Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk Review

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In this Omnidesk Pro review, I take you through the ins and outs of this electric standing desk and how it has performed since I purchased it last year. Some aspects reaffirmed why I bought it but there are some reservations that I’ll share for you to consider before you make a purchase.

Quick Verdict

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The Bottom Line:

The Omnidesk Pro is a value-for-money sit-stand desk that provides excellent build quality, a great range of hardwood tabletops, and compatibility with a wide assortment of accessories to enhance your workspace. The desk has not wavered in its condition and it still performs the day I assembled it. Starting at the economical price point of $855, you can obtain a highly flexible work or gaming standing desk that will last a long time. However, be prepared for a potentially tricky sale process as other customers have had negative experiences.

Who Should Buy The Omnidesk PRO Series Desk?

The Omnidesk Pro electric desk is suitable for a wide range of users including people who work and study from home, creatives, and people buying their first height-adjustable desk. This is due to its value-for-money price point where you can obtain a strong and sturdy frame with high-quality hardwood finishes. With its good range of accessories, those who undertake specialist roles such as bloggers, Youtuber’s and even gamers will be able to get the tools they need. This is definitely one of the best electric standing desks for people on a budget.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding range of good-quality accessories to customise your workspace.
  • Very strongly built and sturdy.
  • Excellent choice of 7 premium and unique hardwood tabletops.
  • The Natural Hevea tabletop is resistant to scratches (if you look after it).


  • The instruction manual is a challenge to follow.
  • Some accessories can be expensive.
Price$855 – $1,255
Place of ManufactureMelbourne
TypeElectric dual motor
Load Capacity130kg
Maximum Height125cm
InstallationRequires installation
Warranty7 years, can be extended to 10 if you leave a review on social media
ShippingFree to anywhere in Australia

Omnidesk Compared

What We Liked:

  • The single monitor arm – Strong and durable, the stealth single monitor arm is a must-have accessory to hold your computer monitor. Power and HDMI cables can be hidden inside their casing. Plus, it gives you the ability to face your monitor in different directions and elevations.
  • Value-for-money – As my first sit-stand desk, the build quality of the Omnidesk Pro 2022 certainly impressed me for its price point. You can pay a bit more for a premium hardwood tabletop.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some DIY may be required – The PC mount, drawer and cable spine do not come with pre-drilled holes. You will need a power drill to install these or pay $150 for Omnidesk for on-site assembly which may not even be the same day as delivery.
  • The unavailability of items – I wanted the white frame and legs, however, was informed after the purchase that they were unavailable. Items being out of stock appears to be a common theme based on the reviews of other customers.

What Is Omnidesk?

Omnidesk is an Australian-owned and operated company that offers a range of affordable electric sit-stand desks and accessories. Based in Melbourne, the brand has a small selection of desks to choose from, however, each is unique that caters to a specific audience. The Pro line of sit-stand desks is easily the most popular model in its range where it can be customised to suit your needs, both in terms of purpose and aesthetics. Omnidesk is best known for its Wildwood collection of quality hardwood tabletops that can be fitted to the Pro standing desk, as well as the multitude of accessories that can be fitted.

If you are located in Melbourne, then you have the added advantage of visiting their showroom at 400 Dynon Road, West Melbourne to get the full experience. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. They are closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.

My Thoughts On The Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk

An excellent selection of hardwood desktops

On top of the MDF desktops, there are six hardwood materials to choose from which puts Omnidesk at the top in terms of choice. These include Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, and the gorgeous Pheasantwood. Depending on which wood grain you choose, expect to pay extra between $20 for the Hevea and $400 for the Walnut.

If I had my time again, then I would definitely get the Pheasantwood desktop. It is marginally thicker than my Natural Hevea and has a live front edge to really accentuate its natural beauty. One thing to note is that Omnidesk doesn’t offer any desktops made out of recycled materials.

omnidesk pro acacia
Classy, refined, and visually pleasing.

Outstanding accessories

Omnidesk has a wide selection of good standing desk accessories that can be paired with the Pro electric standing desk. They either provide you with a great deal of functionality, improve your quality of life, or enhance the aesthetics of your work or gaming station. Depending on the wood grain you select for your desktop, you can even get a matching set of drawers or side pedestal.

Given my cable management issues, I would highly recommend adding the advanced cable management bar to ensure you can adequately hide all your wires. Here’s a guide on other cable management tips for your standing desk.


