11 Best Standing Desks In Australia

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Some of the perks of owning a standing desk include the capacity to improve posture and increase productivity. You can work more and even see productivity improvements while reducing the strain on your back from long hours of sitting. However, it can be a challenge to buy a standing desk that fits your requirements. Most sit-stand desks can’t be tested in person in stores or showrooms. To help, we have compiled this comparison list based on my personal testing of more than 20 products to find a clear winner for the category of the best standing desk in Australia.

Top Picks For Standing Desks In Australia

  1. UpDown Pro Desk – Best overall standing desk in Australia
  2. Desky Dual Standing Desk – Best cable management system
  3. Artiss Desk  – Best standing desk for kids and low budgets
  4. Secretlab Magnus Pro – Best standing desk for gamers
  5. Northday Everdesk – Best small to medium-sized standing desk
  6. Movi Pro – Best stand desk converter in Australia
  7. Vari Desk – Best standing desk for tall people
  8. Standesk Pro Memory Desk Converter – Best standing desk with a monitor arm
  9. JasonL Just Right Standing Desk – Best for value for money
  10. XDesk Encore Desk – Best sustainably-friendly standing desk
  11. Omnidesk Pro – Best for its range of accessories

Standing Desks In Australia Reviewed

The following stand-up desks rank highest when it comes to ergonomics, materials, design, and pricing. All are ideal for either home or office work.

1. UpDown Pro Desk – Best overall stand-up desk In Australia

Why We Picked It

The Australian-owned UpDown PRO Series desk exhibits the highest construction quality. With a desk frame weight of 41kg, the desk is the best 2-legged standing desk for robustness and stability. The feature-packed desk is backed by a 10-year warranty and can be delivered free of charge before you trial it for the first 100 days. With a wide range of premium and unique desktops (natural bamboo, Victorian Ash, and even recycled materials) and customisation options, the UpDown PRO Series desk is undoubtedly our top pick for a standing desk in Australia.

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UpDown Desk Pros and Cons


  • 100-day trial with free returns.
  • Best-in-class for stability and robustness.
  • Wide range of desktop hardwoods that are locally sourced and include unique materials such as Victorian Ash and recycled materials.
  • Simple assembly and an abundance of customisation options to suit home workers and gamers.
  • 10-year warranty on the desk frame and 5 years on the desktop.


  • Only available online, UpDown Pro desks cannot be tested or viewed beforehand.
  • Name – UpDown Pro
  • Height Range – 61.5cm to 127cm
  • Load Capacity – 150kg
  • Dimensions – Lengths of 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, depth 75cm
  • Price Range – $1,029 to $2,099
  • Desktop – Melamine (white, black), bamboo, hardwoods (Acacia, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Victorian Ash)
  • Warranty – 10 years (frame and electronics), 5 years (desktop)

UpDown Pro Overview

The UpDown Pro Desk is our pick for the best standing desk in the Australian market. It is unmatched when it comes to customisation, durability, and affordability making this desk ideal for all users. With 18 desktops to choose from, the UpDown Pro desk has it all and can be matched with almost any type of office furniture. This desk comes with a full 10-year warranty on the electronics and the frame and a 5-year warranty on the desktop. If you’re wondering if standing desks are worth it, the UpDown Pro Series will not disappoint.

updown desk recycled messmate
The recycled messmate desktop works extremely well with the black frame and legs (image by UpDown).

A wide selection of wood desktops puts the UpDown Pro in front of its competition. Light and dark stains are available to match all preferences and office furniture styles. You might find the bamboo and the Victorian ash desktops to be elegant, with the latter being a unique and locally sourced wood option that is only offered by UpDown. Some users prefer the durability and the look of real hardwood desktops, which bring the classic desk-working spirit back. If you prefer a minimalistic standing desk then look towards the white and black plain options. Sustainability fans can also find their ideal stand-up desk with this series. There’s a recycled wood desktop selection to choose from as well.

The UpDown Pro series desks are undoubtedly the best choice for those looking to buy a sophisticated and well-designed electric standing desk. If you’re worried about installation, the UpDown Pro Desk in your home is straightforward to assemble and all you need is a screwdriver and electric drill for hardwood desktops. I have assembled a few standing desks and the UpDown Pro took about 35 minutes. If this is your first one, then allow for about an hour.

A heavy-duty but classy feel is characteristic of this desk. The desk’s sturdy frame, which weighs a substantial 41kg and is heavier than most others, is what gives it its unmatched stability. The desk feels rock-solid even at its 127cm highest point, and you can lean against it with confidence while working. If you anticipate the need to move yours around then you can install the accompanying caster wheels to make life easier.

updown jarrah standing desk
The natural beauty of the PRO Series desktop is simply exquisite (image by UpDown).

Standing desks in the Pro Series come with a high-quality control panel that can be used to raise and lower the height of the desk. Pressing and holding the buttons will adjust the height to the correct position for you. The display screen shows the current height of the desk which is helpful, particularly as there are 4 memory functions available. One of the best features that we found of the UpDown Pro Desk is the ‘anti-collision’ safety mechanism. Any resistance against the desk will automatically stop the up/down movement. For those worried about energy consumption, the display will turn off after 30 seconds.

A sturdy frame design is something not many desk manufacturers can achieve. The UpDown Desk remains stable when elevated at its highest point, even if you lean against it. This is all due to the 41kg frame and legs that makes the desk the best in its class.

Apart from the quality of the Pro Series standing desks, UpDown is an Australian-owned company that places an emphasis on the customer experience. You can take it from me that UpDown offers excellent customer service and advantageous terms that inspire confidence and peace of mind. Spending money on a high-quality stand will be much simpler if it comes with a 100-day trial, free delivery, and an industry-leading 10-year warranty on the frame and electrical components (5 years on the desktop).


Depending on the dimensions you choose, the UpDown Pro will set you back between $1,029 – $2,099 for the desk alone. Considering that other premium electric standing desks start at around $900, the Pro is well worth the money if you want the best that will last the test of time.

2. Desky Dual Standing Desk – Best cable management system

Why We Picked It

The Desky Dual Standing Desk may be what you’re looking for if you require a sit-stand desk with enough room and functionality to fit multiple pieces of computer hardware, two or three monitors, and other electronic devices. Our Editor’s first choice of stand-up desk, the Desky Dual stands out due to its abundant power options and industry-leading cable management technology. As a premium sit-stand desk, it can be chosen with a sustainably-sourced bamboo and triple-layered desktop ensuring strength and just as strong as an alternative to other standing desks within the same price range.

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Desky Dual Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding cable management system and enough engineered room for up to 10 powerpoints.
  • 10 desktop finishes to choose from.
  • Ample customisation options for work desks with multiple monitors.
  • Same-day dispatch before 12 pm.


  • Only elevates to 125cm.
  • Although there is an abundance of colour choices, melamine is the only desktop material available.
  • Name – Desky Dual
  • Height Range – 60cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 140kg
  • Dimensions – 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm (l) x 75cm (d)
  • Price Range – $875 to $1,599
  • Desktop – Melamine (10 finishes), bamboo, rubberwood, softwood, hardwood, resin
  • Warranty – 10 years

Desky Dual Overview

Desky is an Australian-owned and operated company based in Darra, Queensland. The Dual standing desk is their flagship product and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with its quality and customisation options. Desky has offices in the major urban centres so you can see and test the Dual for yourself before placing an order.

