How Much Does A Standing Desk Cost?

Australian sit-stand desks come at different prices. Setting a budget for a home office upgrade is important when choosing a standing desk. Coming in various sizes and in different materials, adjustable desks on the Australian market are available at different budgets to suit all needs. Generally, what you pay is what you get.

Key Takeaways

  • A standard electric standing desk in Australia can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,700.
  • A desk converter that can elevate your desk working platform are more affordable than standing desks and start from $300.
  • The price difference in dedicated standing desks is based on size, the quality of materials, and ease of use.
  • Purchasing a standing desk is worth the hype but you pay for what you get in terms of quality.

How much does an average standing desk cost?

The starting cost for a good standing desk may cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to $1,700. Selecting the size of the desk, a better quality desktop, or adding essential standing desk accessories such as monitor arms will add to that cost in the hundreds of dollars. A decent desk converter is the most affordable type of standing desk while an electric standing sit stand desk with one or two motors costs at least $500.

Budget standing desks (<$500)

Given the limited options available, the right-standing desk may be difficult to find with a budget of up to $500. However, you can still find a viable solution when shopping on a tight budget. Here are some examples.

  • Ever Desk Elevate: At a price of almost $400, this standing desk converter turns a table into a standing table or a classic desk into a sit stand desk on a budget.
  • Desky Sit Stand Converter: Available for $240, this small standing desk converter is ideal for laptops.
  • Ikea Manual Idasen Sit Stand Desk: While not electric, the Idasen sit stand desk is one of the largest standing desks on the Australian market available for under $500.

The advantages of budget stand up desks

  • Budget desks are great as an entry-level option or for those with temporary workspaces.
  • While affordable, budget sit-stand converters come with hard-wearing melamine board materials but quality finishes won’t be there.

The drawbacks of a budget stand up desks

  • Most options in this price range are sit-stand desk converters and finding an electric standing desk will be hard.
  • The standing position may be limited as opposed to electric standing desks.
  • No space for accessories such as a cable tray or multiple monitors.
desky desk converter on a budget
if you’re on a budget and have a small workspace then you can get the Desky Desk Converter for $299 (image by Desky).

Mid-range standing desks ($500-$1,000)

Mid-range stand-up desks cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000. An actual electric adjustable standing desk can be purchased within the budget, unlike the limited options to mostly sit-stand converter options when shopping on a budget.

  • Everdesk Max: Starting at $600, these compact height adjustable desks are highly affordable.
  • OmniDesk Pro: The smallest OmniDesk Pro costs just $770.
  • Bekant Sit Stand Desk: Ikea’s Bekant Sit Stand Desk mid-range electric height adjustable desks sell for around $700.
  • Artiss Sit Stand Desk: At prices starting from $600, the Artiss Standing Desk is an affordable mid-range option in Australia.
artiss standing desk
Although relatively basic, Artiss’s standing desk will cover the workspace needs for most Australians (image by Artiss).

The advantages of mid-range standing desks

  • This price range offers most functions seen on the best standing desk such as electronic height adjustment, a large desktop, and plenty of accessories your existing desk doesn’t offer.
  • Standing desk manufacturers in Australia focus on this price range, which means there are plenty of desks to choose from.
  • Sufficient desktop space for multiple monitors.
  • Most will come with a digital panel so you can save your ideal standing desk height elevation.

The drawbacks of sit stand adjustable desks

  • Superior in customization for sitting and standing positions compared to a traditional desk.
  • Plenty of great options at the same price point or a similar price point.
  • A long list of compatible desk options and office furniture accessories.
  • Cable management holes are rare, unlike on high-end standing desks.

High-end standing desks (>$1,000)

A height-adjustable desk that costs more than $1,000 is a premium product. A dedicated standing desk with premium materials can be purchased at this budget and often come with great customisation options. A choice of desk frame colours, multiple choices for a cable management system, heavy-duty construction, and a long warranty are some of the advantages of these high-end best-sit desk choices.

  • UpDown Pro Desk: UpDdown’s Pro Desk Series is a reputable standing desk in Australia. They come with full electrical components for height adjustment and a bamboo desk at a price of just over $1,000.
  • Zen Space Desks: At just over $1,000, this standing desk comes with a choice of 9 desktop finishes
  • Desky Dual Rubberwood Standing Desk: Premium materials are used on these standing desks starting at $1,000
  • UpDown Pheasantwood Standing Desk: Top materials and a wide range of desk options and accessories other desks don’t offer (metal cable holes, power grommets, and dual monitor arms).
updown standing desk for bigger budgets
If you have the money to spend, UpDown’s PRO Series of standing desks are a great investment (image by UpDown).

The advantages of high-end standing desks

  • Standing desks that cost more are made with premium hardwood or softwood materials.
  • A standing desk that cost more has extra ergonomic research behind its design.
  • A top choice of standing desk accessories such as cable holes, power points, and USB connections can be fitted.

The drawbacks of a height adjustable standing desk

  • Most accessories are actually separate purchases.
  • Handy Lockable drawers or a cable management tray are sold separately.
  • A mid-range option such as the Artiss Stand Up Desk may feel similar to a premium option such as Zen Space Desks in everyday use.

How Much Does A Standing Desk Converter Cost?

A standing desk converter starts at $300 and it may cost more than $400. Its size, weight capacity, materials, and warranty may impact its final price. A dark bamboo or a bright bamboo desktop isn’t available with converters which are melamine desktop sit-stand converters across multiple price ranges.

Are standing desks worth the money?

A great desk is a desk that allows you to sit and stand so that you don’t suffer from bad posture. While they don’t need all of the accessories manufacturers to offer, such as a metal drawer or lockable drawers, sit stand desks need to be easily adjusted. Fixed-height standing desks may be cheaper than sit to stand desks, but they aren’t truly ergonomic.

Why do standing desks cost so much?

Standing desks tend to cost more than traditional desks as they have movable expensive components such as electronic motors. A metal white frame that goes up and down is also more expensive to manufacture than the simple wooden legs of a standing table or of a traditional desk. Moreover, L-shaped standing desks are more expensive due to their larger size and materials involved.

Frequently asked questions

How much should I spend on a standing desk?

You need to spend at least $500 for a mid-range standing desk and at least $1.000 for a high-end standing desk, excluding any accessories such as monitor arms, feet pads, or USB points. A cheaper option includes choosing desk converters which cost up to $500.

Is a standing desk really better than sitting?

In the past, office furniture wasn’t made according to the best ergonomics. Today, research shows a combination of sitting and standing is ideal for proper posture if you work at a desk.


Other desks may cost less than standing desks, but they aren’t as ergonomic or as good for your posture. Several desks that adjust by height and standing desk converters may not even be considerably more expensive than a non-adjustable desk. In Australia, good height-adjustable standing desks cost around $500 while a great standing desk with hardwood materials starts at around $1.000. There are also ongoing power costs for the standing desk that should be considered in the overall budget. Also, remember that standing desks are tax deductible within Australia.

For those on a very small budget and who can’t afford a standing desk, a short-term option is to purchase an exercise. While they may not have the long-term benefits of a standing desk, they are cheap and can improve posture. Find out which is better in this standing desk vs exercise ball comparison.

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