Are Ikea standing desks worth It?

The benefits of using a standing desk are self-explanatory for improved posture and health. Ikea standing desks are among the affordable options to start standing. An Ikea desk is a no-frills standing desk and one of the first options as a new desk for sit-stand working position alternations. But how good are these desks compared to others and are they worth it?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ikea standing desks are an affordable option for those starting out on a budget.
  • Standing desks from Ikea tend to lack proper support for their maximum load capacities.
  • Ikea standing desks take time to adjust their height and lack memory pre-sets seen on premium alternatives.

Should You Buy An Ikea Standing Desk?

If you’re on a budget and only need a simple desk to work with then a standing desk from Ikea will be a sound choice. Ikea stand-sit desks take the minimalist approach with their poorer-quality construction materials (typically particle board desktops), a lack of customisation options, and much lower weight capacities of around 70kg.

Whilst they generally cost more, the high-quality finishes and features of standing desks made by Australian manufacturers will be a better investment over the long term, particularly for those who will use their home office or gaming setups regularly. Australian standing desk providers such as Updown Desk and Omnidesk offer premium build qualities that will last longer with load capacities up to 150kg, a range of hardwood desktops that Ikea doesn’t offer, and digital controllers that allow you to pre-set heights.

Are There Alternatives to Ikea Standing Desks?

The Australian market offers viable alternatives to the Ikea standing desks. Many of them don’t even cost more.

  • Updown Pro Series: The Updown Pro Series comes with a choice of bamboo desktop sizes. It offers a sturdy design with a 150kg maximum weight capacity. This standing desk also features metal cable hole grommets for very easy cable slack adjustments. It costs less than the Ikea Uppspel desk. Read our full UpDown standing desk review for more information.
  • Desky: There are 10 desktop colours to choose from with a Desky Sit-Stand Desk. The sit-and-stand desk also features a 140kg maximum load capacity and height adjustment speeds of 36mm per second plus height memory settings. Here’s our detailed review on Desky.

What IKEA standing desks are available in Australia?

Ikea has multiple types of standing desks which can be split into manual and electric sit-stand desks. A standing and sitting desk from Ikea is different from others through design, functionality, sizing, and pricing. Some of the best standing desks Ikea Furniture makes include the following. Most of these Ikea electric standing desks are affordable. They might adjust up and down and be some of the cheapest in the standing desk world, but they have very low maximum load capacity, suitable for 1-2 monitors and a laptop.

Who Are Ikea Standing Desks Best suited to?

Who are the Ikea sit-stand desks made for? These budget options are ideal for first-time buyers, students, and teenagers who are on a budget. Professionals and those looking to work long hours at desks may find it time-consuming to manually adjust the height of a standing desk or to use an electric desk without memory pre-sets. Furthermore, professionals such as software engineers, writers, or architects are likely to use multiple monitors which require higher weight capacity than the standard 70kg maximum limit offered by Ikea’s desks.

IKEA Standing Desks Compared

While other desks may seem expensive at first, Ikea offers an accessible alternative as a first electric standing desk. The pricepoint matters in typical Ikea fashion which means there are drawbacks these standing desk options come with if you know where to look.

FeaturesSimple design Available in 4 tabletop colours 10-year warranty8 tabletop colours to choose from Included cable management system 65 to 85cm height adjustments Round columns metal frame70 to 117cm height adjustments  Gaming design Included memory presets  4 tabletop colours Adjustable legs up to 76cm maximum height
MaterialsParticleboardParticleboardParticleboard Fiberboard Paper fillingFiberboard and steelParticleboard Fiberboard Paper filling
Weight capacity50kg68kg70kg69kg70kg
Dimensions160 x 80cm160 X 80cm140 X 80cm180 X 80cm120/160 X 70/80cm
VerdictA cheap sit-stand desk with a low maximum load capacityA respectable size standing desk with a limited load capacityA cheap and compact standing desk made with paper fillingIkea’s first gaming standing desk but a similar low maximum load capacityAn affordable height-adjustable desk with paper-filling tabletops

IKEA Standing Desk Considerations

Pricepoint $299 – $999

Prices are generally low and the main selling point of Ikea products such as the Ikea Skarsta or the Ikea Trotten desks. Trotten is Ikea’s most affordable desk starting at $299. However, the Ikea Bekant Desk standing desk is the cheapest height-adjustable desk from the manufacturer. It features crank system adjustments. A good price and the most affordable electric Ikea sit-stand desk is Idasen. Other standing desks that are larger are also more expensive. For example, the largest Idasen costs $949 in an Ikea store.


The entire desk may not come with any electric features in the case of Bekant and Trotten. Other desks such as the base Rodulf only come with up and down arrow height adjustments for sitting and standing positions. Only the more expensive Ikea home office sit-stand desks come with memory pre-sets, so you need to constantly look for your elevated and lowered tabletop position with most sit-stand desks of the brand.