Sustainability is key when it comes to this standing desk. Fairly-sourced bamboo is used by Desky in an engineered desktop of 3 layers. A lower impact on the environment is appreciated by more Australians today.

A bamboo desktop with 6 finishes makes this sit-stand desk a top choice when it comes to overall customization. Users can choose between natural bamboo looks or even a black finish. Pairing one of these desktops with the frame which also comes in 3 colours (grey, black, and white) makes for significant customization for your workspace.

desky duel standing desk
Desky’s Dual standing desks come in a wide variety of desktop finishes to suit your workspace decor (image by Desky).

Its impressive 140kg load capacity makes this sit-stand desk an ideal setups with more than one computer monitor, and other pieces of bulky hardware such as PCs, speakers, and laptops. Closely matching the load capacity of the UpDown Pro desk, Desky manages to offer almost the same load capacity without the higher cost of natural wood desktops.

However, the key advantage of Desky’s Dual series of desks is its industry-leading cable management system and abundance of power options. Perfect if you prefer a minimalist setup where cables and power points are unseen, Desky’s slim cable management design allows you to declutter your work area. When you select your desk, you can choose from having support for 4, 8, or 10 powerpoints that are positioned beneath the desktop. The customization options continue in the size department. There are three sizes to choose from with desktops that measure anywhere between 1.2 and 1.8m, making the setup ideal for any office environment.

desky duel standing desk cable management
The cable management and power point system on Desky’s Dual standing desks (image by Desky).

The four memory presets that back the electronic adjustments of the sit-stand desk are ideal for up to 2 users. Suitable for both a home office and for actual desk space, these saved height adjustments save you time trying to get the ideal standing desk height. If you’re not sure what ergonomic height is best for you, we have developed a standing desk height calculator that you can use to get the best set up for your desk.


Priced from $875 to $1,599, the Desky Dual series of standing workstations are within the same price range as other premium brands and slightly cheaper than UpDown. Overall, the Dual is fairly priced for what you get.

3. Artiss Standing Desk – Best standing desk for kids and low budgets

Why We Picked It

Artiss makes one of the best standing desks for kids and low budgets due to their simplicity and value for money. Their compact size makes them ideal for small spaces such as kids’ rooms. 15 desktop finishes offer you the chance to easily match the desk with the furniture in your home office. Electric sit-stand desks offered by Artiss range between $573 to $804 making them an affordable option for Australian parents and for those who are in the market for a cheap standing desk.

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Artiss Pros and Cons


  • Simple, elegant and lightweight design that enables the assembly to be completed in 20 minutes.
  • With a maximum length of 1.4m, it’s compact for small kids’ rooms.
  • Its lower price point and above-average quality spells value for money.


  • The desk is only covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Name – Artiss Standing Desk
  • Height Range – 69cm to 118cm
  • Load Capacity – 100kg
  • Dimensions – 1.4m (w) x 0.8m (d)
  • Price Range – $570 to $800
  • Desktop – Particle board (white, black, oak, walnut)
  • Warranty – 1 year

Artiss Standing Desk Overview

The value for money of the Artiss standing desk is what sets it apart and accounts for its popularity. Its excellent build quality is mostly due to its twin motors, powder-coated steel frame, wide feet for increased support, 3-button digital controller, and selection of modern particle board desktops.

The particle board desktop is a fantastic starting point that reduces the cost even though its quality is not thought to be of the highest calibre. The Artiss sit-stand desk is fairly affordable at its beginning price of $573, making it a great entry-level workstation for students and Australians who want to keep to a tight budget.

The disadvantages of a cheap standing desk do exist, though. To start, the only material available for desktops is particle board, which isn’t the ideal for long-term endurance. This is underscored by the comparatively modest load capacity, which, depending on the model you choose, range between 70kg and 100kg. Additionally, your desk does not come with a cable management tray, so you will need to purchase one separately and install it yourself.

artiss standing desk for kids
Simple and minimal, Artiss provide affordable standing desks for Australians on a budget (image by Artiss).

Depending on your budget, you can choose between two models where each has their own dimensions, features, and price point. The Roskos I and Roskos III are two different kinds of standing workstations made by Artiss, with the latter costing more because it has additional functions.

The smallest size Roskos I will cost $574 but for an extra $40, you might as well upgrade to the larger 140cm (l) x 70cm (d) version. The Roskos III desks are noticeably more expensive but you do get more features and capabilities such as a higher load capacity of 100kg and digital controllers that can be programmed to store up to 3 height presets rather than just having the ability to go up and down. There is also a reminder function to help you stick to your sitting and standing schedule.

artiss sit stand desk
Modern and contemporary designs to fit any home environment (image by Artiss).

Although all Artiss tabletops are composed of premium particleboard, they aren’t the best quality surface you can invest in but are fair for the price. Available in popular contemporary colours including the evergreen white and black, and oak and walnut, Artiss desktops are finished with an anti-scratch coating to increase their durability. If you have small children around then the rounded corners offer some reprieve. Artiss don’t offer the premium or even unique desktop material choices offered by UpDown but the focus is simplicity and what you pay is what you get.

Users will find that a 20-minute assembly is achievable on the Artiss stand-up desk, and without any help. The quick installation makes this stand-up desk an ideal solution for just about any home user. The reduced size and weight of the desk are some of the reasons the Artiss desk is quicker to assemble than other elevating desks in Australia.


The Artiss standing desk is one of the more economical options in Australia. The electric desks start from $570 and can go up to $800 depending on the final selection. If you’re looking for a budget standing desk, then Artiss is a good option to consider.

4. Secretlab Magnus Pro – Best standing desk for gamers

Why We Picked It

One of the greatest standing desks in Australia for professional makers, artists, and gamers is the Secretlab Magnus Pro. The premium gaming station features a special magnetic ecology that lets you keep cords hidden and your electronic devices close at hand. The ultra-sleek and modern station.

Secretlab Magnus Pro Pros and Cons


  • Stylish, sleek and futuristic design with a recessed control panel.
  • A strong steel frame and a respectable weight capacity.
  • Fully customisable desktop and a single-cable power solution.
  • A professional gaming station is complete with desk accessories and LED lights.


  • Expensive standing desk for non-gamers.
  • Due to its weight, assembly will require two people.
  • Add-ons are expensive.
  • Name – Secretlab Magnus Pro
  • Height Range – 65cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 120kg
  • Dimensions – 150cm x 70cm, 177cm x 80cm
  • Price Range – $1,059 to $1,229
  • Desktop – Signature black and grey
  • Warranty – 5 years

Secretlab Magnus Pro Overview

The Magnus Pro includes all the necessary features for a sit-stand desk, including a respectable load capacity of 120 kg, an impressive desk height range of 65 cm to 125 cm, and 3 configurable height presets.

