UpDown PRO Standing Desk Review

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After the rise in popularity of working from home, a dedicated sit-stand desk was a must. My short journey in the world of electric standing desks actually begins with a manual crank-based up-down desk from a generic brand. It was at this point I decided I need the electric adjustability of the UpDown PRO Series and its hardwood desktops for a step up in quality. I chose the UpDown PRO Series as it’s an Australian-made electric sit-stand desk and because it promised to be a premium product. My expectations were confirmed as I will share in this UpDown PRO standing desk review.

Quick Verdict

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The Bottom Line:

If it’s quality you desire then the UpDown PRO series of standing desks certainly provides this. Made from premium materials that are sourced locally and put together with excellent craftsmanship, the desk feels solid and very stable. People who prefer hardwood will appreciate the range of unique tabletops to choose from including the Victorian Ash and Pheasant Wood.

In terms of price, the PRO series is at the higher end of the market, however, you are getting what you pay for, and is a worthy investment. With a 100-day trial and free returns on top of the 10-year warranty, the PRO series from UpDown is hard to pass up and one of the best standing desks in Australia.

Who Should Buy the UpDown PRO Series Desk?

The PRO series of standing desks from UpDown is well suited for a wide variety of people including creatives, those in the IT industry, artists, people who work from home, and those who need a large space or a sufficiently-wide desktop for multitasking. Those who only use a single display may find it too large unless they have a lot of accessories. The PRO series comes in three sizes (120cm x 75cm, 150cm x 75cm, and 180cm x 75cm) to suit almost every purpose and application.

Pros and Cons


  • 100-day trial and free returns.
  • 10-year guarantee on the frame.
  • Excellent choice of premium and unique hardwood tabletops.
  • UpDown has frequent sales and offers.


  • On the upper end of the price scale.
Price$1,029 – $2,099
Place of ManufactureMelbourne (desktops only)
TypeElectric dual motor
Load Capacity150kg
Maximum Height127cm
InstallationRequires installation
Warranty10 years (frame and electrical components), 5 years (tabletop)
ShippingFree to anywhere in Australia

UpDown Desk Pro Compared

What We Liked:

  • The recycled Messmate desktop materials – imperfect but unique, this is the type of wood source right here in Australia. Its hardwood fibres make each desktop unique. I’m glad they’ve found a way to recycle Messmate into something this practical and premium-looking.
  • The wide desktop length – I feel like I can stretch both my arms out and would still not easily grab the desktop’s edges. Long and thick, it’s built like a tank and it hasn’t got a single scratch on it even today, a few months after buying it.
  • Its quick 4-height memory presets – this might just be my personal preference, but I prefer to save my standing and sitting height at the press of a button instead of rotating a manual crank as I did with my old manual desk. The preset are also ideal for standing desks shared by others in the office.
  • The heavy (and sturdy) frame – At just over 40kg for the frame and legs alone, the UpDown Pro is amongst the most stable and sturdy of desks on the market. The stability of the UpDown Pro series desk was evident with its durable steel framing and will comfortable last a long time (beyond its 10 year warranty).
  • Fast delivery times – If you’re in Melbourne, then you can enjoy same day dispatch if your order is placed before 12 local time (business days only and excludes made-to-order desks).

What We Didn’t Like:

  • I wasn’t aware I needed tools to assemble the desk – A Philips head screwdriver and electric drill is recommended to assemble a hardwood desk.
  • The frame needs to be assembled upside down – My main reason to get the PRO Series was its excellent Messmate desktop. It must be placed upside down on the floor to attach the frame. I had to move in a carpet into the home office to avoid scratching the hardwood desktop. While its castor wheels feel light and even flimsy, turning the heaving desktop upside down is a 2-person operation.

Why Choose The UpDown PRO Series Desk?

The UpDown standing desk is a quality-made product that comes in several finishes to suit the decor of any room. It feels very sturdy making it a great option for multi-screen displays. It’s large enough for a choice of 2 large display computer setups and offers plenty of space even for a third monitor. It comes with 10 years of warranty and is locally manufactured in Australia.

