Best Gaming Standing Desks

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In this comparison of the best standing desks for gamers, we outline our research and reduce the number of contenders on the basis of features, quality, and cost.

Best Standing Desks For Gamers

Serious gamers need a serious desk. Here are the best gaming sit-stand desks you can buy.

  1. Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL – Best overall standing desk for gamers
  2. Desky Alpha Dual Gaming Desk – Best local gaming desk
  3. Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Gaming Desk – Best option for immersive lighting
  4. Arozzi Arena Standing Desk -Best full-surface mouse mat

Gaming Standing Desks: The Best Reviewed & Compared

When it comes to height-adjustable gaming desks, there are a few options to choose from. Here is how the best gaming standing desks compare.

DeskHeight RangeLoad CapacityDesktopPriceOur Rating
Secretlab Magnus Pro/Pro XL64cm – 125cm120kgMelamine$1,059 – $1,2295.0/5.0
Desky Alpha Dual60cm – 125cm140kgMelamine$8594.5/5.0
Cooler Master GD160 ARGB 65cm – 130cm100kgChipboard$1,4384.0/5.0
Arozzi Arena Standing Desk71cm – 81cm80kgMDF$1,6943.8/5.0

Best Gaming Standing Desks: 2024 Reviews

1. Secretlab Magnus Pro & Pro XL – Best gaming standing desk

Why We Picked It

The greatest standing desk for gamers and streamers alike is the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro. The premium gaming station features a special magnetic ecology that lets you keep cords hidden and your electronic devices close at hand. The Magnus Pro and its larger cousin, the Pro XL, provide you with ample space, sturdiness, class-leading cable management, and slick looks to boot. If you want the best, it needs to be the Magnus Pro/ProXL.

Secretlab Magnus Pro & Pro XL Overview

The Magnus Pro includes all the necessary features for a sit-stand desk, including a respectable load capacity of 120 kg, an impressive desk height range of 65 cm to 125 cm, and 3 configurable height presets.

Secretlab has taken further measures to ensure that the Magnus Pro is the must-have sit-stand desk for gamers, though. The first fully integrated power supply column in the world is found in this device; cables are contained within the leg and guided upward to your power board.

secretlab pro desk features

The full-length cable management tray offers improved accessibility because it opens upwards at the back of the desk as opposed to being affixed to the underside of the desktop as it would be on other standing desks. The Secretlab MAGRGB diffused lighting strip is really housed in the management tray, which can significantly improve your gaming setup and create a real ambiance and immersive feeling.

The integrated digital control panel is an additional feature that is superior to all other gaming desks. The control panel on the Magnus Pro desk is totally integrated into the desk edge, so you can move about the workplace with your chair without worrying about running into it.

secretlan magnus pro standing desk

Magnus Pro from Secretlab is the pinnacle of gaming rigs, in my opinion. The Pro is all about the effective utilisation of desk space in gaming scenarios where significant gear and several electronic devices are in use all the time, aside from its sleek and contemporary appearance.

It does cost a little bit more, with a starting price of $1,059 for the basic measurements of 150 cm by 70 cm, but the features and customization make it well worth it. You will have to pay $1,229 for the Pro XL in the larger size. Simply said, despite its greater price, the Magnus Pro Series is one of the best gaming desks for players.

Secretlab Magnus Pro & Pro XL Pros
  • Stylish, audacious, and contemporary design with a built-in control panel.
  • A strong steel frame, a dual motor design, and a respectable weight capacity.
  • Has a customisable desktop and a single-cable power solution.
  • A professional gaming station is complete with desk accessories and LED lights.
Secretlab Magnus Pro & Pro XL Cons
  • For non-gamers, an expensive standing desk.
  • Due to its weight, the assembly will require two people.
  • Add-ons are expensive.
Secretlab Magnus Pro & Pro XL Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Signature black and grey
  • Height Range – 65cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 120kg
  • Lift control – Dual electric motor
  • Price – $1,059 for the standard dimensions and $1,229 for the larger Pro XL
  • Warranty – 5 years

2. Desky Alpha Dual Gaming Desk – Best local gaming desk

Why We Picked It

If you want to buy a premium standing desk from an Australian manufacturer then the Desky Alpha Dual should be considered. With offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Desky will process and dispatch your Alpha Dual on the same day as long as the purchase is made before noon. There are multiple sizes to choose from, and the Alpha Dual is well-equipped with several features including RGB lighting to make it the best gaming desk you can buy from an Australian-owned and operated company.