Secretlab has taken further measures to ensure that the Magnus Pro is the must-have sit-stand desk for gamers. The first fully integrated power supply column in the world is found in this device which enables you to have your cables contained within the leg and guided upward to your power board.

The full-length cable management tray offers improved accessibility because it opens upwards at the back of the desk as opposed to being affixed to the underside of the desktop like it would be on other standing desks. The Secretlab Magnus Pro has a RGB diffused lighting strip housed in the management tray, which can significantly improve your gaming setup.

secretlab magnus pro desk

The integrated digital control panel is an additional function. The control panel on the Magnus Pro desk is totally integrated and recessed into the desk edge, so you can move about the gaming station with your office chair without worrying about running into it.

In my opinion, the Magnus Pro from Secretlab is the pinnacle of gaming rigs. The Pro is all about the effective utilisation of desk space in gaming scenarios where significant gear and several electronic devices are in use all the time, aside from its sleek and contemporary appearance.


It does cost a little bit more, with a starting price of $1,059 for the basic measurements of 150 cm by 70 cm, but the features and customisation make it well worth it. You will have to pay $1,229 for the Pro XL in the larger size. Simply told, despite its greater price, the Magnus Pro Series is one of the best standing workstations in Australia for creators, social media influencers, and especially gamers.

5. Northday Everdesk – Best small to medium-sized standing desk

Why We Picked It

Northday’s Everdesk is a highly innovative and smart desk considering its size and price. While it does not come in lengths longer than 160cm, the Everdesk is one of the most customisable standing desks in Australia thanks to its creative features, which include a great wood veneer-based finish that is coated with a surface polish and has a genuine wood feel.

Northday Everdesk Pros and Cons


  • Elegant dial-style controller with sit-stand alarm and height range limit adjustments.
  • The unique UniGroove cable management system to coordinate phone and data connections.
  • Assembly is facilitated by pre-drilled holes and the provided Allen key.
  • A height range of 60cm to 124cm is good for most people.
  • A 21-day return period with complete cost reimbursement.


  • A limited number of wood veneer-based finishing options are available.
  • The veneer finish is more expensive and more sensitive than melamine, but it has a genuine wood feel and a surface sheen.
  • There are no all-wood desktop alternatives available.
  • Name – Northday Everdesk
  • Load Capacity – 120kg
  • Height Range – 65cm to 124cm
  • Dimensions – 120cm (l) x 60cm (w), 140cm (l) x 60cm (w), 160cm (l) x 70cm (w)
  • Price Range – $859 to $1,100
  • Desktop – High compression fibre core (Lily White, Raw Ashen Oak, Aged Darkened Walnut)
  • Warranty – 10 years

Northday Everdesk Overview

The Everdesk is highly adjustable and offers a number of stylish desk accessories that will accommodate different workstation configurations, which is a major bonus for the creative mind. One of the smaller stand-up desks, the EverDesk is ideal for modest home offices. However, the smaller EverDesk alternatives are narrower than most other stand-up desks, which reduces the amount of effective desktop space, especially if you want to have two or more monitors.

The UniGroove cable organiser is a remarkable piece of innovation that is not offered by other brands. This is effectively an above desktop cable management solution because it offers neat connectivity for your smaller electronic gadgets such as your mobile phone and camera. The digital controller, marketed as the Health Coach Controller, takes a unique circular form and can be used to store three height presets. Although it doesn’t have a fourth preset, the functionality offered by the in-built sit-stand alarm makes up for it.

northday standing everdesk
A compact but highly functional space (image by Northday).

The accessories that can be matched with them, in my opinion, are a large reason behind the high customisation options. The peg board and other storage fixtures you can attach to it are the highlight of Northday’s accessory selection. Using this along with the laptop stand, monitor arm, and modular storage units, you can quickly alter the configuration of your Everdesk to fit your needs.

One benefit of the Everdesk is its ease of installation. All the holes will already be drilled, so all you have to do is put it together in 30 minutes and the provided Allen key. Equipment like a drill and screwdriver are not required.

Northday offers a 21-day risk-free trial period but its not as generous as the 100 days that comes with a purchase from UpDown. The Lily White, Raw Ashen Oak, and Aged Darkened Walnut desktop options are fairly limited choices, but the Everdesk screams value for money and will be a top choice if your budget is around $900. Additionally, a wide selection of chic desk accessories are available, making it perfect for modest home offices.


For the smaller standing desk (120cm x 60cm), the Everdesk starts at $859 but the larger desktop adds another $120 to the price. This makes it one of the more affordable standing desks in Australia with top-notch finishes and steadfast stability.

6. Movi Pro – Best standing desk converter in Australia

Why We Picked It

Designed in Melbourne, Movi Desk Pro is one of the best standing desk converters in the market. It turns any desk or table into a stand-up desk. It elevates to a healthy 44cm allowing you a high level of flexibility in the workplace.

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Movi Desk Pros and Cons


  • A spacious and flat 115cm x 70cm desktop that maximises your workspace.
  • Easily moved from one desk to another.
  • In-built USB charging ports and a timer to remind you when to switch between sitting and standing.
  • 24 height settings that are controlled using the digital panel.


  • A lack of desktop material choices and colours.
  • Name – Movi Desk Pro
  • Height Range – 0 to 44cm from desktop
  • Load Capacity – 15kg
  • Dimensions – 1.10m (w) x 0.7m (d)
  • Price Range – $599
  • Desktop – 3 colours (natural bamboo, black, and white)
  • Warranty – 2 years

Movi Pro Overview

Australian designs came a long way when it comes to ergonomic office furniture. Suitable on any normal desk, the Movi Pro desk converter can be used both at home and at the office. It’s a practical choice around the office where the converter desk can be easily moved from one desk to another.

One of the key selling points is its spacious desktop. With generous dimensions of 115cm x 70cm, the Movi Pro desk converter is the largest in its class. This size supports laptops, monitors, and accessories such as a keyboard and a mouse. A single monitor setup is ideal for the converter standing desk.

movi pro desk converter
Image by Movi.

There are 24 height settings (in 1cm increments) that are controlled through touch gestures. The motorized elevation of the adjustable desks makes for a great user experience. Of course, you can also save your preferred height so that the Movi standing desk converter defaults to your desired elevation with a touch of a button.

A sit-stand reminder is also one of the rare features the Movi standing desk converter is known for. The timer reminds you to sit or stand as it’s the alternation of this working position that’s superior to either sitting or a day or to standing all day.

movi pro bamboo desktop
Well-designed digital controls on the MOVI (image by MOVI).

Another plus not even larger converters have are the built-in USB chargers. The Movi ergonomic converter desk allows you to charge your smartphone which saves you the hassle of having to run around with a smartphone around the office looking for an ideal charging location.

Due to its compact design, the Movi standing converter desk is somewhat limited in weight capacity. It can only lift 15kg, which means you can’t load it with heavy items. Still, it handles monitors, laptops, and typical accessories which makes for a great converter standing desk.


If you have a small budget and looking for reliable sit-stand desk converter, the Movi Desk is a good choice that starts from $599. The price can creep up higher when accessories are included.