While assembling the UpDown Pro standing desk can be a little tricky, it will suit a variety of applications and individual heights with its 4 preset memory settings. In short, paying the extra amount for the UpDown Pro Series desk is a small price to pay for premium materials that are superior to many of its competitors on the market.

Enhance your workspace with an UpDown PRO Series desk (image by UpDown).

Our Thoughts on the UpDown PRO Standing Desk

Size matters

If you’re like me and want to future-proof your standing desk so that it caters for all your needs, then going with a larger option is the way to go. Whilst some brands offer more spacious desks and some don’t, the UpDown Pro can be purchased in its 180cm long version. And let me tell you, it’s more than enough for my dual monitor setup, laptop, mechanical keyboard, mouse and two small speakers.

In comparison, the Vari Standing Desk is 2cm longer, but the desktop isn’t Australian-made which didn’t spark my interest. An Artiss stand-up desk is cheaper but it doesn’t feel as premium as an UpDown PRO Series based on our testing.

Save your height presets

Manual standing desks might have the same ergonomics and posture benefits as electric standing desks. However, I’ve used them before and they aren’t that great if you need to adjust the height all the time.

I was really interested in the memory presets of the desk, moving up from a manual sit-stand desk as well. I use 2 office chairs which means there are 2 sitting postures I use plus one standing posture.

One thing I can’t say I’m a fan of with the Updown PRO Series desk is the graphic choice on these memory settings. They are marked as M1, M2, M3, and M4 which looks like some type of configuration. I would have preferred simple 1, 2, 3, 4 digits (as seen on the Zen Space Desk which I also considered) these buttons would have made for a more minimalistic look.

Impressive hardwood desktops

A bamboo desktop or an engineered melamine desktop is now seen on all types of cheap standing desks. If you’re like me and interested in premium products, you may look high and low to find a decent hardwood alternative like the Xdesk Encore or Omnidesk Pro series. The desktop is the surface you touch all the time so it needs to feel good. The desktop also needs to look good if you’re into a minimalist desk setup.

Melamine desktops are lighter and they feel they could last just as long. However, they feel cheap to me. Every time I type on my mechanical keyboard I feel there’s a hollow-like response from the desktop itself. This is why I recommend a hardwood desktop for all of those using heavy-duty mechanical keyboards or for those that type a lot. A standing desk converter or a cheap melamine desktop is clearly out of the shortlist for this type of user.

Extremely stable

At just over 40kg for the frame and legs alone, the UpDown Pro is heavy but it’s amongst the most stable standing desks you can buy. Even at its highest elevation of 127cm, I found it difficult to budge evening when leaning on it. If you plan to keep expensive hardware or just want the peace of mind then the UpDown Pro is a clear winner for stability.

It elevates the look of your office space

Other standing desks such as The Artiss Standing Desk or any height adjustable standing desks from Ikea prove a cheaper option. But I’ve already had a cheaper standing desk which quickly showed its limits.

It was clear that my upgrade needed to be a fully electric desk that also looks and feels better. Making the choice to go for an electric standing desk versus manual wasn’t enough for me. The new standing desk also needed to come with a premium hardwood desktop, better cable management, improved lifting capacity, and enough room for all of my office supplies.


At a cost of just over $1,000, my UpDown PRO Series of 180cm wasn’t cheap. However, it is competitively priced compared to other hardwood standing desks on the Australian market. Some local alternatives such as Zen Space and Artiss are more affordable, but they come with melamine and bamboo desktops.

Based on my perusal of customer reviews, there was a consensus that UpDown is a bit on the expensive side and we can’t disagree. Although the cost isn’t over the top, the build quality of the frame, electronics, and desktop was a worthy investment purchase knowing that it lasts the test of time. Of course, UpDown tends to offer sales and offers on its products so it makes sense to take advantage of these.

On the other hand, you get to save on the price difference of the PRO Series when it comes to accessories, I paid just $49 for a cable tray and $149 for a premium metal desktop tray. These are fair prices given they look and feel like premium standing desk accessories. Then there’s the choice of sizes. You can save $300 by going for a smaller desktop such as the 120 x 75cm alternative.

Design & Aesthetics

The recycled Messmate desktop looks like one of the best materials I could have planned for my desk. But all desktops from UpDown look good, even those that aren’t hardwood. It might be the only company that offers Elm melamine desktops or Victorian Ash desktops.

