Best Standing Desks For Kids

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Adjustable standing desks for adults are built for performance using high-quality materials which means they can be expensive. Are there cheaper versions for kids? And will they withstand the test of time? In this comparison of the top standing desks, we consider and select the best standing desks for kids and look at why they made the cut.

Top Standing Desks For Kids And Children

For Australian parents, we chose the adjustable children’s desks below due to their features, price, durability, and suitability for different ages and environments.

  1. Artiss Standing Desk – Cheapest electric desk for kids
  2. Desky Dual Kids Sit-Stand Desk – Best standing desk for kids
  3. Aussie Active Desks – Ideal for classroom environments
  4. LVYUAN Children’s Desk & Chair Set – Cheapest desk for 4 to 10 years olds

Kids Standing Desks In Australia Compared

The top height adjustable standing desks for kids in Australia elevate to different heights and prices. Here is how the top desk for kids in Australia compared.

DeskHeight RangeDimensionsLift ControlsPriceOur Rating
Artiss Standing Desk0.69m – 1.18m1.4m (w) x 0.8m (d)Electric$574 – $8054.0/5.0
Desky Dual Kids Sit-Stand Desk0.54m – 1.09m0.8m x 0.5m to 1.8m to 0.75mElectric$6655.0/5.0
Aussie Active Desks38 cm0.8m x 0.45m to 1.35m x 0.6mManual$297 – $4293.8/5.0
LVYUAN Children’s Desk & Chair Set0.54m – 0.76m0.72m x 0.52mManual$135.993.0/5.0

Best Standing Desks For Kids & Children: 2024 Reviews

1. Artiss Standing Desks – Best standing desk for kids

Why We Picked It

Kids in Australia should choose an Artiss standing desk due to their durability, affordability, and simplicity. They are perfect for smaller spaces such as a kid’s bedroom due to their compact size. You have the option to effortlessly match the desk with the furnishings in your home office thanks to the 15 available desktop finishes. For Australian parents, Artiss’ electric sit-stand desks, which range in price from $573 to $804, are a relatively inexpensive option.

Artiss Standing Desk Overview

The Artiss Sit Stand desk comes in a relatively small size that makes it perfect for kids’ rooms or other places in the home environment. There are two different desktop sizes that come in 1.20m and 1.40 m length options. In comparison to the more upscale standing desk options, where 1.50m long desks are typical, this places them in the lesser size group.

artiss sit-stand desk

Priced between $574 and $805, Artiss’s range of adjustable standing desks is not the cheapest on this list. However, their strength is their value for money as an all-round solution for your child’s working environment.

The build quality is high with its twin motors, powder-coated steel frame, wide feet for additional support, a 3-4 button digital controller, and a range of contemporary desktops made from particle board and coated with an anti-scratch finish. Whilst the quality of the particle board desktop is not considered premium, it’s an impressively good starting point that lowers the overall price to one that is affordable for most parents and students.

The particle board desktop translates into a mediocre load capacity of 100kg. However, this is more than enough for the needs of all school kids, even with a dual monitor setup.

With its contemporary design where desktops come in white, black, oak, and walnut finishes, the Artiss standing desk is sure to fit in with most interior decor – a must for the design-minded individual.

The slightly higher pricepoint of the Artiss standing desk and its quality means that it is more suited for older kids in primary school, and definitely secondary or tertiary students. Whilst the corners are nicely rounded so arms and heads aren’t knocked, there are no child lock features to safeguard smaller and inquisitive children from playing with the buttons.

Read our full Artiss standing desk review for details.

Artiss Standing Desk Pros
  • Fantastic build quality for the price.
  • Choose from classic white, black, oak, and walnut surface finishings.
  • Up to 4 height presets.
  • A decent motor speed of 32mm/second.
Artiss Standing Desk Cons
  • Particle board is the only desktop material available.
  • The desk is only covered by a 1-year warranty.
Artiss Standing Desk Key Specifications
  • Name – Artiss Standing Desk
  • Maximum Height – 0.69 to 1.18m
  • Load Capacity – 100kg
  • Dimensions – 1.4m (w) x 0.8m (d)
  • Lift control – Electric control panel, dual motors
  • Price – $574 to $805
  • Colours – White, black, oak and walnut
  • Warranty – 1 year

2. Desky Dual Kids Sit-Stand Desk – Best electric sit-stand desk

Why We Picked It

The Desky Dual Kids desk has all the qualities of a premium sit-stand desk but also comes fitted with child safety features. The starting price of $665 is more expensive than the Artiss desk but you do get a desk that is BIFMA certified with a child-friendly design and materials. An anti-collision system, child locking mechanism, and a height range that suits primary and secondary school students are some of the specific benefits if you are willing to pay for it.