7. Vari Desk – Best standing desk option for tall people

Why We Picked It

Made with a stable T-shaped frame Vari’s electric standing desk elevates to a maximum of 128cm height. This makes it ideal for tall people or those that use standing mats or treadmills and need the higher desktop elevation.

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Vari Desk Pros and Cons


  • Elevating to 128cm, the Vari standing desk is one of the taller options that cater to people who need the extra height.
  • A thick (3.2cm) and durable desktop with chamfered edges.
  • Excellent cable management system.
  • Outstanding stability due to its robust frame.


  • A little expensive compared to other standing desks.
  • A bit heavy to move with its 50kg weight.
  • Name – Vari Desk
  • Height Range –  63.5cm to 128cm
  • Load Capacity – 99.8kg
  • Dimensions – 1.20m (w) x 0.76m (d)
  • Price Range – $1,050
  • Desktop – 4 finishes including white, black and two wood-like coatings.
  • Warranty – 5 years

Vari Standing Desk Overview

Vari is one of the standing desk manufacturers with the longest manufacturing history in the space of stand-up desks. Over the years, the brand has developed more standing desk accessories compared to its competitors. This is why users can choose between top desks organization accessories such as practical cable trays or even headphone storage hooks to keep the desk and work area tidy.

Impressive height range adjustments are among the first pros of the Vari Desk according to most users. While most users don’t need that extra elevation, there are people who like to use under-desk treadmills while working which need the extra centimetres of elevation.

Tall people are also among those excited about the Vari Desk. There’s plenty of room for extra elevation and no significant wobble takes away from the experience since the desktop sits on a T-shaped metal frame.

vari standing desk for tall people
Elevating to 128cm, the Vari standing desk caters to people who need extra height (image by Vari).

Class-leading space with 74.5cm desktop depth also supports the idea of comfortable typing for tall users at the desk. Long hands need that extra depth. Even shorter or average-height users can consider the desk with its extra depth as additional storage space for accessories, smartphones, plants, and other office essentials.


The Vari height-adjustable desk starts at $1,050 without accessories making it at the higher end of the market. Without the additional height adjustments, this stand-up desk would struggle to compete with less expensive and possibly better-looking options.

8. Standesk Pro Memory – Best desk converter with monitor arms

Why We Picked It

An included monitor arm (standard VESA mount) makes the Standesk Memory an ideal option for office work where a larger (or multiple) displays is needed. The converter turns a standard fixed-height desk into a sit-stand desk while also supporting your work monitor for higher productivity.

Standesk Pros and Cons


  • The best desk converter on the market where up to 3 monitors can be installed.
  • Does not take up a lot of space with its small footprint.
  • Excellent height adjustment system.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Only comes in black or white.
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing desk converters going around.
  • Name – Standesk Pro Memory Desk Converter
  • Height Range – 10 to 54cm
  • Load Capacity – 50kg
  • Dimensions – 0.5m (w) x 0.5m (d)
  • Price Range –  retail price varies between $780 and $850
  • Desktop – black and white
  • Warranty – 5 years


The Standesk Pro converter is reasonably priced between $780 and $850. There are accessories for cable and power management that can be added on. Overall, it’s a little expensive for what it is and the Movi Desk converter is a cheaper option for those that are considering a desk convertor versus a standing desk.

Standesk Memory Pro Overview

A VESA-mount monitor arm is included in this electric converter to make it a compact and practical solution. Almost all monitors use VESA mounts which makes the Standesk Memory flexible in its uses. Some lines of work (photo and video editing) require a dedicated monitor over a standard laptop display. As an added benefit, you can choose between having one, two or three monitor brackets to fit up to three monitors side by side. A high 50kg weight capacity makes this small standing desk a sturdy product. As a result, it can hold some of the largest displays on the market. This is important since editing, programming, and architectural work often require larger monitor screens.

standesk memory pro
The Standesk Pro Memory converter has been designed to hold up to three monitors (image by Standesk).

One of the reasons users are happy about the Standesk Pro memory Desk Converter is its small footprint. It can be added in the middle of a desk or the sides of a desk given it has a small 50cm x 50cm footprint.

Unlike conventional adjustable desks, the Standesk Pro Memory Desk features a separate keyboard tray that sits lower than the monitor. This allows users to reduce wrist pain from incorrect hand positioning when typing.

standesk memory pro single arm
The Standesk Memory Pro with single monitor arm (image by Standesk).

6 memory height positions back the adjustment features of the adjustable standing desk. Correct height adjustments are based on your height but also on the height and orientation of the display. This is why the desk’s monitor arm also features a tilting mechanism.

Aimed at practicality, the Standesk Pro Memory Desk Converter lacks a wide range of colours available on a regular stand-up desk. It only comes in white and black colours without any natural wood options. This might be a small issue for those looking to match the colour of the sit-stand converter to the colour of their desk.

9. JasonL Just Right Standing Desk – Best for value for money

Why We Picked It

The JasonL series of electric standing desks aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing or refined standing desks in the Australian market since they are tailored to commercial office spaces. But what they do offer is great value for money with its above-average build quality and the assortment of features that rival the premium desks. JasonL standing desks come with a top adjustable cable tray without requiring an extra purchase.

JasonL Desk Pros and Cons


  • 8 choices of desktop sizes between 1.2m and 1.8m.
  • Highly functional and customisable.
  • An adjustable cable tray comes standard with every desk.
  • Industry-leading 10-year warranty.


  • Desktop materials are limited to laminate only. High-quality materials such as hardwoods are not available.
  • Not as refined as the premium desks on the Australian market.
  • Name – JasonL Standing Desk
  • Height Range – 62cm to 127cm
  • Load Capacity – 135kg
  • Dimensions – 120cm (l) x 70cm (d)
  • Price Range – $670 to $916
  • Desktop – Laminate (white, maple, wenge, salvage oak, dark oak)
  • Warranty – 10 years

JasonL Standing Desk Overview

The Just Right height-adjustable desk from JasonL is clearly a winner for commercial office spaces due to its no-fuss build and additional features that are normally standalone purchases on other desks. But it will feel equally at home as a work from home setup. Because of this, the Just Right has an attractive price tag of $670 which is very competitive for what you receive.

The Just Right sit-stand desk doesn’t come with any of the fancy or high-quality finishes that you would expect from a premium brand. One of these is the desktop material where laminate is the material of choice for JasonL. Although this isn’t the nicest material, it certainly does a fine job and you’ll soon forget about it since the five surfaces of white, maple, wenge, salvage oak and dark oak are aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you don’t need an expensive hardwood desktop or don’t have the budget for one, then the JasonL desktop will do just fine.

Extras are abound on the JasonL Just Right electric standing desk. For literally a handful of dollars more, you can include the cable management tray as part of the purchase. For a medium-tiered stand-up desk, a bit more value is obtained through the inclusion of a sit-stand alarm that will help you transition into a standing position more often.

jasonL standing desk features
Image by JasonL.

If you’re worried that the JasonL Just Right desk is too basic for your needs given it’s relatively low price, then you will be gladly mistaken. The build-quality of its dual motors are backed by an internationally-certified design which helps to generate the respectable weight capacity of 135kg. If you intend on stacking your desktop with several pieces of equipment then the weight capacity on the laminate desktop might be pause for thought. But for standard home or office duties, the Just Right is more than capable.

