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If you are after a cheaper standing desk or don’t need a premium brand, then you should consider the Artiss range. In this article, we look at how they compare to other budget-friendly desks, summarise consumer feedback, and assess value for money.

Quick Verdict

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The Bottom Line:

Artiss standing desks are a viable option for the cost-sensitive Australian who doesn’t need or want the bells and whistles of a premium brand. The range excels in providing value for money through its durable and sturdy construction and particleboard desktop which brings the cost down. Despite this, you can still opt for the upper model which does provide some additional features that are highly useful.

Who Should Buy The Artiss Standing Desk?

Due to their affordable cost and strong build quality, Artiss standing desks are one of the better standing desks in Australia for people on a budget who need a reliable platform for their creative hobby tasks (e.g. dress-making, painting, sculpting, drawing, sewing) as well as primary and secondary students. However, the lack of features, low weight capacity, and premium materials might not be appealing to people who work from home. A premium-grade desk such as from UpDown or Desky might be the better option.

Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic build quality for the price.
  • Choose from classic white, black, oak, and walnut surface finishings.
  • Up to 3 height presets.
  • A decent motor speed of 32mm/second.


  • Particle board is the only desktop material available.
  • The desk is covered by a 1-year warranty.
Price$574 to $805
Place of ManufactureAustralia
TypeElectric single and dual motor standing desk
Load Capacity70kg – 100kg
Maximum Height118cm
InstallationRequires assembly
Warranty1 year
ShippingFree to anywhere in Australia

Artiss Standing Desk Compared

What We Liked:

  • Value for money: The build quality and low cost exude excellent value for money and are far superior to those at Ikea.
  • Artiss desks will fit into most modern households with their elegant and contemporary design.
  • Four sit-stand desks to choose from depending on the size you need and added features.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No cable management features or accessories which means you need to buy these separately elsewhere and install them yourself.
  • The low weight capacities of 70kg and 100kg for the Roskos I and Roskos III, respectively, imply use case limitations.
  • No bamboo or melamine desktop options. Bamboo and melamine are relatively cheap but popular desktop materials but these are not offered by Artiss.

My Thoughts On Artiss Standing Desks

Different models to suit your needs

Artiss caters to Australians with a budget by giving them several desk choices to choose from. Standing desks from Artiss come in two different models, the Roskos I and Roskos III, with the latter being the more expensive since it comes with more features. For each model, there are two desktop sizes to choose from which further refines the costs.

The cheapest and most basic model will cost you $573.99 and doesn’t come with features such as a digital controller or sit-stand reminders. With a desktop size of 120cm x 60cm, it isn’t the most spacious area to work with but is highly suitable for kids and students. For an extra $40, you can upgrade the desktop to the larger 140cm x 70cm which will be money well spent.

The Roskos III (there is no Roskos II) desks are noticeably more expensive but you do get more features and capabilities. Whilst you still get the same choice of desktop sizes as the Roskos I, the maximum load capacities are higher (100kg) and they come with digital controllers that can be programmed to store up to 3 height presets. There is also a reminder function to help you stick to your sitting and standing schedule.

Overall, Artiss has done well to provide a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a standing desk. Depending on your budget and needs, the Artiss proves to be a viable entry-level desk for the home office or children’s study.

Excellent build quality for the price

The distinguishing feature behind the success of the Artiss standing desk is its value for money.

The twin motors, powder-coated steel frame, wide feet for further support, a 3-button digital controller, and a selection of modern desktops constructed from particle board and finished with an anti-scratch finish all contribute to the exceptional build quality. Although the particle board desktop’s quality is not considered premium, it is an astonishingly good starting point that brings down the cost. The starting price for the Artiss sit-stand desk makes it highly affordable for students, people on a budget, or as a great entry-level workstation.

Regardless of the model, Roskos I or Roskos III, all Artiss standing desks come with a motorised height adjustable frame, scratch-resistant coatings, respectable motor speeds, and adjustable rubber footings for stability.

Great looking desktops to choose from

You can choose four desktop finishes including classic white and black, as well as the natural look of oak and walnut. When you combine these options with the availability of white and black legs and frames, you have a cheap sit-stand desk with a modern and contemporary design. For an entry-level standing desk, the desktops to choose from are relatively modest compared to other desks such as the Omnidesk Pro and UpDown PRO.

artiss walnut standing desk

All Artiss tabletops are made from high-quality particleboard but they do come with anti-scratch coatings to make them more durable. And for those with small children in the home, the corners have been rounded with smoothed edges.


Prices start at $573.99 for the basic Roskos I stand-up desk which is incredibly competitive in the Australian market. Although you might find standing desks from Ikea to be cheaper, they simply don’t match the Artiss in terms of quality or features. For example, the Artiss Roskos I is cheaper than the Ikea Bekant (120cm x 80cm) which doesn’t come with a digital controller either. However, standing desks from Officeworks are slightly cheaper and carry more features but the advantages are marginal.