Shopping on a budget also limits the types of features you can have with an Ikea sit-stand desk, particularly a crank handle one such as Bekant. Your only option is to go for a crank system as electric motor standing desks that offer multiple features costs twice as much as the base Bekant.

ikea trotten standing desk
The Ikea Trotten standing desk is very basic and minimal with no features.


Ikea offers desktop colours that mimic real wood or coloured wood even with its most affordable desks. These multiple colours are available in all desktop sizes. You can choose from white, black, or natural wood table tops even at a low starting price sit stand desk. While it may be a classic flimsy particleboard desktop, it may look the way you want it to look with these choices of colours as customization options.

Cable management

Ikea offers a basic type of cable management net that goes neatly underneath the desktop. Power supply cables and loose monitor cables can be organized here as a great alternative to more expensive metal or plastic cable management trays. This type of solution is offered on most of Ikea’s sit-and-stand desks.

However, Ikea is the leader in terms of accessories for all types of furniture, including office furniture. You can easily use hooks, shelves, and other types of premium accessories on your Ikea desk making it a bit easier to organize than other desks made by brands with a limited range of accessories. All of these accessories are separate purchases, on the other hand.

ikea idasen cable management
The basic cable management system of the Ikea Idasen standing desk.

Weight limit

Low weight capacity is the biggest drawback of Ikea standing desks and one of the main reasons they aren’t worth it. These types of desks are made with particleboard which is even often filled with honeycomb-style paper which means it’s sturdy up to a limit. This limit is typically 70kg, almost half the maximum load capacity of Ikea standing desk alternatives.

Of course, this might not be a problem for many users who only use single or dual monitors in their setup. But those considering larger monitors or multiple laptops, a mechanical keyboard, and other heavier accessories will soon discover the limit of the load capacity these desks come with.

Maximum dimensions

The Uppspel is one of Ikea’s largest sit-stand desks. It has a length of 180cm, which makes it ideal for large gaming laptops and even for desktop computers. The health benefits of a sit-stand desk are the same regardless of size. Since most people have a limited workspace at home, choosing the right size desk is one of the most important factors to consider.

ikea uppspel gaming standing desk
The Ikea Uppspel is a standing desk for gamers but it does offer a large workspace.

The standard 160cm length of Bekant is ideal for most users with small spaces for their office or gaming setup. Long periods at the desk can become easier to deal with when the height settings are correct, despite the limitations of a small standing desk. Ikea charges more for larger standing desks. The price differences can be considerable and this prompts many potential buyers to go with an alternative standing desk for a small area.

Advantages of using an Ikea standing desk

Without a doubt, Ikea is a name many people associate furniture with. While not specialized in office furniture, the high presence of Ikea stores makes their furniture easily accessible. Here are some of the main benefits of shopping for a sit-and-stand desk at Ikea.

They tend to be cheaper

With prices starting at just a few hundred Australian dollars, these types of standing desks are highly affordable. You can find they suit those looking for their first desk that goes up and down to support a standing working position. Prices can go up to nearly $1,000 for some of the larger sit-and-stand desks Ikea makes. These types of larger desks are ideal for multi-monitor setups or for office space where there’s a need for a wider work surface. You can expect to pay less for an Ikea standing desk similar in size to other types of Australian standing desks of a similar size.

Fast to setup

Quick assembly is specific to Ikea. Clear instructions are accessible even to those who haven’t assembled a standing desk before. The metal frame of these desks needs to be attached to the desktop. Ikea provides a pre-drilled desktop as well as all of the screws and accessories needed to attach the tabletop to the metal frame. While the quick setup is also possible with alternative desks, Ikea desktops are lighter and easier to handle since they aren’t made from real wood.

No delivery times

It may take months to get your new standing desk from one of the local manufacturers in Australia. Ikea offers a wide range of products that are always in stock in one of its physical stores. You can purchase them in stores to avoid waiting for delivery. Alternatively, these sit-stand desks can also be ordered only. They also take just a few days to deliver, unlike some of the standing desks made with custom or imported bamboo desktop materials from competitors.

They are Basic

Standing desks may seem complicated to those who haven’t used them before. Electronics, cables, desktops, screws, and the ideal ergonomic working position may seem complex to some types of users. Ikea’s standing desks are minimalistic. For years, the manufacturer has only sold crank system standing desks which were the easiest types of desks to use. Even some of their electric standing desks only come with 2 buttons which makes the user experience as simple as possible. This can be interpreted as a beginner-friendly furniture design orientation.

Room for customization

While not as customizable as other electric desks, Ikea’s sit-and-stand desks can still be purchased in different colours. The Idasen desk comes in 4 colours which include a natural wood stain and a black minimalistic colour. While you cannot have any cable management holes drilled into the desktops as with other brands, you may still choose the colour that works best for your office setup.

The option to see the desks in stores

Seeing the electric adjustable desks in stores is a major advantage Ikea has over its competitors. You can test out various desks and see how they fit with different types of office chairs. Feeling the desktop materials and checking out desk sturdiness yourself is something most other alternative brands cannot offer at the moment. While many have physical stores, they don’t have as many stores as Ikea. There are 10 Ikea stores in Australia, including those in Perth and Adelaide.

