Rectangular Standing Desks vs. L-Shaped Standing Desks

Extra desk space is one of the main reasons to dive into the regular rectangular standing desk vs L-shaped standing desk debate. A traditional rectangular desk is the main choice for most users, but the extra desk surface of an L-shaped desk might be better suited for different types of users.

Key Takeaways:

  • An L-shaped standing desk offers maximum space and the highest maximum load capacity.
  • A rectangular standing desk is more affordable and practical for small spaces.
  • Both a standing desk and a rectangular desk can be used to work while sitting and standing ergonomically.

The Differences Between Regular And L-Shaped Standing Desks

Rectangular standing desks are smaller compared to the space L-shaped desks offer, which is often compared to having two desktop surfaces. While a rectangular standing desk is cheaper, an L-shaped desk typically has double the maximum weight load capacity. A stable work surface is also characteristic of L-shaped standing desks as they come with 3-leg frames compared to 2-leg frames seen on a traditional rectangular desk. This means your standing desk is unlikely to wobble.

Comparison FactorsRectangular Standing DesksL-shaped Standing Desks
Cost$500 – $2,000$1,400 – $1,900
Installation1-piece desktop and a metal frame with 2 legs1-piece desktop and a metal frame with 4 legs
WeightUp to 50kgUp to 65kg
AssemblyBy userBy user
Load Capacity70-140kgUp to 200kg
Accessory optionsCable management tray, 1-2 monitor armsCable management trays, 2-3 monitor arms
SafetyAuto collision detectionAuto collision detection
Power200W (0.1W on standby)200W (0.1W on standby)
Ease of useIncluded hand controllerIncluded hand controller
Durability6-8 yearsUp to 10 years
Stability2-leg frame design3-leg frame design

What Is An Rectangular Standing Desk?

A rectangular standing desk that adjusts up and down using electric motors for sitting and standing at work. These types of desks have rectangular desktops and can be categorized as straight desks by the desk surface shape.

Rectangular Standing Desks: Pros & Cons

Practical and affordable, electric desks can comfortably accommodate a user with a laptop, a desktop computer, and 1-2 computer monitors on the desktop surface.


  • Regular standing desks are suitable for small workspaces in the office or home, it doesn’t require extra desk space.
  • An ergonomic desk that only supports the ideal working position (right in front of the main computer monitor).
  • Enough room for most computers and computer accessories a typical user needs.
  • Available in a higher range of sizes, materials, and prices compared to a limited range L shaped desks that come in.


  • A bit cramped for three monitor computer setups.
  • It might not fit as well in a corner as a corner desk compared to an L-shaped desk.
  • No room for extra accessories such as printers or large tablets (used by architects, engineers, and artists).

What Is A L-shaped Standing Desk?

An L-shaped standing desk has a large desktop designed in an L-shape with functionalities similar to a standard rectangular standing desk. While a larger rectangular desk can often solve the need for extra space, L-shaped desks can be a great alternative to a standing desk and offer even more support for multiple monitors and computer accessories.

desky walnut finish L shaped desk
Desky’s L-shaped standing desk in a classy walnut finish (image by Desky).

L-shaped standing Desks: Pros & Cons

Suitable for both left and right side orientation, an L-shaped standing desk has its strengths and weaknesses as follows.


  • An ergonomic design means even a huge L-shaped standing desk promotes good posture while standing and sitting.
  • A desk corner can free up space in the middle of a room or an office to make it feel less cluttered.
  • It comes with 3 legs (and three motors) which means the stability of an L-shaped desk compared to a rectangular desk is superior.
  • Sufficient desk space for almost any line of work such as architecture and engineering.
  • Ideal design for wide monitors (40 inches+) used in engineering, architecture, software engineering, gaming, and virtual reality.


  • Different space requirements compared to a standard desk might mean it doesn’t fit all spaces.
  • Some items on the desk can be hard to reach due to the larger optimal reach zone.
  • A limited range of desktop sizes to comfortably accommodate a wider range of users seeking an L desktop shape.
  • It can sometimes be cheaper to buy two desks that go up and down instead of buying different desk shapes.

The Practical Differences Between Rectangular Standing Desks And L-shaped Desks

While there are key advantages and disadvantages to both rectangular and L-shaped desks, the desk shape itself separates them in terms of practicality.


An L-shaped desk is often seen as a corner desk as it takes up a lot of space in the middle of a room. While it works in an open office space floor plan, it may show its limitation in the office at home. Apart from being very large, an L-shaped standing desk is also challenging to move around. Some of the modern rectangular standing desks come with casters so that you can move them around during the day. One benefit of moving a standing desk around is avoiding monitor glare with the changing direction of direct sunlight on your desk.