In comparison to the premium standing desk brands such as Zen Space and Omnidesk, Artiss simply doesn’t compete in terms of quality or features. Having said that, the $804.99 Roskos III desks from Artiss are a fair price for what you get.

Design & Aesthetics

Minimalist and contemporary in design, Artiss desks are available in four desktop colours (white, black, walnut and oak) so you can be sure one of them will match your interior decor. The frame and legs are also available in white and black.

However, for a budget sit-stand desk, they don’t offer the modern sleekness that premium brands provide. There are no hardwoods to choose from, the ever-popular bamboo is not available, and there are no sustainable material options either. Moreover, the digital controller looks basic as well.

artiss sit stand desk

For its design and aesthetics, what you pay is what you get from Artiss. Although perfectly suitable as a first-standing desk or as a study station that will take some punishment from kids over time, Artiss standing desks just don’t have the polish that you might like.

Ease of Installation & Set Up

Installation is relatively straightforward the instructions that come with the two boxes are easy to follow. The particleboard desktop is not too heavy to assemble by yourself but you may opt on the side of caution by getting a second pair of hands to help, particularly when you flip the desk upright following completion.

One thing to be aware of is the need to drill holes for the digital controller yourself since Artiss won’t do this for you. Some other brands give you the option during the purchasing process to select which side (left or right) you want the controller and they will pre-drill the holes for you. Artiss doesn’t do this so don’t be surprised when you figure out a drill is needed.

Performance & Functionality

Motor speed

Artiss standing desks are satisfactory in the performance department. The vertical adjustment speed on the Roskos I models is a bit slow at 25mm/second but at least they don’t make much noise when you are making elevation changes. Interestingly, the dual motors of the Roskos III desks have a vertical speed of 32mm/second and this is more on par with other brands.

Sturdiness and durability

In terms of sturdiness, the Artiss does very well due to its powder-coated steel frame and legs. These are complemented by height-adjustable rubber footings which give you even more flexibility in the event your flooring is not even (e.g., wooden floorboards).

For me, it’s the particleboard desktop that doesn’t meet my needs and wants. It is sure to provide a good surface to work on but it doesn’t give me the confidence since particleboard has the potential to bow or sag and might not last that long. Add this with the ability to purchase desktops separately as replacements (or to retrofit another desk) and I’ll take a premium hardwood every time.

Weight capacities

The other consideration is the maximum load capacity of Artiss desks which are very limited. Depending on the model, load limits range between 70kg and 100kg which is a fair way off most other standing desk brands. This is due to the particleboard desktop which isn’t the strongest material and the weight capacity will be a major factor to think about depending on the type of tasks you want to perform. If you intend on running a dual computer monitor setup then the Roskos I with the 70kg weight limit should be avoided.

Cable management

Artiss standing desks don’t with in-built cable management systems or accessories so you can tidy up your loose power and HDMI cables. You’ll be left using cable ties, sleeves, and velcro straps or other cable management methods to keep your desk neat and tidy.

Warranty & Returns

The warranty of 1 year for Artiss standing desks following purchase is poor. Add the two-day notice requirement for defective products and your confidence in the product might quickly dissipate. The 1-year warranty pales in comparison to premium brands that offer a minimum of 7 years.

The saving grace might be the 30-day ‘change of mind’ policy which is fairly unique in the Australian market. But be aware that you won’t receive a full refund for your purchase as Artiss will retain 10% of the purchase price.

Customers Reviews

In terms of customer feedback on review websites Trustpilot and ProductReview, there were none for Artiss standing desks. However, there are 29 reviews on Amazon where Artiss standing desks have an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Although the sample size is small, 89% of feedback gave the desk a 5-star rating but it’s the nature of the comments that shed light on its performance. Generally, most people were happy with the sit-stand desk or even surprised at how it performed for its price tag. The strong build quality and quick assembly were common themes.

artiss review on amazon

Final Thoughts On The Artiss Standing Desk

For its price tag, standing desks from Artiss provide Australians with an economical, no-fuss, and no-frills workstation that can be relied upon. The relatively low cost and strong build make it ideal for tasks and activities where physical damage might occur such as painting, dress cutting, sewing, and a kid’s standing desk for studying.

In a nutshell, Artiss stand-up desks tick all the boxes for an entry-level or budget desk. But if you value eco-friendly or sustainable desks, the look and feel of hardwoods, faster motors, and accessories to customise your desk then the Artiss standing desk is not for you.

My CriteriaMy Rating
Desktop size4 / 5
Performance4 / 5
Desktop materials3.5 / 5
Stability3.5 / 5
Value for money4.5 / 5

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