Desky Alpha Dual Overview

The Desky Alpha Dual is an adjustable-height gaming desk that can change its elevation depending on your sitting or standing position. Elevating from a minimum of 60cm to a maximum height of 125cm, the Alpha Dual gives you the full range of options whether you are playing games sitting down or streaming standing up.

With desktop lengths ranging between 120cm and 180cm, the Dual Alpha is sure to cater for the most demanding of gaming setups. The 180cm version is slightly bigger than the Magnus Pro XL (177cm), but if you need more depth then the latter is better with its 80cm dimension. The Alpha Dual’s width of 75cm is pretty standard for a standing desk and will ensure you can sufficiently distance your multiple monitors away from you to minimise eye strain.

desky alpha dual

The other advantage of choosing Desky lies in its accessories that can be fitted to the desk, including the linear version, the Desky Dual (read our review). For example, they have one of the better cable management systems going around so you can hide all the unsightly HDMI and power cords from your electronic devices. There are also multiple ways to power your setup through the installation of external power rails, flush-mounted grommets (with USB charging ports), or fitted to the cable management bar. Monitor arms, headphone hangers, stands, anti-fatigue mats, and gaming chairs can all be purchased as well.

One of the advantages of choosing the Alpha Dual is its curved ‘Ergo Edge’ which enables you to sit slightly closer to the screen. However, easily the best benefit is Desky’s superb cable management system. Although it will add to the cost, you can opt for an integrated cable management and power channel with 4 to 10 powerpoints – this means you can power all your gaming hardware and devices from a single powerpoint!

desky alpha dual gaming station

All of the industry-leading features that you find in Desky’s Dual series of standing desks can be found in the Alpha Dual. Sedentary reminders, OLED display with 4 programmable height presets, a child lock system, an anti-collision system, LED RGB backlighting, a fast-charging USB port, and dual electric motors capable of lifting up to 140kg at 36 millimetres per second all come as standard. The desk is also Bluetooth enabled if you prefer to elevate it using your mobile device.

Only available in black, the Alpha Dual is an ideal choice for gamers who need extra power points and value for money. Starting at only $859, Desky has put together a gaming desk that is fully capable of housing all your gaming needs without the hefty price tag. And you are protected by an industry-leading 10-year warranty in case there are any unlikely issues.

Desky Alpha Dual Pros
  • Only available in black, the Alpha Dual is an ideal choice for gamers who need extra power points and value for money. Starting at only $859, Desky has put together a gaming desk that is fully capable of housing all your gaming needs without the hefty price tag. And you are protected by an industry-leading 10-year warranty in case there are any unlikely issues.
  • Pros
  • Great value for money.
  • Solid design with excellent quality-of-life features.
  • Easy installation.
  • 10-year warranty.
Desky Alpha Dual Cons
  • Lack of desktop designs to choose from.
Desky Alpha Dual Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Melamine (black)
  • Powerpoints – Up to 10
  • Height Range – 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 140kg
  • Lift control – Dual electric motor
  • Price – $859
  • Warranty – 10 years

3. Cooler Master GD160 ARGB – Best option for immersive lighting

Why We Picked It

The way the lighting seamlessly integrates with the desktop gives the Cooler Master GD160 ARGB gaming desk a level of immersive atmosphere that no other desk can match. The ARGB lighting strip is present on the rear and front edges of the desktop which gives it a modern ambient effect.

Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Overview

The GD160 from Cooler Master is another full-surface mouse mat gaming desk on our list. But compared to the Arozzi Arena, it has a superior height range, ARGB lighting, and 3 height presets.