Those working from home will also appreciate the desk’s anti-collision mechanism. This is a system that prevents accidentally lowering the desk on chairs or even children running around the home..

jasonl standing desk
The JasonL standing desk offers all the features of a premium height-adjustable desk but at an affordable price (image by JasonL).

All of these electric systems with their extras plus the frame are backed by a long warranty. A 10-year policy is offered by JasonL for its height-adjustable standing desk, matching the longest-standing desk warranties in Australia.

Apart from its functionality and long warranty, this is an electric standing desk that also looks good. You might notice that the desk is one of the few on the market with round legs as opposed to square frame legs on its alternatives.

A great choice of various sizes fulfils the role of this height-adjustable standing desk in terms of customization. You can choose from one of the 8 desktop sizes ranging from 1.2 to 1.8m. The size of the desk can match the size of your office space. However, you should note that these desktops also come in 0.7 or 0.8 widths. It’s worth going for the wider option if you have the space for the desk.


The cost of the JasonL standing desk starts from $670 for the basic finishes, but can get up to $916 with the optional extras.

10. XDesk Encore – Best sustainably-friendly standing desk

Why We Picked It

Hardwood desktops offered by XDesk Encore are the ultimate premium materials that last. If you’re sustainably minded then you should know that the XDesk Encore is the world’s first standing desk to feature Rubberwood (plantation oak) and woodfree desktops. Pressed wood and laminate materials that emit harmful toxins during manufacturing are not used in XDesk products. Plantation oak is used to create some of the most beautiful (and unique) desktops for XDesk Encore standing desks.

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XDesk Pros and Cons


  • Handmade in the USA using sustainably sourced materials and does not contain solvent-based paints.
  • Powerful dual 18-volt motors.
  • Elegant and classy design.


  • Desktop materials are limited to laminate only. High-quality materials such as hardwoods are not available.
  • Not as refined as the premium desks on the Australian market.
  • Name – XDesk Encore
  • Height Range – 61cm to 128 cm
  • Load Capacity – 135kg
  • Dimensions – 160cm (l) x 80cm (d)
  • Price Range – $1,400 $1,800
  • Desktop – Bamboo (light and dark stains), rubberwood, and WoodFree
  • Warranty – 5 years

XDesk Encore Overview

XDesk manufactures a variety of electric standing desks and converters. Based in Texas, the company has carved out a market niche for itself by emphasising sustainability and the usage of environmentally friendly materials. Each tabletop is handcrafted using a variety of natural wood products and even reused waste materials to provide a level of originality that other manufacturers can only hope to.

The XDesk Encore will appeal to eco-conscious Australians who desire a standing desk constructed of sustainable materials. The sit-stand desk is handcrafted for strength and individuality and delivers dependable construction and beautiful design without the usual trade-offs of entry-level office furniture. This desk can cost up to $1,400 depending on size and accessories, which is a bit more than what its Australian competitors charge.

Very stylish but the XDesk Encore comes with a hefty price tag (image by XDesk).

Tabletop materials in the Encore collection of electric standing desks include bamboo, rubberwood, and WoodFree. Because of their rapid growth rates, bamboo and rubberwood are particularly sustainable. The WoodFree desktops are literally built of reclaimed hay which is incredibly unique, innovative, and environmentally-friendly. Rather than burning the stalks of field wheat, XDesk saw an opportunity to make use of a useful waste product while reducing the amount of trees cut down. The end result is a sturdy desktop with a granite-like look.

xdesk encore build materials
Gorgeous wood materials that are handcrafted every time (image by XDesk).

If the exquisite desktops weren’t enough, you can also opt for the aluminium frame which is also handcrafted from recycled materials. This will greatly reduce the desks overall weight.

Unlike other desks, desktops for the Encore are handcrafted without the use of solvents, harsh chemicals, or Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)-based paints. XDesk does not utilise formaldehyde, a known carcinogen typically used in wood pressing.

Innovation is seen in this height-adjustable standing desk in one of its desktop alternatives. A wood-free desktop makes from agricultural waste and leftovers in a unique eco-friendly solution. This is ideal for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint.

A wide range of sizes is also available among the desktops. One of the largest desktops for adjustable desks is made by XDesk for its Encore Desk. A 2m desktop is available, but only for the bamboo desktop materials as the rubberwood desktop has a maximum of 1.5m in length.

The XDesk Encore has a 5-year warranty, which is 50% less than the 10-year warranty offered by the best standing desks in Australia. This may not be the warranty duration you’re seeking for this sort of price range.


The XDesk is manufactured in the USA and has a premium price tag of $1,400 to $1,800 for the larger desk. Given the price tag and international shipping from the USA, this desk is best suited to people with larger budgets who know what they want.

11. Omnidesk – Best for its range of accessories

Why We Picked It

No matter the type of work or gaming you’re engaging in, Omnidesk offers the best range of accessories to not only suit your objectives but also complete your workspace. With a slightly lower price point (beginning at $855), the Omnidesk Pro’s quality is more than suitable for the average Australian and you still have most options when it comes to deciding on your desk frame and desktop material.

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Omnidesk Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding range of natural and aesthetically pleasing hardwoods.
  • An industry leader in standing desk accessories.
  • Good range of sit-stand desk customisation options including leg colour, tabletop sizes, and curved or straight edges.
  • Great mobile app to control your standing desk.


  • All of Omnidesk’s accessories are extra purchases and none come as standard with a desk purchase.
  • Most of the more desirable hardwood tabletops and accessories are frequently sold out.
  • Name – Omnidesk
  • Height Range – 63cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity – 130kg
  • Dimensions – 122cm (l) x 76cm (d), 153cm (l) x 76cm (d), 183cm (l) x 76cm (d)
  • Price Range – $750 up to $1,200
  • Desktop – Melamine (white, black), wood (Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, Pheasantwood)
  • Warranty – 7 years (10 years if you post your standing desk on social media)

Omnidesk Overview

Omnidesk Australia is a local company that specialises in providing high-quality standing desks and accessories. It is the award-winning Pro series of adjustable-height desks that will cater to most Australians for its build quality, features, aesthetics, and feel. There are two desks that form the Pro series, the Pro Basic and the Pro Wildwood.

The Pro Basic is exactly what the name suggests – a run-of-the-mill standing desk. All of Omnidesks’s accessories work with the Pro Basic which can be customised to your needs. Tabletop sizes come in three sizes ranging from 122cm x 76cm to 183cm x 76cm, the legs come in classic black or white, and can accommodate all of Omnidesk’s accessories. In terms of desktop materials, the selection is limited to melamine or wood with the latter offering Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, and the gorgeous Pheasantwood.

The Pro Wildbook series comes at a higher price point but this is where Omnidesk shines. The range of hardwood tabletops is simply outstanding. Using the same dimension choices as the Pro series, you can choose from several beautifully crafted wood including Richbrown Hevea, Acacia Dark, Walnut, and Pheasantwood, with the latter being our favourite. If you prefer the natural look of wood then Omnidesk should be seriously considered.

omnidesk standing desk accessories
Image by Omnidesk.