After using the Omnidesk Pro Wildwood since July 2022, I feel that the desk offers good value for money. Originally purchased at $855 for the small desk alone, you can obtain a highly functional and visually pleasing workstation at a good price point. This starting price is directly comparable to the bamboo desks that Desky offers ($889). The one thing to take note of is that the cost of accessories will quickly add up.

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Although being value for money, if you prefer premium products like me then you should consider the UpDown PRO Series, Zen Space desk, and Xdesk Encore series of standing desks that we’ve also reviewed.

Design & Aesthetics

The quality and finishings of the Omnidesk Pro standing desk are sleek and modern. It is clear that my Hevea desktop was seamlessly milled and crafted which results in a distinct smoothness on the surface.

If you select the MDF desktop, you can also opt to have the front edge milled out to produce a curve. This option is not available for hardwood desktops and will come down to personal preference.

Overall, the design and quality of Omnidesk’s Pro standing desk bats above its price point. If you are buying your electric sit-stand desk or have previously used cheaper brands, then you will be happy with what the Pro desk brings.

Ease of Installation & Set Up

In my opinion, the instructions to set up and install our Omnidesk Pro Wildwood desk were difficult to follow but I managed to complete it in a couple of hours. In fact, the poor instructional material I was in possession of was also mentioned by some customers leaving negative reviews.

The frame and tabletop are heavy and bulky to handle (I purchased the 122 cm x 76 cm) without help from someone else. But it can be done. Like most electric standing desks, assembling the Pro electric desk needs to be completed upside down so that the motor and cable management tray can be fitted underneath the desktop.

Apart from the poor instruction manual, the metal cover that houses where the motor control box and associated cables are stored is a very tight fit. You really need to jam the cables in so that the cover can be fitted.

Omnidesk will also ask you where the digital controller will be positioned, i.e. left or right. This is important because they will pre-drill the two screw holes for you before delivery. My recommendation is to choose a side where you are less likely to knock it with your office chair since it can move around if not securely fastened.

Overall, assembling the Omnidesk Pro Wildwood standing desk is relatively straightforward to complete, even despite the lack of decent instructional content.

Build Quality

The build quality of my Omnidesk Pro Wildwood desk is second to none. I opted for the black powder-coated steel legs and frame (since the white was out of stock) and the natural Hevea tabletop. It’s almost been a year since the purchase and the desk is still going strong. The motors work seamlessly in elevating the desktop and still as quiet. However, it is noteworthy that I only change from a sitting to a standing position about once a day and this isn’t considered intensive use of the desk.

Unlike the cheaper MDF desktop version where several customers have indicated bowing, there are no defects in the wooden Hevea tabletop. It hasn’t lost its shine and smooth surface and it’s rather difficult to incur any dents or chips on its bevelled edges. There is a hole in the rear of the desktop where you can run your cables through to the cable management tray sitting underneath. This is a great way of concealing unsightly cables if you prefer a minimalist working environment like me.

Although strong, durable, and easy on the eye, the Hevea tabletop can still be harmed. The single monitor arm that I am using to hold up a 34-inch screen has left an imprint on the desktop where the arm has been securely fastened. This is not an issue if you don’t move it but it can be seen if you decide on changing the position of the arm mount.

The other thing to note is that the hole in the desktop that allows wiring to run into the cable management bar is positioned a bit close to the rear edge. The distance from the hole to the edge didn’t allow me to fix the arm mount directly behind the hole and in the centre of the desk since the base overlaps the hole by 1cm. Instead, the position of the arm mount base needed to be offset to the right of the hole. Having said that, the design of the monitor arm still allows the screen to take a central position.

Performance & Functionality

With its price tag, you should expect a high level of performance from the Omnidesk Pro standing desk. here is my personal experience after using it since July 2022.

Ease of adjustments

The digital controller is used to easily elevate to a maximum height of 125cm. The minimum height is 60cm. Although this elevation range is within industry standards, you can find an electrically operated standing desk that goes lower and higher. At 180cm tall, the Omnidesk allows me to find the ideal height when in a standing position.

The digital controller comes with four buttons so you can save multiple elevations. Changing the height of the desk can be done by simply pressing the button. Otherwise, you can manually adjust the height using the up and down arrows. Similar to most electric standing desks, the Pro series comes with an anti-collision mechanism to ensure that the minimum and maximum elevation points are not reached.

omnidesk pro digital controller

With a motor speed of 43mm per second, changing the elevation of the desk is quite fast compared to other brands. This is not overly important, however, its quick speed will improve your quality of life if you frequently change working positions.