The GD160 excels with its immersive ARGB lighting strip found on the front edge of the desktop which blends in beautifully with its black aluminium frame. There are seven different colour schemes and modes to choose from using the Cooler Master MasterPlus software or via the smart controller.

cooler master gd160 argb

While the build quality and lighting effects are impressive, the Cooler Master GD160 ARGB performs admirably in all other areas as well. With a price tag in excess of $1,400, then this is what you should expect. Essentially, the GD160 ARGB has all the features of a dedicated standing desk coupled with outstanding build quality. The water-resistant top gives it a slick and premium feel.

The provision of an aluminium frame instead of a heavier steel version is a very nice thought from Cooler Master which will make it easier to install and move around. The collision detection sensor means that you can confidently place your computer beneath the desk and not have to worry about the desktop hitting it. Plus, the 100kg weight capacity is more than enough to safely place your gaming monitors and any other accessories you may have.

Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Pros
  • The ARGB lighting is the best you will find.
  • Premium build quality and feel.
  • Impressive height range.
  • Feature-rich desk.
Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Cons
  • One of the more expensive gaming desks.
Cooler Master GD160 ARGB Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Chipboard (black and purple)
  • Height Range – 65cm to 130cm
  • Load Capacity – 100kg
  • Lift control – Dual electric motor
  • Price – $1,438
  • Warranty – 2 years

4. Arozzi Arena Standing Desk – Best full-surface mouse mat

Why We Picked It

The stylish and slick Arozzi Arena gaming desk comes with a desktop that acts as a mouse mat. Water-repellant and washable in the washing machine, the desktop surface means you don’t need to buy a mouse mat.

Arozzi Arena Overview

The Arena gaming desk from Arozzi makes a serious splash due to its Swedish design and eye-catching details which are sure to fancy gamers who want the complete look. If you don’t like the red detailing against the black surface, then there are other combinations to choose from.

Up close, you will find the microfibre desktop finish to be strangely pleasing to the eyes and touch. Never have I seen a full-size mousemat on a gaming desk before but it does mean you don’t have to buy one. Arozzi states that the mousemat is able to be machine-washed and is water-resistant. Both of these are fantastic innovative features but I am worried about wear and tear in one spot after lots of usage and the 2-year warranty doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be the option of purchasing a replacement mat.

arozzi arena gaming desk

With a length of 160cm, the Arozzi Arena gaming desk is not the largest option going around. However, the significant depth of 82cm helps to alleviate that and provides more surface coverage for multiple monitors. The front edge of the desk is curved to enable you to sit in closer if that’s something you need to achieve the best ergonomic outcome. Add in a curved widescreen monitor, and the combination provides an enhanced immersion feel – an aspect that most gamers will appreciate.

One of the best features of the dedicated gaming desk is the cable management system. Instead of having to install a metal tray to the underside of the desktop, Arozzi has opted for mesh netting. Not only is it easier to use but it has a lesser profile than a tray so it looks better too.

Although it is a height-adjustable desk, the Arozzi Arena doesn’t qualify as a true standing desk given that the elevation range is between 71cm and 81cm. This means that the Arena is only suitable as a sitting desk option but it does enable you to have different chair or stool options. Annoyingly, there are no electric motors and height adjustments need to be manually made using an Allen key.

For the price tag of $1,694, the Arozzi Arena is a serious investment that might only appeal to mature-age gamers who value the full-surface mousemat.

Arozzi Arena Pros
  • Mesh net cable management system.
  • Water-resistant and machine-washable full-size mouse mat.
  • Fantastic dimensions that are perfect for gaming setups.
  • Looks fantastic.
Arozzi Arena Cons
  • For its build, it is more expensive than other gaming desks.
  • The 2-year warranty is short compared to other desks.
  • The 71cm to 81cm height range means it’s only suitable as a sitting desk.
Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Engineered wood (MDF) with microfibre finish (black, blue, red, green, white)
  • Height Range – 71cm to 81cm
  • Load Capacity – 80kg
  • Lift control – Manual (hex key)
  • Price – $1,694
  • Warranty – 2 years

Why Choose A Standing Desk For Gaming?

Gaming at a standing desk will encourage better posture by reducing pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and lower back regions. Having the ability to stand up for short periods means that you can perform different tasks in different positions, such as standing during streaming. Standing desks that have been tailored for gaming typically have larger desk space to fit your gaming PC, multiple monitors, and integrated cable management systems.

