Best Corner Standing Desks

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In this comparison of the top-standing desks for corner spaces, we reveal our findings and narrow down our list of the few that made the cut for features, quality, and value for money.

Our Top Corner Standing Desks

Here are the best L-shaped standing desks you can buy in Australia.

  1. UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk – Best overall corner standing desk
  2. MOOV Corner Desk – Best corner standing desk made from repurposed timber
  3. Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk – Best corner standing desk for gamers
  4. Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk – Best value for money

Corner Standing Desks: Reviewed & Compared

When it comes to height-adjustable standing desks for corners, there are a few options Australians can choose from. Here is how the best corner standing desks compare.

DeskHeight RangeLoad CapacityDesktopPriceOur Rating
UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk64cm – 129cm150kgMelamine, bamboo$1,694 – $1,9005.0/5.0
MOOV Corner Desk61cm – 125cm135kgTassie Oak, Blackwood$2,1994.5/5.0
Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk60cm – 125cm200kgMelamine$1,8994.4/5.0
Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk60cm – 125cm200kgMelamine$1,549 to $1,7494.2/5.0

Best Standing Desks For Corner Spaces: 2024 Reviews

1. UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk – Best overall corner standing desk

Why We Picked It

The UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk is a standout performer in terms of build quality, aesthetics, and comfort. They make some of the best standing desks in the market. You can choose from white or beech melamine, the eco-friendly standing desk bamboo option, and the suite of smart accessories to improve your productivity. However, one of the unique features is the desk’s ability to be changed from an L-shape configuration to a linear one, adding a level of versatility that is unmatched in the Australian market.

UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk Overview

The UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk is about as premium as you can get for a corner workstation. Available in the solitary dimensions of 195cm x 180cm x 75 cm, the L-shaped standing desk is manufactured with a steel frame and rectangular legs for durability and stability. Its heavy-duty construction, combined with the high-quality desktop gives you an impressive maximum weight capacity of 150kg.

The durability of the sit-stand corner desk is complemented by the anti-collision detection system and smooth motors that emit very minimal sound. Its vast vertical range of 64cm to 129cm can be explored using the digital controller that also enables you to conveniently save four height presets – an essential feature if you stay active at your standing desk.

Similar to the UpDown Pro Series regular desk we’ve tested, this corner stand has a modern and contemporary look that will be sure to seamlessly fit in any home or office environment. Although hardwoods are not offered, the melamine version comes in classic white or beech. The more sustainable bamboo is available but be prepared to pay a bit more for the strong, lightweight, and durable surface it provides.

updown l-shaped desk
Image by UpDown.

All of UpDown’s line of standing desk accessories can be fitted to its corner sit-stand desk to increase its functionality. If you plan on setting up two monitors then the UpDown dual monitor arms will suit you well, given that they also house HDMI and power cables and can be easily fitted to the desktop. A cable management tray can be screwed to the underside, and power grommets and rails, metal desk drawers, and heavy-duty wheel castors are all examples of the items you can attach.

One of the more innovative features comes from its two-piece desktop and adjustable frame. The frame can be adjusted anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees which means you can turn it from an L-shape and into a linear configuration.

The UpDown Pro Series is one of the best standing corner desks money can buy. The Australian-owned and operated is known for the quality of its desks and its L-shaped version is no exception. If you are looking for a premium, reliable, and smooth desk for a corner in your home or office then the UpDown Pro should be considered.

UpDown Pro Series Corner Desk Pros
  • Free delivery, 100-day risk-free trial, and favourable return policy.
  • Quiet dual motors that can lift up to 150kg.
  • Digital controller with 4 memory height presets.
  • Desktop thickness of 2.5cm which is more than its competitors.
UpDown Pro Series Corner Desk Cons
  • Costs more than some of its competitors.
  • Hardwood desktops aren’t available.
  • No child-lock system.
UpDown Pro Series Corner Desk Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Melamine (white, beech), bamboo
  • Height Range – 64cm – 129cm
  • Load Capacity – 150kg
  • Lift control – Electric triple motor system
  • Price – $1,694 – $1,900
  • Warranty – 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the desktop

2. MOOV Corner Desk – Best corner standing desk made from repurposed timber

Why We Picked It

Locally handcrafted from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood, the MOOV corner desk is unmatched in its quality. This means that each desk is unique in its appearance and will appeal to people who prefer the natural look of premium wood grains. The MOOV corner desk comes with all the modern features that you would expect including seamless and quiet triple motors, child locks, anti-collision detection, and a 4 button controller.