Desky Dual Kids Overview

Desky’s Dual Kids standing desk is a continuation of their Dual series of desks that are known for their exceedingly good performance and build quality. Designed with kids in mind, the Dual Kid’s desk caters for primary to university students with its large range of height adjustments between 54cm to 109cm. This means that the desk will be suitable for your child as they grow up and you won’t need to buy a replacement.

Desky also produces quality standing desks for adults. Check out our Desky Dual review.

One of the reasons why the Desky Dual Kids desk stands out is due to its safety features. As one of the better kid’s desks available, it’s often hard to find one that comes with a child lock mechanism and anti-collision system. Whilst anti-collision detection is usually standard on top-tier desks, they are often left out in kid’s desks. Child lock mechanisms are simply a rarity. These stop a child from activating the motors so as to mitigate against unwanted accidents.

desky dual kids standing desk reviews

Although the desk does not come with rounded edges or corners, the Duak Kids standing desk satisfies BIFMA requirements in terms of design and materials. For example, the legs are supported by wide footings to ensure the maximum level of stability is maintained.

Moreover, the load capacity of 140kg is superior to most other desks designed for children. This is a testament to its high build quality that will give parents peace of mind.

The level of future-proofing with the desk is high since the desk is orientated toward older kids who may be in secondary school or university. Having said that, the desk is also suitable for primary school kids and will be a good choice if you value quality at an economical price point. All of Desky’s accessories can be installed including monitor arms if that’s needed for their tasks and the cable management tray to accompany the various cables.

Desky Dual Kids Pros
  • Child lock and anti-collision detection mechanisms.
  • Outstanding build and material quality.
  • Can be upgraded with Desky’s range of accessories.
  • Compact size to fit small spaces.
Desky Dual Kids Cons
  • Only white and black desktops are available.
  • Slightly more expensive (but the quality is worth it).
Desky Dual Kids Key Specifications
  • Name – Desky Dual Kids Sit-Stand Desk
  • Height Range – 0.54m to 1.09m
  • Load Capacity (kg) – 140kg
  • Dimensions – 0.8m x 0.5m to 1.8m x 0.75m
  • Lift control – Electric dual motor
  • Price – $665
  • Colours – White, black
  • Warranty – 10 years

3. Aussie Active Desks – Ideal for classroom environments

Why We Picked It

Perfect for the classroom environment, these robust adjustable standing desks can be easily operated by students themselves and can be wholesale purchased at economical prices. The patented design is simple but highly functional to provide kids with the flexibility of changing between a sitting and standing position but sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of the classroom. The desktops of these manual sit-stand desks come are available in 24 colours but it’s the white sheen top that really stands out as it doubles as a whiteboard.

Aussie Active Desks Overview

Aussie Active Desks Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian-owned and operated small business that manufactures affordable manual standing desks for primary and secondary students. The company is operated by Gavin and Jocelyn, a mum and dad team who saw an opportunity to support Australian schools to provide classroom environments where students have access to the benefits of a standing desk.

Targeted to primary and secondary schools, Aussie Active offers a range of three adjustable children’s desks that are all manually operated. These comprise desks for juniors, seniors, and a larger version suited for two students. All standing desks from Aussie Active are easily adjusted using its patented Multi-Indexing Plunger so there is no need to have the desk positioned near a power point.

aussie active senior desk

Compared to expensive standing desks, these don’t have the aesthetic qualities but they are not intended to. Specifically designed for the classroom, they are manufactured locally using certified materials and no harsh chemicals or treatment processes.

To meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4610.1:2020 – Furniture – School and educational, Part 1: Tables – Strength, durability, and stability, desks are made in accordance with international building standards and tested. Due to the high level of craftsmanship put into each desk, Aussie Active has been granted AS/NZS/ISO 9002 accreditation and is now a recognised supplier for numerous government agencies.

Overall, Australian schools on a budget can seriously consider the products from Aussie Active Desks. They are a no-fuss standing desk that offers great value for money whilst providing primary, secondary and university students with the benefits that come from a sit-stand desk.

Read our full review on the Aussie Active desk.

Aussie Active Desks Pros
  • Innovative and simple design – fewer moving parts.
  • Whiteboard desktops are available.
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Removable tote trays that can be easily washed.
Aussie Active Desks Cons
  • Not suitable for computers besides laptops.
  • Will be outgrown by high-school students.
  • The under-desk drawers are not designed to hold a lot of weight.
Aussie Active Desks Key Specifications
  • Name – Aussie Active Desks
  • Maximum Height – 1.12 m
  • Lift control – Manual
  • Price – $297 – $429
  • Colours – 24 colours
  • Warranty – 7 years, 1 year for whiteboard desktops

4. LVYUAN Children’s Desk & Chair Set – Cheapest desk for 4 to 10 years olds

Why We Picked It

The LVYUAN Children’s Desk and Chair set will cater to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 10 years old who want colour in their room. Built with high-quality PVC panels and metal frames, this study or reading station also comes with features to enhance your child’s experience including an LED desk lamp, height adjustable table and chair, a drawer, book holder, and cup holder.

