propped up on a monitor riser or small shelf, monitor arms allow you to raise the screen to eye level, rotate it from landscape to portrait, or entirely turn it from side to side.

ergox monitor arms for gamers
The slick monitor arms for gamers (image by Ergox).

Since your computer screens are raised off the desktop, monitor arms also free up valuable desk space. With their ergonomic design and adaptability, single and dual monitor arms are essential accessories for standing desks, enhancing comfort, productivity, and overall workspace efficiency.

Monitor stands and risers

Monitor stands or risers are the other option to monitor arms. Normally wooden or plastic in their material, stands and risers elevate your monitor to eye level albeit to a fixed height. Some monitor stands come with built-in storage compartments, providing a convenient solution for storing office supplies or accessories.

Deciding on whether to use monitor arms or a stand will depend on how much space you have. Considering this upfront will help in determining the right size standing desk for your needs.

desky monitor riser
Visually appealing and functional (image by Desky).

Keyboard trays

Keyboard trays are a valuable accessory for standing desks, offering numerous benefits that enhance ergonomics, comfort, and efficiency. These trays provide a dedicated space for positioning the keyboard and mouse at an optimal height and angle, promoting a natural and relaxed arm and wrist position. By ensuring proper alignment, keyboard trays help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and enhance typing comfort. They also free up valuable desktop space, allowing users to maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace. Additionally, keyboard trays can be easily adjusted, allowing users to find the perfect ergonomic position that suits their individual needs. With their ergonomic design and versatility, keyboard trays are essential accessories for standing desks, providing a more comfortable and efficient typing experience.

xdesk encore keyboard tray
XDesk is one of the few desks that come with a fixed keyboard tray (image by XDesk).

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushioned and supportive surface to stand on whilst working at an electric standing desk, thereby reducing strain on your feet, legs, and joints. By alleviating discomfort and fatigue, anti-fatigue mats promote better posture and circulation during extended periods of standing. They offer a good way to remain active at your standing desk.

Apart from the ergonomic and comfort benefits, an anti-fatigue mat will also offer slip-resistant properties to reduce the risk of accidents, insulate against cold floors, and dampen noise, creating a more pleasant work environment.

desky anti-fatigue mat
Desky’s anti-fatigue mat is the best value you can get.

Our pick is the anti-fatigue mat from Desky. Priced at $69.90 (often on sale), the 510cm by 85.5cm mat is 19mm deep to provide a firm but cushioned polyurethane foam surface to stand on. This product is really advantageous during the colder months when standing on a cold tiled or hardwood floor will be uncomfortable.

Balance boards

Balance boards are used to enhance physical health and productivity by promoting balance and stability. Typically a flat platform with a rounded bottom, and balance boards introduce instability that requires constant adjustments in posture and weight distribution. This engages and strengthens core muscles, improving balance and stability over time.

desky balance board

Incorporating subtle movements, such as shifting your centre of gravity from side to side will prevent body stiffness in comparison to standing on the spot. But using a balance board will be a personal decision since they are not for everyone. Moreover, they are typically only used for short periods of time at regular intervals.


Timers can be used for two purposes at a standing desk. Firstly, they are cheap and simple devices that help with better time management and goal setting. A timer enables standing desk users to set dedicated time slots for various tasks which promotes a structured approach to your workday. This helps to minimise procrastination and encourages better time utilization. Additionally, the visual display of the timer board or hourglass serves as a constant reminder of the passing of time, promoting a sense of urgency and preventing time wastage.

The second purpose is to set specific breaks or times for physical activity or to change the position of your standing desk from sitting to standing. This helps in combating sedentary behaviour by encouraging regular movement and taking necessary breaks. Some brands provide a timer function in the digital controller of their standing desks.

Monitor light bars

Using a monitor light bar offers several advantages compared to a traditional desk lamp. Firstly, a monitor light bar is specifically designed to provide optimal lighting for computer workstations where they have the ability to reduce eye strain and fatigue. They usually come in a modern and sleek design and can be easily mounted or clipped onto the top of the monitor, providing direct illumination that is focused on your work area.

Light bars produce a softer light that is more evenly distributed compared to the light from a desk lamp. This helps to minimise harsh shadows and glare on the screen, creating a more comfortable viewing experience. Furthermore, monitor light bars such as the Omnidesk Lumence light bar ($79) come with adjustable brightness and colour settings, allowing you to customise the lighting according to your needs and preferences.

Additionally, monitor light bars are generally energy-efficient. They consume less power compared to traditional desk lamps, which can contribute to energy savings and lower electricity bills. Some models even come with additional energy-saving features such as auto-dimming or motion sensors, further enhancing their efficiency.

omnidesk lumence monitor light bar

Why Standing Desk Accessories Matter

Better ergonomics for your health and well-being

Choosing the right standing desk accessory is crucial for achieving better ergonomics, after all, you did purchase a desk that promotes movement. An ergonomic gaming or workstation has the goal of optimising the natural alignment of the body to reduce strain caused by sitting for extended periods.

The main accessories that increase ergonomics at a standing desk workstation include ergonomic chairs, adjustable monitor arms, and standing mats. A standing mat will provide cushioning and support to alleviate pressure on your feet and legs while standing. Height-adjustable ergonomic chairs or stools offer additional support and allow for alternating between sitting and standing positions.

Increased personal productivity

In my opinion, increasing personal productivity is directly related to your standing desk experience. If you have a well-organised and clutter-free desk then this will go a long way to improving how you work since your mind is in a better place. So, we are talking about accessories that improve your quality of life.

For instance, a well-designed monitor stand or arm allows for optimal positioning of the screen will reduce eye strain, and facilitate better concentration on the tasks at hand. Accessories that target cable management such as trays, grommets, and cable spines will ensure a tidy and clutter-free workspace that minimises distractions. Other standing desk accessories that are relatively cheap and also promote productivity include a desk mat and timers.

Increased desk functionality

Products that increase functionality may be considered essential standing desk accessories. However, this will be a personal decision depending on your individual needs.

For instance, desk organisers and storage units provide designated spaces for stationary remove clutter and keep your workspace clean and tidy. Monitor stands or arms allow for efficient use of desk space by elevating the screen and creating more room for other items. Some arms even let you rotate the orientation of your monitor from landscape to portrait. Adjustable keyboard trays or drawers ensure proper placement of keyboards, maximising comfort and freeing up additional surface area.

Improved cable management

Sound cable management practices should be undertaken no matter the work or gaming standing desk set-up. Cable management is essential for preventing clutter, reducing the risk of accidents, and maintaining a professional and efficient work environment. Accessories such as cable trays, spines, sleeves, and even cable ties are valuable in keeping them neat and tidy.

Cable management solutions can be attached to the underside or back of the desk, allowing cables to be routed discreetly and out of sight. These accessories also make it easier to identify and access specific cables when needed, saving time and minimising frustration.

A personalised environment

Everybody has different requirements and preferences for how their workspace should be set up. The best standing desk accessories provide you with the freedom to modify and adapt the workstation to your own needs. Accessories that enable you to customise their ergonomic configuration include height-adjustable footrests, keyboard trays with adjustable angles, and adjustable monitor arms.

Omnidesk is well known for its huge range of innovative and slick-looking accessories to really enhance your standing desk.

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