MOOV Corner Desk Overview

If you have the money to spend and appreciate the gorgeous look and feel of Tasmanian Oak or Blackwood, then the MOOV corner desk is for you. Made in Melbourne using repurposed timber, the MOOV is visually stunning with its individuality and smoothness where each desktop is made to order.

moov corner desk
Image by We Are Minimal.

The dimensions of the MOOV aren’t that of a typical L-shaped standing desk. Only available in one size (1.60m x 0.65m with a corner return of 0.45m x 0.95m), the MOOV is longer than its competitors and has less width meaning that you don’t need to stretch as far to reach the rear of the desk.

The corner return is also smaller than most others but this gives it a unique charm that you don’t see in other L-shaped desks. As such, the MOOV corner desk doesn’t necessarily need to be placed in a corner of a room and instead could be centrally positioned as a statement piece.

moov corner standing desk
Image by We Are Minimal.

Although the MOOV is all about the locally made desktop made from ethically sourced sustainable plantations, the standing desk is packed with all the features you would expect from a premium product. A 4 preset digital controller, USB charging port, child lock, and anti-collision technology come standard. The load capacity of 135kg is reasonable but not the highest.

If your available working space can’t accommodate its dimensions then you can also request for a custom desktop to be made.

MOOV Corner Desk Pros
  • Outstanding Tassie Oak and Blackwood desktops produced from sustainably sourced plantations.
  • Custom desktops can be made to your request.
  • Milled and sanded in Melbourne.
MOOV Corner Desk Cons
  • Up to $350 for delivery (depending on location).
Aussie Active Desks Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Handcrafted Tasmanian oak and blackwood
  • Height Range – 61cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 135kg
  • Lift control – Electric dual motor
  • Price – $2,199
  • Warranty – 10 years on the frame, 5 years on electronics

3. Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk – Best corner standing desk for gamers

Why We Picked It

With the accessories that can be added, the Desky Sigma L-shaped desk is a serious gaming standing desk. Able to hold weight up to 200kg, you can confidently stack your setup with multiple monitors, custom gaming PCs, and any other hardware. The scratch-resistant black melamine desktop presents well and the setup is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk Overview

The Desky Sigma L-shape desk is the pinnacle platform for gamers due to its sleekness, reliability, and ability to hold incredible weight – up to 200kg. The strength of the setup allows you to create almost any gaming configuration you want, whether it be multiple widescreen monitors, custom gaming PCs, speakers, soundbars, and light bars.

An added bonus is that a cable management tray is included in the price and the electronics have overload protection – a must for any gamer using expensive equipment and hardware. Despite the potential weight that it can lift, the Sigma utilises the same motor technology that comes standard with all of Desky’s range.

The anti-collision system will prove to be more than useful, especially if you store your PC or other items on the floor. And at 36mm/second, its motors will quietly and seamlessly transition you from a seated to a standing position in no time at all – perfect for all the gaming streamers out there.

desky sigma standing desk for gamers
Image by Desky.

The other advantage of choosing Desky lies in its accessories that can be fitted to the desk, including the linear version, the Desky Dual (read our review). For example, they have one of the better cable management systems going around so you can hide all the unsightly HDMI and power cords from your electronic devices. There are also multiple ways to power your setup through the installation of external power rails, flush-mounted grommets (with USB charging ports), or fitted to the cable management bar. Monitor arms, headphone hangers, stands, anti-fatigue mats, and gaming chairs can all be purchased as well.

Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk Pros
  • Impressive load capacity of 200kg to cater to large computer setups.
  • A matte black melamine desktop that will fit most RBG lighting ideas.
  • Wide feet and rectangular legs for added stability.
Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk Cons
  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • Not available in white or beech.
Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Black melamine
  • Height Range – 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 200kg
  • Lift control – triple electric motor
  • Price – $1,899
  • Warranty – 10 years

4. Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk – Best value for money

Why We Picked It

The Zen Executive sit-stand desk provides everything you could ask for for its reasonable price tag. Comes in a variety of materials and size options, the corner stand appeals due to its affordable pricing, robust construction, outstanding guarantee, and flexible financing options.

Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk Overview

Like all Zen Space standing desks, the Executive is a firm contender as a reliable and sturdy corner setup. Its stylish looks will ensure it can integrate into any home or office environment. Its melamine desktop is available in five surfaces including the traditional white and back, but also beech, teak, and birch which are relatively unique amongst corner desks.

Unlike some of its competitors, the Executive comes in three sizes with lengths ranging between 1.6m to 2.0m. The powder-coated steel frame in white or black are nothing to get excited about but they do have the strength to hold up to 200kg.

zen executive corner desk
Image by Zen Space.

With a triple-motor system, this executive desk elevates the concept of quiet power, moving your desktop at a quick 36 mm/s and 40dB noise level. You may choose and save four different height settings using its intelligent control panel, allowing you the freedom to sit or stand as needed.

The Zen Executive is simple to clean and resistant to scratches and stains. And it’s not shorthanded in the features department either. With child-lock and anti-collision features included in the design, safety is put first and foremost.

Overall, Zen Executive offers all the features that you would expect from a premium brand but at a reasonable price. Having said that, there is nothing that makes the corner-standing desk catapult it ahead of its competitors. Instead, you get a highly reliable and functional setup that will last a long time, and for a fair price.

Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk Pros
  • 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • More desktop surfaces to choose from compared to other L-shaped desks.
  • Excellent payment and financing options.
Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk Cons
  • A flat shipping cost of $79.95.
Zen Space Height Adjustable Corner Desk Key Specifications
  • Desktop – Melamine (black, white, teak, beech, burnished wood)
  • Height Range – 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 200kg
  • Lift control – Electric triple motors
  • Price – $1,549 to $1,749
  • Warranty – 10 years

The Differences Between A Corner and L-shaped Desk

Corner desks are becoming less and less common, mostly due to the advantages that L-shaped desks bring. But before you buy, here are the differences between corner and L-shaped desks.

CategoryCorner DesksL-shaped Desks
ShapeTypically designed to fit into a corner of a room, corner desks have triangular or pentagonal shapes that make efficient use of space.L-shaped desks consist of two perpendicular segments that form an “L” shape.
Space UtilisationCorner desks utilise corners and make the most of the available room without wasting valuable space.L-shaped desks are versatile and can be placed in corners or stand alone in the centre of a room.
Work SurfaceCorner desks typically have a limited work surface, but they are efficient for tasks that don’t require a lot of space or equipment.L-shaped desks provide a larger work surface, making them better suited for tasks that require more room.
Configuration OptionsPrimarily designed to fit into a corner, their shape limits flexibility in terms of placement.You can place L-shape desks in a corner or use them as a divider in open floor plans to suit your room’s layout.
StorageCorner desks may have limited built-in storage options or none at all. Additional storage may need to be added separately.L-shaped desks often come with more built-in storage options, including drawers, shelves, and cabinets.
Room SizeCorner desks are well-suited for smaller rooms or offices with limited space since they utilise corners.L-shaped desks are better for larger rooms or workspaces where you have more room to spread out and need a larger work surface.

What To Look For In A Corner Standing Desk

It’s crucial to take into account a few essential elements when looking for a corner standing desk to make sure it suits your needs and available space.