LVYUAN Desk & Chair Set Overview

The height-adjustable LVYUAN desk and chair set is a complete study station for younger children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. The features and its eye-catching design and colours will appeal to younger minds and is a fantastic introductory standing desk. However, keep in mind that they will grow out of it – not only in terms of its visual appeal but also its maximum desktop height of 76cm which is very limited.

lvyuan stand up desk

For its price point of $135.99, LVYUAN has done well to produce a cheap and modest standing desk. If your kids are picky or are not open to the idea of a standing desk, then the features that it comes with might make it easier for parents. The LED desk lamp, stationary tray, cup holder, and drawers make the set more attractive as a drawing, studying, or reading set.

Features include:

  • A small stationary box and cup holder.
  • A touch-enabled LED desk lamp with 3 light settings.
  • A book stand.
  • Adjustable footpads on the legs to ensure stability.
  • A pull-out drawer to store books, writing tools, papers, utensils, crayons, and more.
LVYUAN Desk & Chair Set Pros
  • Very affordable at $135.99.
  • More workspace area than most other kids’ desks.
  • Comes in pink, blue, or neutral grey.
  • Comes with worthwhile features such as an LED light and drawers.
LVYUAN Desk & Chair Set Cons
  • Not designed to last more than a few years.
  • Its stability with older kids is questionable.
LVYUAN Desk & Chair Set Key Specifications
  • Name – LVYUAN Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set
  • Height Range – 54cm – 76cm
  • Dimensions – 52cm (depth) x 72cm (width) x 60cm (height)
  • Lift control – Manual
  • Price – $135.99
  • Colours – Blue, pink, grey
  • Warranty – None

What To Look For In A Kid’s Standing Desk

Looking for a suitable sit-stand desk for your child will be different from choosing one for an adult worker. Apart from the obvious size difference and requirements, the environment in which the desk will be situated will also differ.

When you’re choosing a kid’s standing desk, consider the points below.


The materials that standing desks are made of significantly differ from desk to desk. Different materials mean different properties and the manufacturing process also influences how long a standing desk will last. A standing desk used by a child or student is probably going to take a bit more punishment so it’s important to choose one that will withstand more wear and tear.

For kids, look for a desktop that is scratch-resistant, lightweight, and not easily distortable. Materials that fit these criteria include melamine and bamboo. Melamine and bamboo offer reasonable load capacities, don’t tend to warp in a moist environment (although avoiding a moist or humid environment for any standing desk is crucial), and are finished with an anti-scratch coating.

Standing desks with an MDF tabletop will not last the test of time since they are known to warp and don’t offer the strength of higher-quality desktops. Although hardwoods look nice and highly durable, they are significantly more expensive and are not an essential feature for a child’s study or workspace.

Easy to clean

Kids will be kids and accidents will happen. Luckily, most desktops are easy to clean with a household cleaning solution and cloth as long as it’s identified quickly. Bamboo desktops are a popular choice for kids’ standing desks due to their smooth surface finishing which makes cleaning extremely easy.

Workspace size

Surprisingly, the amount of space your child has to work with is an often overlooked aspect when choosing a standing desk. Kids grow up fast and the amount of space required will increase over time. Smaller children up to 10 years old won’t need as much space as university students. Laptops, monitors, notebooks, writing tools, and any other items frequently used will quickly take up space. There should also be enough space for a keyboard and mouse.

The downside of choosing a smaller-sized standing desk will quickly be realised when your child has to complete different tasks and activities. Choosing a standard-sized desk (around 150cm long and 75cm wide) is a good starting point to maximise the level of future-proofing. As they progress through different grades and start taking on more complex projects, having a desk with sufficient space can accommodate their evolving needs.

Height adjustability

Kids grow quickly, and what is the right height for them today might not be suitable in a few months. Choose an adjustable desk that caters to a wide range of vertical desktop heights to ensure you can accommodate their changing needs without requiring frequent replacements.


When it comes to kids standing desks, you don’t want to spend too much. Of course, this depends on what quality of desk you prefer to buy since the durability of more expensive desks tends to be better. If you really want to future-proof your child’s working space then it makes sense to spend the extra couple hundred dollars or so and avoid cheap and gimmicky desks. For a quick guide on how much a standing desk will cost, read this article next.

Safety features

Particularly for small children, features to improve the safety of a standing desk are important. Safety features for kids are quite rare in the market since most desks are targeted toward adults.

