How To Zen Your Standing Desk

The daily grind of work is already challenging as it is. But with the Japanese concept of Zen, you can elevate the feeling and atmosphere of your sit-stand desk to a new and undiscovered level.
In this article, we cover what zenning your space means and our tips on how best to zen your standing desk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Japanese Zen Buddhism places a strong emphasis on mindfulness, meditation, and first-hand experience in order to achieve enlightenment and a deep comprehension of the nature of reality.
  • Removing unnecessary clutter and creating a minimalist workspace are the two major aspects behind a zen standing desk.
  • Some of the best standing desks with natural hardwood desktops will help you connect with the natural world.

What Does Zenning Your Workspace Mean?

Zenning your standing desk is setting up and structuring your workstation in a way that encourages relaxation, concentration, and well-being. Decluttering, introducing organic and minimalist design features, improving ergonomics, and promoting a calm and distraction-free atmosphere are frequently included in this type of design.

The approach follows the principles of Zen, a Japanese school of Buddhism that places an emphasis on mindfulness, simplicity, and a harmonious connection with the present moment.

japanese zen
Japanese Zen is a form of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation, mindfulness, and direct personal experience to attain enlightenment and a profound understanding of the nature of reality.

My Tips On Creating A Zen Standing Desk

Tip 1 – Remove the clutter

To achieve a state of zen, a clutter-free environment is necessary. Start by removing all extra objects from your standing workstation. This contains discarded documents, trinkets, and office supplies. You may foster a more calm and concentrated mood by keeping your surroundings tidy and organised. Getting rid of clutter is an essential first step to creating a zen office because it may be stressful and distracting.

Tip 2 – Choose minimalist accessories

Accessories for standing desks can be straightforward, functional and aesthetically pleasant. Choose a minimalist style with clear lines and simple hues. This method of organising workplace accessories can cut down on visual interruptions and foster a sense of order and peace. A workspace that is clear and uncluttered is more conducive to peace and productivity when designed with a minimalist approach.

Tip 3 – Choose natural elements

By incorporating natural features and materials such as bamboo or hardwoods, you can feel more connected to the outside world, which can be calming for some people. Consider putting a tiny potted plant on your desk to add some greenery and enhance the air quality in your office. Desk organisers and accessories made of bamboo or wood can also give your workstation a natural, earthy vibe that encourages harmony and peace.

updown recycled messmate standing desk
UpDown has some of the most beautiful hardwood desktops money can buy (image by UpDown).

If you are an appreciator of gorgeous hardwoods like me, then I recommend choosing one of the unique and visually stunning desktops from UpDown. Messmate, Acacia, Pheasantwood, Natural Rubberwood, Walnut Stained Rubberwood, and Victorian Ash are some of the wood grains you can buy.

Tip 4 – Find your optimal ergonomic setup

Adjustable standing desks are worth it if you have the optimal ergonomic setup for both your physical and emotional health. To avoid strain and discomfort, make sure the perfect height of your standing desk is set properly. Maintain correct keyboard and mouse placement and place your monitor at eye level. By minimising physical tension and distraction, an ergonomic workspace supports a relaxing and health-conscious work style that is consistent with zen concepts.

Tip 5 – Use calming or neutral colours

Your workspace’s colour scheme has a big impact on how you feel and how productive you are. Peaceful, relaxing hues like pale blues, greens, or earth tones can be used in the decor. These shades produce a calm atmosphere and are easy on the eyes. A zen workspace must include calming colours since extremely bright or vivid colours can be distracting and can interfere with your ability to concentrate.

northday standing everdesk
The use of indoor plants can really elevate your space (Image by Northday).

Tip 6 – Inspire yourself

Consider incorporating motivational sayings or tranquil artwork into your workstation to keep you inspired and create a calm environment. A framed image of a tranquil landscape or a nature scene on the wall immediately above your computer will work well. Motivational sayings can act as a daily reminder of your ideals and aspirations. This deeply personal unique touch gives your workspace dimension and keeps you focused and inspired all day long.

standing desk motivational words
Find a quote that speaks to you (image by Pixabay).