Omnidesk comes with plenty of great accessories but not all are included in the pack and most require additional purchases. One such example is its castors which are highly beneficial to those looking to frequently move the best sit-stand desk without any heavy lifting. In addition to the standard accessories that most standing desk vendors provide, Omnidesk takes it a step further with an entire ecosystem of products to enhance your workspace.

Some of the more innovative items include a mount to fix your desktop computer beneath the desk, headphone hangers, motorised power outlets and clamps, anti-fatigue mats, glass and wood monitor risers, storage drawers, and microphone booms. A small pedestal unit in the Acacia Dark finish can also be obtained if you want more storage.

omnidesk pro acacia
My Omnidesk Pro at the home office.

An integrated app control that allows full elevation control backs the Omnidesk Desk. The app is available through Google Play and App Store and it allows you to control the desk without using its integrated control panel. You can elevate or lower the desk directly on your phone.

Tracked time for standing and sitting through the app is one of the main benefits of installing the app in the first place. There’s no guesswork when it comes to estimating the time you spend standing and the time you spend sitting if you track your work posture through the app.


The price of the Omnidesk in Australia ranges between $750 and $1,200. It is a premium grade standing desk and offers exceptional value-for-money even for the larger sized desk which can accommodate several monitors.

Best Standing Desks In Australia Compared

Standing DeskHeightLoad CapacityDimensionsPrice (AUD)Rating

UpDown Pro Desk
61.5cm – 127cm150kg1.5m (l) x 2.4m (d)$1,029 – $2,0995/5

Desky Standing Desk
60cm – 125cm140kg1.8m (l) x 0.75m (d)$875 to $1,5995/5

Artiss Desk
69cm – 118cm100kg1.4m (l) x 0.8m (d)$570 – $8004.6/5
secretlab logo
Secretlab Magnus Pro
65cm – 125cm120kg1.5m (l) x 0.7m (d)$1,059 – $1,2294.8/5
Northday Everdesk
Northday Everdesk
60cm – 124cm120kg120cm (l) x 60cm (d)$859 to $1,1004.3/5
movi desk logo
Movi Desk
0cm – 44cm (from desktop)15kg1.10m (l) x 0.7m (d)$5994.5/5

Vari Desk
63.5cm – 128cm99.8kg1.20m (l) x 0.76m (d)$695 – $8504.5/5

Standesk Pro Memory Desk Converter
10cm – 54cm50kg0.5m (l) x 0.5m (d)$780 – $8504.3/5

JasonL Standing Desk
62cm – 127cm135kg1.20m (l) x 0.7m (d)$916 – $2,0004.2/5

XDesk Encore Desk
60cm – 128cm142kg1.6m (l) x 0.8m (d)$1,400 – $1,8004.2/5

63cm – 125cm130kg1.2m (l) x 0.76m (d)$750 – $1,2004.1/5

Should You Buy A Standing Desk?

Buying a standing desk can be an exciting time. Those who haven’t used a standing desk before might have many more questions than those upgrading their manual up-and-down desks. As with all types of desks such as fixed-height standing desks and electric standing desks, there are both benefits and drawbacks to take into account. To help you decide, here’s a comparison between a manual and electric standing desk and their pros and cons.

Honourable Stand-up Desk Mentions

Here are some other popular options that I’ve tested but didn’t make the cut because it’s not possible to include all standing desk items in Australia within this chosen list. If you’re looking for alternatives to my list, these are still worthwhile ideas to take into account. Alternatively, a standing desk converter might be a better (and less expensive) solution.

  • VariDesk – The Vari standing desk comes with all the necessary equipment, making it one of the simplest standing workstations to assemble. The end result is one of the most robust workstations, as opposed to the ordinary desk I use at work, which doesn’t fit my tall physique as well. It creates a great standing workstation for tall people, although it has the drawback of only supporting one or two monitors.
  • IKEA Trotten – The Trotten is a cheap standing desk offered by IKEA and retails for $349. However, the Ikea Trotten standing desk is quite basic and unadorned; you pay for what you get. Due to its low weight capacity of 50kg, it is not recommended for multi-display workstations. Additionally, the Trotten is a manual standing desk and there is no digital controller.
  • IKEA Idasen – IKEA’s mid-range electric standing workstation, the Idasen electric-standing desk is available in four particleboard desktop finishes and has a meagre load capacity of 70 kg. The price point of $949 is simply too high for the Idasen sit-stand desk, and for the same money, you can get a far better electric standing desk.
  • Office Works standing desks in Australia – With a price range between $329 to $739, Officeworks offers four entry-level manual and electric sit-stand desks. They don’t have as many accessories and customization options as more expensive ones, despite being less expensive (like the IKEA desks). They work best for those on a limited budget or who want a simple desk.
  • The XDesk Encore is one of the finest-crafted standing desks in Australian. Each desk is handcrafted from recycled and socially sourced materials and has an iconic, one-of-a-kind finish. However, the Encore has a higher price point than other adjustable standing desks in Australia, even without adding accessories, which will quickly add up.
  • Recess – Standing desks from Recess have distinct design elements where they come in a variety of colours. To make an informed choice about its quality, there aren’t enough user reviews or a wide variety of options and features to pick from.
  • Zen Space Desk – The Zen Space Pro is an Australian standing desk has a lot going for it, like its premium bamboo or mahogany work surfaces. It is constructed from sturdy materials, comes with a strong warranty, and offers excellent financing options. However, alternative standing desks offer better value for money and the Zen Space desk is not the most affordable option on the Australian market.

The Main Benefits Of A Standing Desk

You can expect the switch to an electric desk to come with plenty of benefits. Many make the switch due to back pain or poor posture from long hours of sitting. But there are a few other benefits standing desk can bring.

It improves posture

Improved posture is one of the main benefits of an adjustable desk. It requires you to stand up which can reduce issues such as rounded shoulders or forward head tilt, all responsible for poor posture. Long hours of sitting can also lead to anterior pelvic tilt and other spine posture issues which, over the years, lead to poor overall posture that becomes more difficult to correct.

Increased productivity

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday can help to prevent stagnation during the working day. As a result, some people might benefit from higher productivity and even creativity by using a stand-up desk. Although some recent study mentions this benefit, it is not apparent whether adjustable standing desks actually increase productivity over the long run.

Collaboration and communication

You can work upright with the best standing desks, which helps to open up communication in open office settings. More Australian businesses and workplaces are investing in sit-stand desks (or standing desk converters) to enhance their corporate cultures since better communication leads to better collaboration.

Burn slightly more calories

According to several recent studies, standing at a desk burns slightly more calories than sitting at one. While standing can burn up to 50% more calories than sitting, according to some studies, adjustable standing desks can’t take the place of regular exercise.

It may help prevent obesity

Standing versus sitting at the desk doesn’t burn many more calories. You burn around 80 calories while sitting and only 8 more calories with 88 burned calories per hour while standing. However, it’s not these calories alone that help you fight obesity as is the overall encouraging movement when working while standing.