The downsides to an Ikea sit-stand desk

Buying a new standing desk is an exciting time, especially when you don’t pay much for it. However, even Ikea sit-and-stand desks have their limitations. These are considerable limitations compared to direct alternatives.

Too minimalistic

You get no special features and no height reading displays on most Ikea adjustable desks. A simple frame and s thin desktop are characteristic of most options you can find at the retailer. While minimalism can help you focus at work, it may also prohibit you from easily finding your ideal height or from organizing your computer accessories in a truly ergonomic way.

Low maximum electric standing desk weight capacity

Many brands offer dedicated keyboard trays while others are specifically made to hold multiple small or large monitors, an option the paper-filled Ikea desktops cannot compete with. Most Ikea desks have a maximum weight capacity of around 70kg. This limits the size and the number of monitors, laptops, and other accessories you may be able to store on your desk. Furthermore, you might start to see desktops bending in the middle as the pressure from your wrists starts to test the weight limits of these desks. This is not a typical problem for real wood desktops offered with other standing desks.

No hardwood desktops

Ikea is a furniture brand that aims to offer affordable products. They cannot be offered at a typical high-quality standard as seen on other standing desk manufacturers in Australia. Bamboo and other types of hardwood desktops aren’t available at Ikea. This limits the look and the maximum weight capacity of the desk. Each hardwood desktop is unique through the fibres of the piece of wood. Each hardwood desktop is made to last.

Lack of features

While there are many accessories you can think about for your Ikea standing desk from Ikea, there aren’t many made specifically for a standing desk. Other brands are already ahead in terms of accessories such as a standing desk mat, a monitor stand, or an ergonomic keyboard tray. They may even offer compatible drawer units.

ikea rodulf standing desk
Expect just a frame and desktop from Ikea standing desks.

Lower quality

Ikea offers a 10-year warranty for most of its standing desks. But the warranty is not applicable when you break the desktop under a heavier load (above 70kg) which is possible when you use all types of computer gear. Then there are the electric motors Ikea uses. While these are durable and dependable, they aren’t made for a heavier load than their alternatives. The desktop might not break but the motors might break under a heavier load, unlike standing desks from other brands that easily lift more than 100kg.

ikea rodulf digital panel
Ikea doesn’t provide the best quality materials and craftsmanship.

The stability of these desks, particularly in an elevated position, is also poor. While the frame is metal-made, the lightweight flimsy desktop cannot offer the same sturdiness seen in hardwood desktop alternatives. This can be a deal breaker if you need to type for your job, which is the case with most jobs. You may also find the hollow sound of typing on particleboard desktops is something you aren’t comfortable with.

No storage room

Storage room is limited to non-existent on Ikea’s desks. Other brands may offer a drawer, a removable keyboard tray, or other types of accessories for your headphones and other types of gear. Ikea simplifies its designs but this minimalistic approach might not be ideal for a person who may need one or multiple monitor stands, for example.

No option for wireless charging

Some of the high-tech adjustable desks on the market offer built-in wireless charging, USB port charging, and other types of built-in power supply accessories. Some Australian adjustable desks even come with dedicated apps which track sitting and standing time so that you have a clear picture of the health benefits associated with your new working style. All of these tech-orientated features aren’t available on Ikea adjustable desks.

It takes a long time to Adjust the height

Most Ikea desks (except the Uppspel) come with either manual or simple up-and-down button height adjustments. It takes time to find your perfect sitting and standing working position. Uppspel offers height memory pre-sets, but this desk is aimed at gamers. Almost all Ikea standing desk alternatives offer an electronic controller with up to 4 memory pre-sets. You get to elevate the desk to your specific user-defined height without searching for it up and down and losing focus on your work projects.

Frequently asked questions

Which Ikea standing desk is best?

All Ikea standing desks are made with wood-like materials. They feel the same and they have the same durability limitations.

Does an Ikea sit-stand desk sag?

Ikea height adjustable desks start to sag when you add too much weight as they aren’t made with real wood.

How long does an Ikea standing desk last?

An Ikea standing desk should last at least 10 years, according to the official warranty. The warranty is lost if you add too much weight to the desktop.

Do Ikea standing desks wobble?

Particleboard desktop materials used by Ikea mean their desks can begin to wobble over time compared to alternative standing desks.


Affordable and easy to install, Ikea desks are a bit flimsy, too minimalistic, and highly limited in terms of maximum weight capacity and ease of use for electronic height adjustability. Bekant, Trotten, or Idasen are just some of the sit-and-stand desks Ikea makes. These are minimalistic and cheap standing desks that may be suitable for limited-time use under low maximum load. The quality of these standing desks is not comparable to UpDown or Desky alternatives which have higher maximum load and which all come with memory presents for quick height adjustability.

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