Tip 7 – Use mindfulness techniques

Utilising mindfulness techniques at your standing desk helps keep you centred and present. For quick meditation sessions or reflective periods, a compact meditation cushion can offer a cosy and peaceful setting. To signal the beginning or finish of work periods with a calming chime, use a singing bowl. Using stress-relief balls during the workday can help you relax and stay focused. These gadgets help create a zen-like environment that promotes mindfulness and stress relief.

Tip 8 – Create the atmosphere you desire

Zenning your space isn’t limited to just your standing desk. Creating an inviting and calm environment is good for your mental health and general productivity. A good way to help achieve this is by choosing your favourite scent candle and setting it on your desktop. A nicely lit candle or two will work wonders for creating the ambient atmosphere you want, particularly during the cold winter months. Alternatively, a good light bar is a great addition to your monitor since they project a soft ambient light to help you see the screen.

desk candle
Knowing how to lit your space is important to creating an ambient environment (image by Pixabay).

Reasons Why You Should Zen Your Standing Desk

Zenning your sit-stand isn’t only about creating a space that looks great. Here are some reasons why you should consider zenning your workspace.

Your productivity and attention span may increase

A zen office, which is characterised by few distractions and a tidy, organised setting, is the perfect environment for increasing your productivity and attention. You can focus entirely on the task at hand when your standing desk is clear of clutter and extraneous materials. Your task will be completed more quickly and successfully because of your improved clarity and focus, which will eventually increase your productivity.

A sense of calmness and tranquility

A zen workspace is created to encourage calmness and tranquillity. You may greatly lower stress and anxiety by decluttering, introducing natural elements, and creating a neat, harmonious environment. You’re less likely to feel overburdened by the responsibilities of your job if your office is a stress-free environment. As a result, your mental and emotional health improves, which makes it easier for you to approach your work in a more laid-back manner.

Less discomfort through better ergonomics

Enhancing the ergonomics of your standing workstation is crucial for improving physical comfort. Your workstation, monitor, keyboard, and other equipment are positioned ergonomically to support your body’s natural posture. By lowering the likelihood of discomfort, strain, and musculoskeletal problems, this alignment encourages physical comfort. You can work for longer amounts of time without experiencing the discomfort or weariness frequently connected with prolonged standing if you have a zen workspace that puts your physical well-being first.

A better connection to the natural world

Including natural components in your workstation, like wooden accents or potted plants can help you feel more connected to the outside world. Exposure to the outdoors can lower stress, increase mood, and promote general well-being, according to research. Natural elements blended into a zen office not only provide visual appeal but also promote calm and tranquillity. The tranquillising effects of this connection to nature might make working in your workspace more enjoyable and peaceful.

You can inspire yourself

Artwork that is relaxing and inspirational words may both inspire and motivate. They serve as frequent reminders of your aims and ideals when carefully selected and placed in your workstation. These visual cues help you stay focused and determined all day long, even when working on difficult activities. These aspects can preserve your motivation and job happiness, which will ultimately improve your general work-related well-being.

Better mindfulness

Including mindfulness items in your workspace, such as a meditation cushion or a singing bowl, can help you relax and be more mindful. These tools encourage you to take quick breaks for relaxation or meditation, which will help you lower your stress levels and keep your mind peaceful and in balance. This mindfulness strategy helps create a zen-like environment that promotes your general well-being throughout the workday.

It’s all about you – this is your space

By customising your standing desk, you may design a workspace that expresses your preferences and individuality. You may promote a feeling of comfort and belonging when you take control of your surroundings. By ensuring that you actually appreciate your surroundings, a workstation that feels like yours improves job satisfaction, makes you feel more engaged in your work, and promotes general well-being.


Essentially, “zenning” your standing desk involves designing an environment that supports both your professional needs and your general sense of equilibrium, serenity, and attention. Making your office a peaceful retreat can allow you to find some peace and quiet during the hectic workday.

As you implement these principles and tips, you’re not just transforming your standing desk; you’re enhancing your work experience and, ultimately, your quality of life

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