What To Look For In A Gaming Standing Desk

Size and space

Measure your available space before choosing a gaming workstation to ensure that it is the right size. Make sure the desk’s size fits your gaming space without crowding it especially since your mouse will require more space. Think about the room’s arrangement as well as the desk’s measurements. Verify that the desk will fit your gaming accessories, such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and that there is enough room for you to move around comfortably.

Desk shape and style

Your gaming desk’s shape and design should complement the design of your space and your own preferences. While L-shaped or corner desks might make the most of available space, rectangular desks are more adaptable to more spaces. Make sure the desk’s style and colour go well with your gaming setup and the furnishings in your room.

Material and construction

A variety of materials including wood, metal, and MDF, are used to make gaming stations. Chipboard and MDF are desktop materials commonly found in a budget gaming desk but hardwoods are extremely rare. To ensure longevity, choose a desk made of sturdy materials with a high load capacity. Durability is crucial, especially if you have bulky and expensive gaming gear. Look for a desk with stable legs made out of steel or aluminum and have been reinforced.


Most of us can game for long periods of time so it’s important to get the ergonomic set-up right for your needs. Make sure you can adjust the desk’s height to your liking so you can keep a good ergonomic posture as this will go a long to providing comfort as well. You’ll have a better time gaming if you can adjust the desk’s height to match your gaming chair.

Storage and organisation

Consider the storage requirements for your controllers, games, microphones and headphones. Do you want to stow them away and out of sight or do you want them hanging up and readily accessible? For organised storage, some gaming workstations are furnished with drawers, shelves, or specific racks but these are extremely rare to find. In most cases, you are going to need to buy a set of drawers as a separate item. Some brands like Omnidesk, have a large range of standing desk accessories including an assortment of mounts and hangers to ensure a clutter-free and orderly gaming space.

Weight capacity

Confirm that the gaming desk can hold the weight of your gaming PC, monitors, and other equipment without drooping or instability by checking its weight capacity. A load capacity of around 50kg to 80kg is typical for a budget gaming desk, but you can easily find thresholds up to 100kg in a premium gaming desk. Make sure that the weight restrictions listed in the manufacturer’s specifications line up with your configuration.

Cable management options

A cable management tray is the most popular form of wire management for gaming desks. These help to keep your power and HDMI cables neat and tidy and stop them from tangling. Gaming desks like the Arozzi Arena have a soft mesh hammock instead which is easier to use. The best gaming desks have cable management solutions that are integrated into the desktop itself, meaning you have the freedom of routing wiring any which way you want.

Price and budget

Gaming desks are typically more expensive than a standard standing desk so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Since gaming workstations are available in a range of price points, you can choose alternatives that satisfy your needs while also fitting your budget. An entry-level gaming desk with cable management will set you back around $900. The best gaming desks will cost anywhere up to $1,800 but what you pay is what you get in terms of quality and features

Gaming-specific features

Some gaming desks have unique elements like USB ports, headphone hooks, and RGB lighting that are built-in. If these features improve your game experience, increase the number of customisation options, or improve your quality of life.

The Essential Features Of A Gaming Standing Desk

There are a number of crucial things to take into account while purchasing a gaming workstation. Size, adjustability, ergonomics, and features are a few of them. The amount of space available in your gaming area and the number of monitors you intend to utilise should be taken into consideration when choosing the desk’s size.

It is highly advised to choose a workstation that prioritises ergonomics in order to prevent pain, exhaustion, and even injury during extended periods of gaming. A height-adjustable gaming desk can significantly increase your comfort. Finally, you can improve your gaming experience by adding features like built-in cable management systems, headphone hooks, cupholders, and RGB lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a corner desk a good idea?

Desks that can fit into a corner are highly efficient at taking up space. Whether it be L-shaped or triangular in shape, they are good for rooms where space is limited. Their design and ability to snugly fit into a corner will leave more space in the room for other pieces of furniture.

Why is a corner desk the best?

Being able to save space is one of the best things about picking a corner desk, whether you’re sitting or standing at it. Due to its ability to fit neatly in a corner, corner desks get their name. Many offices have empty, stark corners that serve no purpose and this is where corner desks shine.

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