Ample desktop sizes and materials to choose from

The most difficult choice right after the materials is the size of the desk itself. UpDown is a leader in the industry when it comes to customising your tabletop. Unlike its competitors that may offer two sizes, UpDown allows you to choose from three lengths including 120cm, 150cm, and a massive 180cm. The depth of all UpDown desktops is 75cm which is great since it provides a lot of workspaces. Depending on the purpose of your desk and how much space you have available, you may even opt for the PRO Series of corner-standing desks.

UpDown’s choice of desktop materials is even better, especially if you prefer the natural look of a hardwood tabletop. With options are numerous, but so are the size options of the UpDown Desk PRO. 3 sizes are offered to cover the needs of most users.

  • Hardwoods – Messmate, Acacia, Pheasantwood, Natural Rubberwood, Walnut Stained Rubberwood, and Victorian Ash.
  • Bamboo.
  • Melamine – white, beech, elm, and black.
  • Recycled materials – recycled Messmate, and recycled Oregon.
updown recycled messmate standing desk
If you are eco-conscience, the recycled messmate tabletop is a fantastic option for hardwood lovers (image by UpDown).

Cable hole grommets cutouts are a must

The design of the desktop can be changed or adapted for practicality. Make sure you ad your cable grommet cutouts to the desktop when configuring the desk as this helps maintain that tidy desk look. For other cable management tips for your standing desk, read this article.

Frame colours

White and black frames are offered by UpDown for the PRO Series. I’ve simply matched by white to the white office furniture I bought in the home office upgrade. Overall, the selection of frame colours is quite limited, however, white and black framing should complement most office or home decors.

Ease of Installation & Set Up

I knew what to expect in terms of assembly as I already assembled a standing desk before. It even had a metal drawer. The main purpose is to attach the desktop to the frame. This is done upside down. You place the desktop on the floor to then attach the frame yourself. The process is described in the installation guide but there’s an easier-to-follow assembly guide on the UpDown website to consider if you haven’t assembled a standing desk before.

The PRO Series is a heavy and robust standing desk. Its included transportation wheels means you may move it around yourself. Lifting it isn’t possible on your own, on the other hand. It’s too large and too heavy to be lifted by one person. This, on the other hand, signals a quality product made to last. Even its dual motors offer high lifting capacity which means it easily elevates with my 2 large displays, laptop, and 2kg mechanical keyboard.

Performance & Functionality

The ease of use is mainly an attribute of the electric motors themselves. They do all the work and I find their height adjustment speed satisfactory. Not too loud to wake up the house when working early in the morning, and the motors work without fault.

All of the accessories I’ve configured the standing desks with such as the metal cable grommets and the metal cable tray are worth it as well. They may add minimum weight onto the desktop, but the motors are powerful for all metal accessories.

Then there’s the sturdy work surface. A stable platform at any elevation is one of the main reasons I even considered buying a large display screen with considerable weight to replace my current smaller displays. Alternate standing desks are not as stable and can wobble with uneven weight distribution.

Cable management

A cable management tray is a must for almost any type of standing desk, be it a small one or a large one. There’s always the dreaded hanging cables aspect I’m worried about with my computer and dual monitor setup. UpDown has a white and black cable tray to choose from. While the colour is not important, you need to know the cable tray is visible if your standing desk is installed in the middle of the room as it typically goes to the back of the desktop.


From under-desk drawers to power rails, the right standing desk needs to come with a few accessories to make life easier while working. Monitors arms are a must for an ergonomic position at the desk and facilitate a free desktop as they are elevated. As with all brands, UpDown doesn’t include a monitor arm in the pack but makes them available as separate purchases. I’ve got my monitor arm also from UpDown as they come with a simple tool-free installation. There’s a clamp with a ball joint that secures the monitor arm to the back of the desktop.

Metal and plastic cable grommets are offered by UpDown as a separate purchase. I wouldn’t recommend plastic grommets on hardwood desktops as they tend to look cheap on a premium surface. The metal grommets look better and feel like they can last a long time. Most importantly, they solve dangling cable problems you might face on your computer setup.