Surface area

While it loses mobility, an L desk gains maximum points in usable surface area. A desk extension isn’t needed even with smaller L-shaped desks as they accommodate all types of gadgets and computer accessories. L-shaped workstations have a neutral reach zone which means you can only reach a limited number of these accessories. However, the increased size of your desktop means you can push the gear back to the outer reach zone you don’t often reach for back. This includes monitors and printers which help in minimizing stretching motions.

desky L-shaped standing desk for gamers
L-shaped desks provide more real estate for monitors and accessories, making them perfect for gamers (image by Omnidesk).

Number of configurations

Rectangular standing desks are more compact, cheaper, and popular for regular users. This also means they come in a wider number of configurations and are made of different materials. One of the areas an L desk can suffer is in the materials of its desktop, which are often laminate or a type of engineered wood. Hardwood desktops are rare or an L desk given its size would add too much weight to the electric motors. Rectangular standing desks come with all types of desktops. This includes lightweight engineered wood or bamboo and hardwood desktops.

Suitability for small workspaces

A small desk shape is required for limited office space. Both a chair and a standing desk need to fit in a small space and this is where a rectangular desk can prove a better option. Open office spaces with back-to-back desks also have limited space for all employees. In this case, a rectangular desk may prove a superior space-saving option.

An L-shaped desk, regardless of its on the left or the right side, is a replacement for a director’s desk, which is larger by definition.

Are L-Shaped Standing Desks More Stable?

Yes, l-shaped standing desks tend to be more stable than other types of standing desks. This is because they have a larger surface area and a more secure base. An l-shaped desk sits on 3 legs. There’s one leg in the middle and 2 at the sides, fusing 2 regular standing desk frames together. This creates a stable work surface, regardless of your position at the desk.

The Ergonomic Differences Between a Straight Desk and an L-shaped Desk

Some ergonomists promote keeping frequently alternating between standing and sitting at work. This sit-stand alternation is supported by both desks, only separated by small differences in terms of a human solution to working while standing.

The optimal reach zone helps access commonly used items on an l-shaped desk

Optimal reach zones on a desk include the items in the front and in the mid-desk. These can be accessed easily. However, extended reach zones or items at the back of the deks may not be easily reached on larger deks such as an l-shaped desk compared to a rectangular desk where all items are conveniently reached.

A natural work position is similar on both desks

While reaching for items is different on these desks, the adjustable height characteristic of both desks allows one to easily work in a natural position that is ergonomic at any height range.

Both work surfaces are comfortable for long periods

Both l-shaped desks and rectangular desks can be used for long hours of work. The only difference is the larger l-shaped desks can carry more load and store more items.

Left or right-side working positions feel the same in terms of ergonomics

A rectangular desk only has one ideal working position while an L-shaped desk can be adapted to 2 working positions. None of these desks is superior in terms of good posture in front of the monitor, however.

Rectangular Standing Desk Vs L-Shaped Standing Desk: Which Do You Choose?

An l-shaped standing desk has multiple benefits these include a large weight capacity, the ability to store use more monitors and computer accessories, and good stability. A standing desk with an L-shaped desktop is ideal for those who need extra space, such as creatives working with multiple monitors, printers, or large drawing tablets. While they cost more, they offer extra storage and higher maximum weight capacity.

An L-shaped desk might also replace 2 standard rectangular desks at the office. 2 users can be working at the desk at the same time, essentially saving the space required for a couple of rectangular desks.

A rectangular standing desk is an ergonomic desk for working while standing and sitting for most users. It has the affordability advantage plus the major plus of having a smaller desktop that fits any type of office without requiring extra space. A rectangular standing desk is cheaper and often sufficient for users that don’t need more than 2 displays and an extra workspace.


The L-shaped standing desk is the largest type of standing desk, only recommended for those who need extra space. This desk is ideal for 3 or more monitor setups or for creatives who need extra desktop space. A rectangular desk is a simpler solution that can be adapted to small spaces a typical user needs to see the full benefits of working while standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an L-shaped standing desk more expensive?

An l shaped standing desk is more expensive than a rectangular desk. It can even cost twice as much as a rectangular desk as it has a larger work surface, more electric motors, and higher maximum load capacity.

Can I use a rectangular desk as a corner standing desk?

A rectangular desk can be used in a corner. Its reduced size also gives it some mobility a larger L-shaped standing desk doesn’t have due to its larger size and weight.

How many monitors can an l shaped standing desk hold?

With a maximum load of up to 200kg, an L-shaped standing desk can hold 3 or even more computer monitors plus accessories. This is the largest type of standing desk available on the market.

Is an L-shaped standing desk an ergonomic desk?

An L-shaped standing desk has the same ergonomic principles compared to a rectangular standing desk. It features adjustable height and plenty of space to sit and stand at a comfortable distance from the computer monitor. This type of standing desk may lose ideal ergonomic working positioning when used with multiple monitors as a single display tends to be the main display for computer work.

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