Desk size and shape

First and foremost, look for a desk that fits the corner space but ensure there is enough surface area to accommodate your work tasks and equipment. A traditional corner desk, typically triangular in shape, can be used as well as a L-shaped desk. L-shaped desks offer more desk area to work but take up more floor space.

Make sure the desk can hold your computer, monitors, and other equipment without compromising stability by evaluating its weight capacity as well. Standing desks with a 150kg load capacity will be more than suitable for any work task or computer arrangements.

Adjustable height and presets

Adjustable height is an essential component of any standing desk. Choose a standing desk that can be programmed with different preset height settings to suit your sitting and standing positions. More height settings can be used if you use different pieces of seating furniture (e.g. combination of an ergonomic chair and stool) or for other users. The other consideration is to ensure the vertical range is suitable for your height, particularly if you are tall or short.


Desk stability is a lesser concern with corner standing setups since additional legs and frames are incorporated into the build. However, this may be an issue with cheaper brands. To avoid swaying or shaking while working at a standing height, look for a desk with a steel frame and rectangular-shaped legs over circular ones. The quality of the building materials is also important. For solutions that will last a long time and be durable, think about solid wood, steel, or high-quality engineered wood.

Cable management options

Although frequently disregarded, cable management is crucial for maintaining an organised and clutter-free workspace. You should assess the desk’s capacity to effectively manage cables or allow the installation of accessories to improve it. Consider whether additional features such as built-in USB connections, movable keyboard trays and monitor arms (where cables are routed inside the arm) that some corner standing desks include will improve your workflow.

Cost and budget

Corner and L-shaped standing desks can be more expensive compared to their rectangular counterparts. Choose a price range that is within your budget, but keep in mind that features and quality can change depending on price. Reading user testimonials and reviews can give you useful information about a desk’s functionality, dependability, and user contentment.

The Benefits Corner Standing Desks

As opposed to standard linear or rectangular-shaped standing desks, there are several advantages that corner workstations bring.

  • They are space efficient: Due to their L-shaped design, a corner standing desk can fit snugly in a corner which frees up floor space.
  • They have more desktop space: One of their more desired traits, L-shaped standing desks in particular give you more space for multiple monitor setups, laptops, printers, or dedicated areas for manual tasks such as writing. Essentially, they allow you to compartmentalise your workspace.
  • Increased storage: Not only is there more space on top of the desk for electronic devices, papers, and other items used during the day but there is also ample space beneath the desk frame. If you have a small filing cabinet, a set of drawers, a foot support device, or even a dog bed, then an L-shaped desk can provide for this.

Picking The Right Size Corner Standing Desk

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting the proper size corner standing desk. Here are some pointers to assist you in making the best decision.

  1. Measure the area: Measure the area where you intend to place the corner standing desk before you start looking. This will enable you to estimate the largest desk that will fit in your room. Consider any additional space you need for the chair and additional items such as a cabinet.
  2. Think about your needs at work: What type of work will you be doing? You could require a larger desk if you require a lot of room for numerous monitors or other equipment. On the other hand, a smaller desk can be adequate if you only require a laptop and a few documents.
  3. Look for adjustability: A corner standing desk that is flexible and can be raised to a height that is ergonomically ideal for you is important. Most standing desks will rise to approximately 125cm to 129cm which is suitable for most tall people. A standing desk with the ability to save height presets is more convenient than one that doesn’t.
  4. Think about the shape: Standing desks with corners might be L-shaped or curved, for example. L-shaped desks have more space but it depends on the floor space available in your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a corner desk a good idea?

Desks that can fit into a corner are highly efficient at taking up space. Whether it be L-shaped or triangular in shape, they are good for rooms where space is limited. Their design and ability to snugly fit into a corner will leave more space in the room for other pieces of furniture.

Why is a corner desk the best?

Being able to save space is one of the best things about picking a corner desk, whether you’re sitting or standing at it. Due to its ability to fit neatly in a corner, corner desks get their name. Many offices have empty, stark corners that serve no purpose and this is where corner desks shine.

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