It’s all about quality workmanship with UpDown (image by UpDown).

One of the accessories I’m currently missing is a headphones hook. I’ve seen these with non-Australian brands and I think they solve even more space problems as you can simply keep your headphones close, right on the desktop.

Warranty & Returns

There’s a general 10-year warranty offered on the frame and all electrical components of the PRO Series. This is a standard policy at UpDown which is an industry leader in this regard. The extended period was one of the reasons I chose the PRO Series as some of its competitors offer shorter warranty policies such as the Zen Space standing desk or Omnidesk Pro based on our review. They have a 7-year policy which could turn into a 10-year policy if you promote their standing desk on social media. I wasn’t willing to do it.

On the other hand, the PRO Series desktop comes with a 5-year warranty which always makes me plan to add just the bare minimum items on it as even this short warranty is voided when you add more weight than the standing desk can handle.

Customers Reviews

An electric standing desk is a sizeable investment so you want to be happy with the manufacturer you are buying it from. Based on available customer reviews on Google and ProductReview, it can be said that UpDown customers are extremely happy with the purchasing experience and quality of the product.

Based on 232 Google reviews, UpDown Desks Australia has a stellar overall rating of 4.9/5.0. Compared to other manufacturers of Australian desks, this is one of the highest customer scores which says nothing but good things about the service you will receive. Reviews on ProductReview revealed a similar trend where a rating of 4.8/5.0 was achieved from 41 reviews. The UpDown Desk has also recognised by an Australian media outlet, the Canberra Times as one of the better standing desks.

Customers generally agreed on two things. The PRO Series is sturdy and very premium-looking. The reviews are great and there was a lot of emphasis on the easy and friendly customer service. Based on our own experience dealing with UpDown, we can say that all aspects of purchasing our desks were seamless and stress-free.

A couple of points other customers make include the minimum height of the desk. At 64cm with added casters, the desk might not be low-enough for short users. Still, much of this can be solved with a height-adjustable office chair, which I believe should be a standard chair for the desk anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UpDown standing desk worth it?

The UpDown Stand-Up Desk is worth it if you need a premium desk. The extra price you pay for this stand-up desk is based on its heavy frame and the quality wooden desktops which are locally made in Australia. The frame gets a 10-year warranty, the longest in the industry.

How long will an UpDown standing desk last?

An UpDown standing desk lasts at least 10 years according to the warranty policies of the manufacturer. It may last even longer if the weight limits of each desk are adhered to by the user.
Customers expect their desks to last longer when paired with durable accessories like metal cable management grommets.

Is the UpDown standing desk scratch resistant?

The recycled Mesmite desktop isn’t scratch-resistant. Special care is needed for this beautiful hardwood desktop. Users who might scratch their desktops can choose the alternative UpDown bamboo desktop, which is specifically made to be scratch-resistant.

What are recommended accessories for the UpDown PRO standing desk?

A monitor arm and a cable management tray are the must-have accessories for the PRO standing desk. A metal drawer is a nice touch, but it might not offer too much extra storage. Metal cable grommets are also practical, but some users prefer not to have their desktops drilled for a smooth uniform work surface.

Where are UpDown PRO series standing desks made?

The PRO Series Electric Desk is Australian-made. This means there’s a solid steel frame with heavy-duty construction to count on. The attention to detail when it comes to Australian-made products is also there. It’s the small details such as having rounded corners for a safer design in home offices that might be visited by children running around the house.

Final Thoughts on the UpDown PRO Desk

The UpDown PRO Series is a premium stand-up desk available in Australia. It offers a range of quality desktop materials and an excellent choice of recycled wood materials. The frame of the desk is heavy and very sturdy compared to other sit-stand desks we’ve reviewed like Desky.

The Stand up desk also comes with smooth electric adjustments and may even be used as other fixed-height standing desks in a sitting working position. Compared to other sit-stand desks we’ve reviewed, it also has a nice 10-year warranty for headache-free use. The stand-up desk is worth it if you’re interested in a quality work surface that lasts long and also looks great.

My CriteriaMy Rating
Desktop size5 / 5
Electric height adjustment5 / 5
Hardwood desktop5 / 5
Stability5 / 5
Installation5 / 5

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