  • Rounded corners and edges: Look for desks with rounded corners and edges to minimise the risk of accidental bumps and bruises. This is another advantage of the Artiss desk.
  • Sturdy construction: Standing desks are heavy so it’s important to get one that won’t fall over and can withstand the child’s movements. Steel frames are superior to heavy-duty plastic and will help prevent a standing desk from wobbling or toppling over.
  • Anti-tipping mechanisms: Although rare, some kids’ standing desks come with anti-tipping mechanisms that prevent the desk from tilting too far forward when the child leans on it. This adds an extra layer of safety, especially if the child tends to lean on the desk while working.
  • Castor wheels that can be locked: Castor wheels are not a standard feature for kids standing desks, however, if you want to add them as accessories then be sure to buy some that come with locking mechanisms. These prevent the desk from moving unintentionally while the desk is in use.
  • Collision detection mechanisms: Electric standing desks on the lower price scale don’t come with anti-collision mechanisms, but premium brands do. If the desktop encounters an obstruction while it is being lowered or raising its height, the mechanism stops the vertical movement to avoid crushing objects or fingers.
  • Child locks: Some adjustable desks come with child locks or controls that restrict access to the adjustment mechanisms. Child locks can be programmed on the digital controller and prevent children from accidentally changing the desk’s height without adult supervision.
  • A suitable weight capacity: Ensure that the desk’s weight capacity is suitable for the child’s equipment and supplies. Overloading the desk could compromise its stability and safety.

Cable management

Cable management is only a consideration if your child uses electronic devices such as a laptop, monitor screens, mobile phone chargers, or small lighting appliances. If this is not the case then purchasing cable management accessories is not needed.

If a laptop or computer is intended to be used then buying a cable management tray might be a worthwhile consideration since they help in organising loose cables and cords at a standing desk. Otherwise, double-sided tape, velcro straps and using a wireless keyboard and mouse can be worthy intermediate solutions.

Aesthetics and design

Choose a standing desk that appeals to your child’s personal preferences and fits well with the room’s decor. Some sit-stand desks come in various colours and designs to cater to different tastes and might even help with encouraging them to use them.

Accessories for future-proofing

If your child is nearing the transition from primary to secondary school then choosing a standing desk that can support computer screen arms might be worthwhile. Secondary students tend to partake in more advanced tasks and activities or are simply required to type up their work on a computer. Single or dual arms are fantastic to ensure the monitor screen height is correct from an ergonomic perspective and helps to provide a more functional work environment.

Picking The Right Size Standing Desk For Kids

in terms of vertical elevation, look for a standing desk that has a wide range of height adjustments to provide you with the best future-proofing possible. Most kids’ standing desks can be lowered to around 0.6m and raised to 1.25m. The lower height of 0.6m allows most children under 10 years old to effectively stand at the desk whilst maintaining proper ergonomic posture. The maximum height of 1.25m is common for adult standing desks.

Transitioning Kids To A Standing Desk

Transitioning your child from a standard fixed-height desk to a manual or electronically powered kids’ standing desk can be challenging. When you first set up the desk, it’s a good idea to make sure they understand how the desk works, what the potential dangers are, and the control panel where preset heights can be programmed.

Some common tips to transition to a standing desk include introducing a schedule of alternating sitting and standing positions where periods of standing are few and short at first. These can gradually be increased over time. Comfortable footwear or the use of an anti-fatigue mat will help immensely.

How Tall Should A Kid’s Standing Desk Be?

How tall your standing desk should be depends entirely on how tall your child is, noting that their height will quickly change as they get older. With this in mind, it’s important to get a desk that has a wide range of elevations.

The table below is a guide to what height the desk should be in a standing position, whilst ensuring that your child is adopting proper ergonomic posture, i.e. neutral spine with elbows at a right angle to the desktop.

What Age Should A Child Have A Standing Desk?

The age at which you could introduce a standing desk into your child’s work or play routine depends entirely on you, the parents. Most standing desk brands usually cater standing desks for children at the age of 5 up until they reach university. Early adoption and implementation of a sit-stand desk will help to foster sound ergonomic benefits and keep them engaged and mentally active for a bit longer compared to sitting down at a fixed-height desk.

Some people need the extra load required to work on a large display or multiple displays. Some people even use 4K TVs as monitors. In this case, the higher load capacity of a full-size standing desk is better suited than the low weight capacity of a sit stand converter which varies between 14 and 45kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you future-proof a kid’s standing desk?

As kids grow up, you want to make sure a standing desk gives them the flexibility they need. Choose one that is not too small, has child-safety features, can add accessories for later, and is around $700 for the best quality.

What is the best standing for a primary school student?

The Desky Dual Kids standing desk is the best electric study workstation you can buy. Built from high-quality materials and robust for stability, it comes with child-lock and anti-collision mechanisms, and a large elevation range between 54cm and 109cm.

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