You get to move more and make a few extra steps around the desk when standing. This helps increase the burned calories compared to sitting further. One of the main benefits of standing is also psychological when it comes to obesity risks. Here, the benefit of the best sit-stand desk is that it encourages a more active life as opposed to a more sedentary life which can sometimes result in a more active approach to other daily activities in your life.

You’re more likely to head to the printer multiple times per day when standing at the desk instead of actively postponing going to the office printer just because you don’t feel like getting up. The same applies to going for a glass of water or heading over to a colleague to discuss work issues. The best-standing desks encourage a more engaged and a more active lifestyle.

Reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases

Various types of cardiovascular diseases have been linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Since we sit at least 8 hours per day at the desk, these risks exist even in people who aren’t genetically predisposed to these diseases or to those who aren’t necessarily overweight.

Research shows best standing desks encourage an active lifestyle which is in direct opposition to a sitting working position which can be a factor in cardiovascular diseases. While the differences are small, they are confirmed by multiple studies. Further health improvements even go beyond the cardiovascular system as one research notes subjects that those who started using a sit-stand desk show better insulin resistance.

Lower back pain from long hours of sitting

Back pain is one of the first reasons people decide to invest in a sit-stand desk. It’s often some type of physical pain that drives humans to make lifestyle changes and this is also seen in those switching to a sit-stand desk with listed standing desks in Australia above. An adjustable electric desk has its benefits in activating more posture muscles and in making it easier for the spine to sit in the correct position.

A sit-stand desk might not eliminate low back pain completely. Some researchers suggest a sit-and-stand desk does a better job of preventing low back pain than curing it. Scoliosis and other serious spine issues cannot be fixed by a sit-stand desk. Minor issues and posture issues are can see major benefits with an up-and-down desk. A poor posture puts pressure on nerves and bones.

A Few Drawbacks Of Standing Desks

Standing desks aren’t a solution to cure back problems. They help with back pain and posture but their limitations are in other areas. Standing needs to be alternating with sitting. An adjustable desk also comes with a learning curve.

Standing and sitting need to be alternated

Even those using an adjustable desk still need to alternate standing with sitting. Too much standing can be detrimental, as are long hours of sitting. Research shows the best way to use an adjustable desk is to combine sitting with standing. Alternating these working postures by elevating and lowering the sit-stand desk a few times per day offers the most health benefits without the drawbacks.

Reduced social interaction

If you work in an office where the majority of your coworkers are seated, using a standing desk may restrict your capacity to quickly connect with others. The ultimate value is realised when standing is an option for every employee, which is recognised to enhance collaboration and communication.

Appropriate footwear

At an electric standing desk, it’s important to select supportive shoes that are comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time because the improper shoes could make standing more painful. Otherwise, consider utilising an anti-fatigue mat to support your feet and legs.

Standing desks cost more than regular desks

Another drawback to standing desks is their costs. These desks may cost twice as much as a regular desk. Electric motors, metal frames, and wooden desktops are the reasons behind the higher cost of adjustable desks. Simply put, standing desks have moving parts while regular desks don’t. Moving parts are more expensive to manufacture and they add to the final cost of a standing desk.

Higher-quality desks from respected companies in Australia will cost more, with starting costs around $900 being indicative of the premium brands.

There will be a transition period

It will take some getting used to switching from a typical fixed-height workstation to an adjustable standing desk, but there are steps you can take to ease the transition. You can successfully adjust to this new working style by gradually increasing the amount of time you spend standing. In Australia, some standing desks incorporate a sit-stand alarm to help you keep on track. Establishing a pattern might also help. Understanding your own ideal posture is essential for identifying any areas where you could use some improvement.

What Types Of Standing Desks Can You Buy?

The Australian market produces and important all types of standing desks. All of them have certain benefits and drawbacks.

  • Electric sit-stand desks – these types of desks use one or two electric motors to move the desktop up and down. They need to be plugged in and they can come with three to four preset memory positions for your desired desktop height. Since they offer convenience and typically higher weight capacities, they are the most popular type standing desks in Australia.
  • Manual sit-stand desks – manual levers are used to adjust a manually-adjustable desk. These types of height-adjustable desks tend to be more affordable as they come without electric motors.
  • Standing desk converters – A normal desk is covered with small, manually or electrically adjustable standing desk converters to form a hybrid adjustable desk. Compared to an electric standing desk, a sit-stand desk converter has several advantages, such as being lighter and hence more portable and being pre-assembled, but it has significantly lower load capacities.

What To Look For When Choosing A Standing Desk

Choosing the right standing desk may seem a complicated task as there are hundreds of options to choose from around the country. Many are only available online. Here’s what to look for with these desks.


As with any piece of office furniture, you have to start with the right standing desk size and the maximum usable space. Most adjustable desks have a desktop that measures anywhere between 1 and 1.7m with only the longest adjustable desks measuring 2m. The width of the desks varies as well. An average width of 0.7m is specific to standing desks in Australia.

Finding the right adjustable desk size is essential for small offices. You also need to ensure you have the space for your office chair and all of the accessories you want to equip your elevating desk with.

The quality of the motors

Easy electric sit-stand desk adjustments are made through electric motors. An electric desk uses a controller to set the desk’s height. Apart from the practicality of the motors, an electric desk can also be seen as a more elegant and not as messy desk as there are no levers to worry about.

Most importantly, the quality of the motors dictates the weight capacity and the speed. While the frame is responsible for keeping the desk stable in a standing position, motors are the moving parts that do the hard work. Only the best overall stand desk comes with quality motors. All of the products described above are backed by warranty. A good desk offers at least a 5-year warranty which includes electric components such as motors.

Warranty policies

The more you spend on an adjustable desk the likelier you are to seek good warranty policies. 5 to 10 years warranty is already standard with the best standing desks on the market. Even a sit-stand desk converter needs to be covered by warranty.

Moving parts such as motors are the most likely to fail sooner than other parts. A warranty policy that covers motors is recommended as replacements aren’t affordable and they might not be easily available either.

Desktop materials

Melamine desktops are the most common materials used in electric and manual standing desks. This is due to their relatively low cost, light, and easy to clean surfaces that can come in a wide range of colours to satisfy the aesthetic and home décor needs of any user. Another popular choice is triple-layer bamboo that has a slightly softer appearance than solid melamine whilst retaining a visually pleasing wood-like appearance. While available in different colours, these types of materials are among those that are affordable and ideal for your first standing desk.

Solid wood desktops are the heaviest, the most durable, and the most expensive. They take the heaviest load and the largest cable management trays such as those seen on Ikea’s Bekant standing desktop and on Zen Space Desks. Ash and oak are among the common types of wood used on these durable desktops. Pine might also be a lighter material used in natural-look desktops.

Engineered wood adjustable desks are common even in top brands such as those from Ikea.  Even premium standing desks such as Bekant sit-stand desk, the Idasen sit-stand desk, and Zen Space desks and other standing table alternatives are made with engineered wood, which isn’t hardwood.