Cable management

Cable management is an issue for almost every workspace and mine was certainly no exception. During installation, I found the recess underneath the desktop to be just big enough to house the motor controller and associated wiring. Getting it all proved the challenge.

The advanced cable management bar ($79) is a must-have accessory. Available in black or white, this allows you to hide all your cables and wiring from devices beneath the desk where it is out of sight. It has sufficient depth and length to even fit a power board.


Omnidesk is well-known for its range of accessories that are superior to a lot of other standing desk manufacturers. In fact, this was one of the reasons why I chose Omnidesk.

Accessories that I purchased with the desk included the PC mount, cable management bar, and the ARC stealth single monitor mount. The PC mount that is fastened underneath the tabletop was not in stock despite being able to complete the purchase, so I opted for the alternate PC roller stand. I did not like the quality of the caster wheels on the stand as they did not feel sturdy enough.

omnidesk pro monitor arm
The Omnidesk single stealth arm allows you to manoeuvre your monitor in more ways than one.

However, the single stealth arm was a clear winner. It is more than enough to hold a 34-inch widescreen monitor and has features to minimise unsightly power and HDMI cables. These can be fed through the lower half of the arm which is hollow. Two USB ports are present on its base which can be handy.

Warranty & Returns

With a 7-year warranty on the Pro Wildwood standing desk, Omnidesk doesn’t provide the best reassurance compared to similar desks such as the UpDown PRO Series where 10 years is on offer. Extending the warranty on your Omnidesk Pro smart desk from 7 to 10 years can be achieved by leaving a review of the desk on a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram. Although this is cheaper than buying an additional 3 years, the method of extending your warranty is rather dubious. Omnidesk accessories have a 1-year warranty.

Omnidesk offers a 100-day free trial which is on par with one of its biggest rivals, UpDown. If you are not satisfied with your Pro electric desk, then you can return it in the same packaging it was delivered in and at your own cost. Omnidesk must be notified of your intentions before the 100th day following the original purchase.

My Customer Experience

It must be said that choosing and customising an Omnidesk Pro standing desk is an enjoyable experience. I opted for the smaller 122cm x 76cm model with white legs and the natural Hevea desktop with a straight finish.

Unfortunately, the white powder-coated legs and PC mount were unavailable even after paying for them. After some email correspondence with Omnidesk, I had to settle with the black legs and PC roller stand. Although the email conversation was prompt and friendly, the absence of certain stock items seems to be a common experience for its customers.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews and ratings of Omnidesk generally reflect our experience buying and using the Pro desk. Based on 301 Google reviews, Omnidesk has a good rating of 4.7/5.0 which is a good reflection of the company as a whole. This mirrors our stress-free experience from dealing with the staff from Omnidesk to receiving a well-packaged product after a quick delivery.

omnidesk google reviews

However, reviews and feedback provided by customers who purchased the Omnidesk Pro standing desk are more negative. ProductReview reveals that the desk has an overall rating of 3.0/5.0 based on 29 reviews. Although the number of reviews is not exactly a good sample size to draw a conclusion, we feel that this is around the mark from our own experience with the desk.

omnidesk product review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so good about Omnidesk?

Omnidesk is best known for its range of high-quality hardwood desktops that are unique in the Australian standing desk market. The Melbourne-based company also offers a wide range of accessories that can be paired with their electric desks to improve your quality of life, increase functionality, and enhance how your workstation looks.

How much weight can the Omnidesk Pro hold?

The Omnidesk Pro can hold up to 130kg which is slightly less than the typical standing desk weight load of 150kg.

How deep is Omnidesk Pro?

The depth of the Omnidesk Pro tabletop is 76cm deep. The depth is the same across the entire Pro range of standing desks irrespective of the length and desktop material.

Final Thoughts on the UpDown PRO Desk

The Omnidesk Pro desk has performed admirably over the year without any blemishes. The digital controller with programmable buttons allows me to elevate the desktop to my preferred height in both sitting and standing positions. Used solely for work purposes, I still use the same features that were originally purchased and there hasn’t been a need to change it. I highly recommend the Omnidesk Pro sit-stand desk to people who want a reliable and visually pleasing standing desk without breaking the bank. If the Omnidesk Pro doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can always consider buying a standing desk converter for an existing desk.

My CriteriaMy Rating
Desktop size5 / 5
Electric height adjustment5 / 5
Hardwood desktop4 / 5
Stability4 / 5
Installation2.5 / 5

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