The Bekant sit-stand desk and the Idasen sit-stand desk can match it in adjustability. The standing desk Bekant offers lack a complex controller but it does offer good cable management. Bekant sit-stand desk also comes in fewer colours than the Idasen standing desk from Ikea which might be worth considering.


It typically takes anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour to assemble most standing desks. Most come with pre-drilled holes in the desktop which means they require less effort to put together, whilst most cheaper brands will require you to install items like the cable management tray.

The installation process is similar on many desks. A powder-coated steel frame is added on top of the flipped desktop on the floor so that adding the screws is easier. The desk then needs to be flipped on the desk frame. This is the stage that might require the help of another person seen on larger and heavier desks, as many might weigh up to 50kg.

Possible desk accessories

Standing desk accessories such as cable management trays monitor arms, an under-desk hammock, handy lockable drawers or desk lamps also require some planning. Tight spaces might not allow for the extra inches added by a monitor arm so you need to take the correct measurements to ensure all of the accessories you want for your desk can actually fit a tight space.

Most brands don’t offer these types of accessories in the pack. They are separate purchases and may sometimes be acquired from the manufacturer of the desk.  A messy desk is never a productivity plus so it’s often worth getting these accessories with the desk together with all desk extras also offered separately.

Memory height presets

Most electric sit or stand desks come with 3 to 4 memory presets for your height preferences. They easily cover the needs of one user. You might only need more memory presets for shared desks at the office such as those in co-working spaces where multiple users might sit at the same desk.

Most users only need 1 preset for the sitting position according to their height and the height of their office chair and 1 preset for the standing position. This saves you time that you’d otherwise spend looking for that perfect position.


A good standing and sitting desk is always stable. One of the concerns users have when typing in a sitting position comes with excessive desk wobble. While this used to be an issue years ago, most standing desk brands now offer stable solutions which remain reliable even when fully elevated. Make sure your cable management solutions and heavier load don’t negatively impact the desk’s stability.


The best standing desks come in multiple colours both for the frame and for the desktop. Frames are typically sold in black, white, or grey colouring and are made of metal, unlike the wooden legs on your existing desk. Powder-coat steel frames tend to come in these colours.

Desktops come in white, black, red, and natural wood colours, in most cases. Almost all brands offer a white and a black desktop but other colours might be a bit more difficult to find.

Load capacity

One of the most important desk characteristics is load capacity. This is the smallest capacity between the maximum limit of the electric motor and of the maximum limit of the desktop. Whichever of these features takes less load is noted as the load capacity for an electric desk.

In everyday use, the maximum load varies. This is why you want to buy a desktop with a high load capacity as any other listed standing desks above. A good maximum load capacity is 130-150kg. It ensures a multi-display setup won’t put unnecessary pressure on the electric motors and that the weight on the desk won’t bend the desktop.


A new standing and sitting desk might cost more than your existing desk that doesn’t go up or down. Setting the correct budget for the new adjustable desk should also take into account all of the accessories needed for the desk. This includes a cable management tray, at least a monitor arm, and other types of accessories you might consider such as a desk lamp. A standing mat can also be a useful purchase as a standing desk alternative option to stand on whenever your desk chair is not in use.

A budget between $700 and $2.000 can be realistic. The size and the materials of the desktop are the biggest influences on pricing. Larger hardwood desktops are more expensive due to their size and the higher capacity of the motor. However, if the standing desk is for a home office, you may be able to claim it on tax as a deduction.

Consider height range

The height range of the standing desks is the limit between the lowest point of the desktop and its highest point when fully elevated. This is a range that should suit your height both when working in a standing position and in a sitting position. You can determine your ideal desk height for your standing position by measuring the distance from the floor to your elbows. The elbows should bend naturally at a 90-degree angle for typing. This is also the correct elbow position when working while sitting on a sit-stand desk.

Each electric desk has a certain height limit which is made to accommodate people of various heights. Short and very tall users are those particularly interested in finding the limits of desk height adjustments. As a general adjustment range, most stand-up desk manufacturers favour 60 to 62cm for the lowest elevation and 120 to 128cm for the highest elevation point of the desktop.

Adjustment speed

Adjustment speed varies from one desk to another. It typically takes up to a few seconds to raise or lower a stand-up desk. This time can be shorter in the case of dual-motor standing desks but it poses low priority in the case of a single user and a high priority in the case of adjustable electric desks in the office.

Every person has a different height and different desktop elevation preferences. More reliable heavy-duty motors and a dual-motor setup are preferred for desks used by 2 or more people.

Noise levels

Noise levels of electric adjustments are measured in decibels and available for reference in the desk’s fact sheet. The noise a desk makes might be important for those working from home, especially people with children. Lower noise comes with a better user experience but it might imply lower adjustment speeds as motors are caped at lower speeds to reduce noise levels.

Purchasing a new desk is a good time to compare noise levels. This eliminates any unwanted surprises in certain situations such as home use or adjustable desks in areas where quietness is important, such as at the doctor’s office.

Standing and sitting tracking

New generation sit and stand desks come with different extras to help improve health and posture. One of these features is integrated sitting and standing time tracking. Omnidesk is one of the ideal options for an integrated time tracker for both sitting and standing. Tracking functions are integrated with your smartphone and you may even set reminders to change to either sitting or standing.

These alternations are important for proper posture as a combination of sitting and standing makes the use of these desks realistic as opposed to more demanding sitting all-day alternatives.

Electric vs Crank Adjustment Standing Desks

One of the choices you have to make when purchasing a new electric desk is to consider the height adjustment method. This can be automatic, through the use of electric motors or manual, by using a crank to lift and lower the desk.

Manual crank-based standing desks may be more affordable as they come without motors. On the other hand, electric motor-based adjustments are easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, motor-based desk elevation comes with presets so that you can save your desired height. There’s no wasted time in always finding the right elevation when adjusting the height of the desktop. For a full comparison of the differences between an electric and manual standing desk, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best standing desk to buy in Australia?

Finding the right standing desk does depend on personal preferences and needs. However, based on our extensive research, we found the UpDown Pro Desk and Desky Dual Standing Desk are both quality options to consider. They are made of quality materials, height adjustable, and durable.

What is the cheapest standing desk in Australia?

For those on a small budget, the Artiss Desk standing desk is a reputable option to consider for Australians that is priced between $570 – $800.

Which IKEA sit-stand desk is best?

The greatest standing desk available at IKEA is the Idasen desk. It is a sound standing desk with a sturdy construction, lots of height adjustments, and a fashionable style. IKEA’s Bekant Desk is less expensive, but we didn’t think it was as well-made as the Idasen desk. It also has a restricted height adjustment range and a lighter weight capacity.

Are standing desks worth it?

Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are just a few of the health benefits of standing desks. Standing workstations can also help with posture issues and lower back pain. Standing desks, on the other hand, can be expensive, and some people might find it challenging to use one for long periods of time.

Daniel Parkinson

Daniel Parkinson


Daniel is the founder of Beststandingdesks.com.au and has a background as an interior designer with 16 years of experience in the home and retail space. Since 2020, he has focussed on designing intelligent and innovative home offices and entertainment hubs that are space efficient and provide plenty of flexibility.

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